Jan 1 2012!!! What a thankful day!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Evening Sparkers!!!
Well nearly 8 pm here but had a super "first" day!!! Dec 31, was my 55th birthday and I had a great time. I had all my family around and we had a good time, good food and laughs. I had 1 alcoholic drink while the others had 3 or so... noone was "plastered" noone was sick just a fun time.
Dad, ds and his family and hubby and I went to dd and her hubbys. We had chinese food and watched Thomas ( who btw got a haircut - his first!) run around and amuse us. Baby Eva cried, smiled, slept a bit, nursed lol Thomas then got so tired that he crawled into the baby carrier for Eva and put a blanket on. So they left, ds came back after he got him to bed, left Anna nd baby at home.
Drove dad back to his place then we all went downstairs, and played rock band for ps3 or whatever. Ds, dd, and son law, played instruments and hubby and I sang, lol didnt' know many of the words but had fun. We left just before 2. Great time....
I got a ninja blender from hubby, we had one but wanted a better one to make smoothies green and fruit and combo. It works great!! I also got money from dad, as he overheard me say that I wanted for a few years to buy a bracelet and have the word believe engraved on it. So he said that is for you to buy a bracelet!
dd gave me 2 candle sconces sort of... they have leaves and are so pretty, changing my mind on where to put them every time I look at another wall. lol
ds forgot my card and gift in the mix to get 2 babies and their stuff to dds and we all stayed home for today, other than dd who came down for a bit.

Today I didn't wake till nearly 9. Slept well and woke to a back rub and neck rub too! We didnt' go walk the dog on the beach as I had hoped cos it was just tooo cold and wet, rained a lot the day and night before. That's okay cos today I did great on other things I wanted to achieve and do. I ate very very healthy, although dd did bring the cheesecake bday cake that we didnt eat last eve down, so we all had a wee slice.. other than that I ate very well lots of veggies, a veggie and small fruit smoothie and nothing processed _ well that small bit of cheesecake but thats okay.
I am also going to do some more joyinky walking, have to go slow for bit as had some extreme pain in the bursa of my bad knee but right now is okay, so when done here going to walk.

I am wishing that everyone on spark not just my friends would watch this video I am putting on... it is so worth every ,minute and gives you hope if you are ill and to learn to take care of your body. I sent it to some of my reg. email friends and hope that you that read it here, will fwd to friends and family.

I do have another blog that I want to write but felt it was all personal so will do it later.
Take care and hugs to you all!!!
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