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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome to 2012. Today I celebrate both my birthday and the start of a new year with new possibilities. To set the stage for this new year it is time to deal with some statistics and look at where 2011 started and where it ended.

January 1, 2011:

My weight was approximately 225 lbs.
My waist was approximately 36". ( I didn't record the measurements, but couldn't get a standard 36" belt around my waist enough to buckle it)
My hips were approximately 46" (again, I didn't record measurements but can get a good idea from the clothes I was wearing).
My thigh and arm measurements were at least 27" and 14.5" respectively since that is the measure I started with when I started SparkPeople in April 2011.

I wore size 20 jeans and generally bought clothes in the 2x-3x range. I could wear a 1x in most cases, but felt it was too "clingy" or tight, although it was probably just a good fit.

I had been going to the gym off and on over the course of 2010, but would get into the swing of it and then get sick or injure myself and stop. I was also pretty haphazard about other exercise. My eating habits weren't horrible, but they weren't great either. Although I was good at portion control, most of the foods I ate had a pretty high fat content. I also frequently ate foods that I am sensitive to and that help to keep my weight high. I was on regular small doses of corticosteroids for allergy issues (exacerbated by eating foods that I am mildly allergic to) and that also kept my weight higher.

I felt FAAAAAT and pretty hopeless about it. When I looked in the mirror I saw rolls starting to form around my waist, which had always been pretty well defined and "roll-less" even when I weighed over 250 lbs. When I took my long hot baths the pad of fat on my stomach floated up out of the water and I couldn't pull it under even when I sucked my gut in as much as I could. I went on a major sugar binge the week after Christmas 2010 when I bought a bunch of candy on sale and sat on the sofa eating and eating while reading and reading.

January 1 2012:

My weight as of this morning is 184. It was down to 179, but a few injuries, a sinus infection and very bad cold and lots of comfort food combined with little exercise during the illness brought it back up a bit. The weight WILL go back down again.
My waist is at 29.5 inches.
My hips are at 40.5 inches.
My thigh and arm measurements are 24” and 13” respectively.

Today I am (literally) wearing size 10 jeans in the same brand and style as the size 20s I used to wear. I can wear tops that are size large and even sometimes size medium. They fit comfortably, although I still mentally have to adjust to no longer wearing plus sizes.

I gave up my gym membership because I didn’t see much point to it. I exercise every day and with the SparkPeople videos I can do a variety of workouts in my own home. I also do my Leslie Sansone videos every day. The only time I broke my exercise routine, even while working double full time jobs, was last week when I was very ill and running a fever while coughing up nasty junk. I didn’t want to make it worse by overdoing it on the exercise. As of this morning I am nearly fully recovered and back on the exercise track.

My eating habits are better, with more of a mix of fruits and vegetables. I still have some issues with craving high fat content and I still do some sugar binging, but overall things are better. For 2012 I need to keep working on reducing the problem foods and replacing them with healthier options.

I know I am still overweight, but I no longer feel fat and bloated. I enjoy my nice new clothes and how they look on me. I stand up straight and those rolls of fat are just bulges, not rolls anymore. I can take a bath and at my normal water depth my stomach no longer floats to the top of the water. It is underwater even without sucking in my gut – YES!

I think I’ve made progress.

Here, for the fun of it are the pictures- one of me at my top weight in around 2000, one of me with my cousin at a friend’s wedding on 1/8/2011 and one taken today. Even without a full length shot from last year I see the difference and I far prefer the look for today. I look forward to seeing even more results this time next year.

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    AWESOME!!! What a great comparison! I am so inspired. And your attitude...boy, you go girl!
    2298 days ago
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