Diary of a MAD housewife

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Yup. Diary of a MAD housewife (or should I flip it and say, diary of a DAM(n) housewife. Either way the sentiment stands. Who is this person? "Attention Walmart shoppers....mediocre housewife on aisle 8". OMG, I am one of THEM. Overweight and exhausted. I AM a frumpy housewife. I am a GRUMPY HOUSEWIFE. I don't want to stay at home anymore. I don't want to be there for everybody and everything. I don't want to live where I am living. The "walk the dog, go to the gym, shop for groceries, do laundry, cook, pay the bills, clean house and bust my butt in the yard -life" has ABSOLUTELY no appeal to me. I am bored silly. Two more years until I boot my youngest from the nest. I am SO TIRED of having to be responsible and having to be "on watch". And I don't want to go out and get a job. (I teach ESL and can set my hours). I want freedom!
Ok....I have ranted. I have raved. Been a bit stressful lately. Watched my mother in law die from cancer in November. Three weeks from diagnosis to death. I sat by her side. And so, I was really looking forward to getting away for a ski vacation after Christmas. I took my younger son in for his annual physical and they did a baseline blood panel. Two days before Christmas the pediatrician called me and said that his blood platelet count was low (meaning his blood is not clotting properly) and his bilirubin is high (meaning his liver is not functioning properly). Redid the test a day later and got the same results. Whoa! SCREECHING HALT. Skiing is out. So is state cup soccer. No contact sports whatsoever. This is a life changer. Family conference. We decide to leave for Colorado anyway. My son's friend is joining us and if we cancel, he will be stuck (his parents have made other plans and are going away). We spend Christmas night at a hotel near the airport. That might I wake up to hear my older son violently barfing his guts up. I am ready to bag the whole thing but things are already in motion. My son thinks he has food poisoning and that he will be ok for the trip. Besides.... my husband has already flown out and my son's friend is enroute. But, unfortunately, my older son is Not better for the flight and he spends the entire time locked in the rear lavoratory barfing his guts out. As soon as we land in Denver, I find the nearest airport hotel and take my older son there and get him to bed. I immediately turn around and go back to the airport and get the younger boys on a shuttle to the ski area ( my husband is already at the ski condo). I stay in Denver until my older son is well enough to travel. We finally arrive at the resort and it is time to find the local hospital so my younger son can have his blood work done again. The good news is that his platelet count is going up and his liver functions are normal. The bad news is that the platelet count is still too low. My older son continues to throw up for the next 3 days but he finally turns the corner the day before our "vacation" ends. We fly back tomorrow and the following morning I have to pick up my dog from the kennel and take my younger son in to repeat the blood test. Add to this that I am beginning menopause and got my period (again). So yeah, I am mad and every definition thereof. Sleep deprived. Starting menopause. Worried sick. This is the diary of a MAD housewife.
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    2514 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    My gosh! That's a lot! I'm sorry you had to be the one to stay with your son. I've been feeling the singles blues. I hope we both get some relief soon. emoticon
    2515 days ago
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