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2011 in Review and Hopes and Goals for 2012

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I had a number of stated goals for 2011 including exercising, practicing piano, going to bed at a reasonable hour, keeping the weight that I lost in 2010 off, etc. How have I done on those? Overall, fairly good.

I have continued to exercise every day for most of 2011. I don't believe I have missed a day of cardio since June or July, from my look back recently, even if somedays it was a very slow walk on the treadmill as I wasn't quite feeling well, or it was a short bike ride, etc. This summer I started bicycling a bit more starting with only about 3 miles at one time, but the end of the summer one bike ride was almost 20 miles. At the beginning of the summer, I had done 5ks and 10ks and a bit longer distances, about 7 or 8 miles at most, now I have done just under 12 miles at one time outside and did 13.1 miles on the treadmill at one time. At the end of the year this year, I also managed to make strength training at least a bout a 3 or 4 times a week about 10 to 20 minutes each time, also.

I failed on the piano practicing and the going to bed at a reasonable hour. Still need to work on the going to sleep at a reasonable hour and I need to decide if I really want to do piano. If I want to learn piano, then I should put in the effort. If I don't want to learn piano, I should stop the lessons. I know it is just that I haven't really set my mind to doing it, as it is hard to me and I don't learn things easily. I get frustrated when things get hard and about once a month shortly before that time of the month, I get doubly frustrated and sometimes cry during my lesson. (Which I really hate.) Sometimes piano just makes me feel so dumb. (As does dealing with my 14 year old son sometimes.)

I have managed to keep the weight off that I lost in 2010 and am still at a good weight, and in the healthy bmi range. Overall, I am pleased with this, but sometimes I wish I could tone up my stomach or something, without loosing more weight. I feel like I can't afford to loose more weight in my arms for instance, but my stomach just has loose stuff covering the muscles that looks icky sometimes.

Allright, so what do I hope for and will strive for in 2012 health wise and otherwise?

1. Continue exercising, cardio and strength regularly. I hope I can make strength training even more of a habit. I have just started the January bootcamp challenge which always helps me make it a habit. I also have to say the not working makes sure I have plenty of time to do it, even if I still feel quite busy. I am also contemplating walking my first half marathon. There is one in my local area April 30th, I think it was and I need to look into it and see if they have a cutoff time, as my 13.1 mile distance on the treadmill took me just over 4 hours. I also worry a little, as cooler air makes it harder for me lately with my asthma. Today was my first outdoor walk in awhile as it was fairly warm, but the others I have done lately have left my lungs a bit more on fire than normal. Oh, I also don't want to regress on my ability to bicycle distances, so in an effort to still be able to do that, my hubby bought me a new bike with an attachment that I can make it into my stationary bike. That is how it is set up right now in the basement. That thing gives me a great work out too!

2. I want to decide on piano if I want to continue. If I want to continue, then I have to put more effort into it, even if it makes me feel incredibly stupid sometimes. If I decide I don't want to continue, then I need to stop taking lessons. This is going to require some thinking and if I want to continue some stubborness and discipline.

3. I have been running a coupon matchup blog on wordpress that I would like to promote more than I have in the past. I need to hang up more signs around the neighborhood, advertise our coupon meetings/sharings a bit better and have a few contests, etc. I would love to also make some relationships with local non-profits or others, where someone would give me a small budget and a list of what the Waukesha Food Pantry needs each month and let me see what I can do. Now that I am not working I can't ask my hubby to front me money for my coupon habit in order to help others, at least I have a hard time asking him for it. And I don't have any money coming in to do it either. But I know I could do so well at it. This week I bought 3 boxes of Kashi cereal for $1 and 3 boxes of Post cereal for $2. Now if I could have gone back in to that store for another run at it, I had the coupons to do the Kashi deal again, I could have bought some good stuff for the Food Pantry. But I want to know it is what they need and I wish I could talk someone into fronting some of it. I have also considered trying to start my own grocery shopping business, but since so much of saving money with coupons is stockpiling, not sure how much I can save another person when I am given a list of here is what I need this week in these amounts, but I could try.

4. Recently, I decided that I needed to write that letter to my son that his baby book has a spot for. The mother sharing her wisdom and love letter... Will probably start working on that when he heads back to school, so he isn't around when I write it, in case I cry. (I am sure I will.) Lately, I find him so frustrating at age 14 that it is hard to not be angry at him. I hope in my letter I can help him see that while I find him very frustrating sometimes, I also love him very much.

5. I want to find a new church family that fits me. Maybe I will stay at the church I am attending, but attending is the right word for it right now, as I am not getting involved in other things much as I don't know hardly anyone there and people don't tend to talk much. The pastor will be leading a couple week bible study soon that maybe I will join. He will be sharing some of his Israel trip and the book of Mark, if I remember right. Good way to connect with him and with others and see if I can stay at the church I am attending or not.

I think that covers it, but I will let you know in a month or two how things are coming along.
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    Good luck with your goals this year. Totally understand the piano issue. Keep thinking I want to get back to playing a musical instrument but when I think about the practice I know I would be better off just using the time to listen to music while I exercise. Work on your sleep. Studies are showing less sleep = less wait loss. Will post the 2012 VR race schedule by the end of the week
    Don't feel dumb about dealing with your son, just about all 14 year olds are hard to deal with. Just continue to love them and stick to what you know is right. They will appreciate how smart you are when they reach 28.
    2634 days ago
    Lots of good goals! Good luck this year!

    2634 days ago
  • *MADHU*
    emoticon on your success in 2011.
    emoticon goals for 2012 emoticon
    Happy New Year & All the best!
    2638 days ago
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