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Day 15

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Again, my blog was erased. Yay.

I'm halfway through the first month. In another fifteen or sixteen days, I will be measuring my inches. I haven't been weighing myself in over a week, and that is bad, since my morning weigh in is what keeps my health in the forefront of my mind, keeping me on track with my conscious choices. This week has been difficult, to say the least, on my diet plan, and on top of that, I'm on the cusp of retaining the most fluid this month, thus making me at my heaviest for the month.

I've lost a pound and a half.

And I'm shocked. Again, since I'm so close to being at my heaviest time of month and have had trouble keeping to my eating plan, I thought I'd weigh MORE than I did, but yet, not only have I maintained, I've lost.


This past week's diet (and by diet I mean what I eat period, not what I eat to lose weight), has been strange because 1) It was not adjusted to my body's timing, thus screwing up how much I ate through the day, 2) I did a religious fast for Christmas, followed by a feast.

First, the timing issue: I was starving by the time the third hour rolled around, and ended up being dissatisfied with what I was allowed to eat, which if I hadn't been so hungry, would have been an ample amount of food. So I adjusted two things: I ate heavier in the morning, with more fats and proteins, and I at two hours apart, instead of three. It worked so well I wasn't finishing my allotted food, which was good, because I wasn't the only one in this house who was stress eating: the husband would come home, not feel like cooking for himself, and since he knows that I'm cooking food that is for my weightloss, hasn't been asking me to cook for him either. So, we were eating out a lot this week. He forgot he was ordering for me every time, too.

Second, the holidays: I can't fast in the sense of having no calories and nothing to drink, because of several different health issues. I compromised by drinking the 5 calorie per serving broth and bottles of PowerAid, which didn't have many calories. I was actually feeling pretty good until the end, when my head hurt badly and my emotions were swinging darkly. When my husband arrived home, I was still cooking our meal, and ended up eating a great deal of food. I had deveolped a cold that day (of course) and in the morning, we discovered I had undercooked something, because we both had a nice case of food poisening.

So that explains up to this past Sunday. The rest of my time not tracking my food intake was spent with me forgetting to eat, and then grabbing a handful of Oreos and a 100 calorie pack of almonds when I was hungry. Some of my fruit and vegetables went bad. I didn't have to buy groceries because I still had bunches left from the first week. My health food is also the only food in the house, so it's not like I was eating chips and TV dinners all week: I just wasn't eating, too chill with writing, drawing, cleaning, and internet to be bothered with hunger.

A lack of stress eating is a wonderful thing.

I'm having trouble adjusting my sleep schedual still, but I'm working on it. Classes start in two weekends and a week, I need to be on the complete opposite schedual I currently am on.

I'd rather have a steady weight loss of .75 pounds a week for the next few years than to lose ten pounds and gain fifteen back every month.

Just keep swimming.
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