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It's All Me in 2012

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Starting off the new year with a look at where I am right now.

Height = 5' 7.75" (67.75 inches)
Weight = 221 pounds
Body Fat % = 45% or 28.23%
BMI = 33.85
BMR = 1737.375

Forehead = 23.75 inches
Neck = 15 inches
Shoulders = 45.5 inches
Chest = 41 inches
Bust = 48 inches
Ribs / Strap = 38.5 inches
Bicep = 15 inches
Forearm = 11.5 inches
Wrist = 7 inches
Waist at Navel = 42 inches
Hips = 51 inches
Seat = 48.5 inches
Thigh = 26 inches
Calf = 17 inches
Ankle = 10 inches

A couple of comments on those measurements. Chest was measured approximately at the armpits - above the bust. Rib / Strap was measured at the point just below the bust where a bra strap sits. Waist I had to very specifically set at the navel because my narrowest point is, oddly enough, the rib/strap point.

(This point about the waist has caused me some confusion on sites that calculate a waist-to-hip ratio, as the listed waist and hip numbers give 82% and call me an apple. Anyone who isn't blind and looks at pictures without a floppy shirt can see I have a defined waist, and definitely qualify as pear shape.)

None of the measurements are with the muscle flexed and I took several breaths while measuring to get the widest numbers without unintentionally sucking in away from the measuring tape. Often I slide the measuring tape loosely side to side to find the widest or narrowest point and accept that I may not have it completely parallel, so the readings may be off. It's just a general guide, not perfection, I'm aiming for.

The first Body Fat % is measured by my scale based on some tiny bit of electric charge from foot to foot, which has the inaccuracy of being mostly lower body. (I maintain the same position during testing, arms at sides, to avoid too much variation.) The second is calculated on a site based on wrist and forearm, as well as waist and hips. I don't believe either number is accurate. (Currently on my page I use the one from the scale. The only point of it is seeing the fluctuations and the ongoing change.)

Since I was doing all sorts of measurements, I also wandered off to a site the tries to help suggest hairstyles, makeup methods, and clothing options based on face and body shape. I like one Dressing Tidbit they offer up:

++ Dress for the body you have not the body you might have next month or next year. ++

I'd found it when looking up the virtual body one I see others use. (NOTE: I don't use that myself as they seem to think MEDIUM-LARGE bust is as far as it goes, so the virtual body has no chance of looking anything like the way my body looks. Maybe someday they'll have one that lets us put in measurements and fills it out based on those. Maybe someday I should CODE such a thing. Hmmmm....)

I found out things like I apparently have an oblong face (length is more than width by more than a third), but I don't have the rounded hairline that oblong usually has ... so I don't really fit it well. Just my luck. =P

I have longer legs than torso, though not by much (as in 36" floor to hip and almost 32" hip to head).

Hourglass, no surprise at all, though I did learn that it's the very fact of dressing to hide the curves that has made me look frumpy. Hrrmmmmm. I just wanted to avoid attention to certain "assets" and hated looking short and dumpy to achieve that. (*snickers* Okay, that page says "boobs" way way too much. Yes, I'm weird like that sometimes.)

It didn't cover one thing I know is common in my family line ... long arms. So many shirts on me act like they have a 3/4 length sleeve. Standing normally, the heel of my palm is at the top of my thigh and with what my grandmother called piano fingers (they stretch pinky to thumb across an octave plus a note), my fingertips hit around mid-thigh. Sure, the supposedly shorter torso would give that appearance, but I really do have trouble with shirts that otherwise fit, but cuffs hit above my wrist and have me tugging at them a lot.

Replacing clothing is actually going to be a big part of this year. Even if I lost no more weight at all, my "wardrobe" from many years of bare minimum replacement is in bad shape. I need to do a realistic inventory of it, but more than half is ratty to the point I shouldn't really be wearing it still.

I probably need to do a full inventory of what I have and what I need, but that's not the point of this blog.


Hmmmm, I should do some sort of physical condition measurements probably. I'll edit these in after I get them done.

Resting Heart Rate = 56 bpm (counted out over 30 seconds at 28 beats)
Target Heart Rate = 125 - 151 bpm
Blood Pressure = 109/71

for instructions)
Situps = 20 (Average)
Modified Pushups = 3 (Poor)
Squats = 15 (Average) - hurts knees, may not have done 100% right
Step = 132 bpm (Below Average)
Vertical Jump = 7 inches (Poor)
Sit and Reach = -3 inches (Poor)

Aerobic fitness check (2 miles total)
Heart rate before walk = 59 bpm (on same machine as blood pressure)
Time for 1 mile brisk = 14:57:58 (woot! 15 minute mile)
Heart rate after 1 mile brisk = 128 bpm
Time for 2nd mile brisk = 15:07:72
Heart rate after mile 2 = 140 bpm
Time for 1 mile normal = 18:02:97
Heart rate after 1 mile normal = 120 bpm

(Couldn't decide if they wanted 2nd mile brisk or not and foot felt good enough for 3 miles, so I added the second mile brisk and made the third the cooldown speed.)

There, I think that will give me a pretty well-rounded comparison to go against as I work my way through 2012.

Definitely room for improvement, but not nearly as shabby as I could have expected. I was definitely pleased by the blood pressure results and resting heart rate. That rate of 59 bpm was measured by the machine after being up and about some, walking to bus, walking from bus, then sitting at machine.


One comment to make in reference to one response. I don't know how to exactly explain or word it, but my goal here on SparkPeople has never really been "lose weight". I expect to lose weight with the activity and food patterns, yes. But I want to be fit. I want to be able to do the kinds of tests I remember in P.E. class and score at least average for my age. And once there, I want to maintain it.

I don't honestly think there's a way to be that fit and be obese. I'm already a shockingly healthy obese person, really, but I can feel the strain such as in the knees doing squats (and that's part of what made Latin dancing less fun). So the weight does have to go. But what I want to really measure myself by is the fitness standards. If I can pull everything up to Below Average or Average, I will be very happy with myself.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It is great you have all those measurements to view later. Wish I had done that at the beginning but I couldn't face the facts.
    2363 days ago
    LOL I remember being a shockingly healthy overweight person.

    Congrats on doing such a detailed and thorough accounting. I wish you all the best with your goals!!
    2363 days ago
    Wow. I'm impressed. The fastest I can get on a mile is 18 minutes but I'm really hampered by my little short legs... little fat short legs, I might add. :) I took measurements this morning and am going to take them on the first of the month ever month without fail.
    2363 days ago
    Those are some pretty interesting insights. see for me, I'm very short waisted, my waist is right at my belly button which is only about 7 inches higher than my hips. but rest of my abdomen is about 10 inches below my bust. I was totally in major love when the low rise jeans came out because they actually fit at my waist! (well I guess mid rise jeans?) Now if I could just get jeans that actually fit my 28" inseam!
    2363 days ago
    Wow you are so thorough! emoticon
    2363 days ago
    Good for you, setting the benchmarks. WOO HOO!
    2364 days ago
  • LGAR519
    Amazing! All I do is weigh myself with an occasional measurement of my waist and hips. My clothes fit better though. I admire your attention to detail. Keep up the good work.
    2364 days ago
    emoticon What a great start to 2012. You are an inspiration emoticon

    Wishing you all the very best in 2012 emoticon
    2364 days ago
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