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Need A Commentator?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Years ago I listened to political speeches and figured out what was significant, what I agreed with, what I didn't agree with, etc. I made my own opinions on who to vote for. Then I got used to the analysts and commentators. Often I don't even form opinions until they dissect what I just heard. Is this laziness or what?

Sometimes I feel like I need a commentator for my life. Like there are things going on right in front of me, but I just can't quite see the significance or relate it to my own life. You may know my story. I was put on my first "diet" of skim milk on my first birthday at a weight of 31 pounds. I have often thought that my decades of struggling with food issues grew out of my early life experiences. I take care of my granddaughters now. I suspect there is some kind of lesson for me in what I observe each day, but it eludes me.

The 15 month old loves to eat and to feed herself. Sweet potatoes, peas, and bananas are her favorite foods, but there is almost nothing she won't eat. I have to determine when her meal is over. She does not seem to know when she's had enough. I've never known her not to eat when offered food.

The four year old, however, eats when she's hungry. Sometimes she eats a lot and sometimes not much and she's been this way almost from the beginning. She has definite food likes and dislikes, but fortunately she has likes in every category. Overall she eats a pretty good diet, although left to her own devices she would overeat cheese and sweets and would never drink milk.

What are the lessons? People are different even from the beginning. People/children have different tastes. People react differently to hunger. Humans start out very tuned into food and eating. When you watch children it is more obvious than when you watch adults that eating affects moods and behavior. I suspect that is just a beginning. Where's an analyst or commentator when I need one?

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    Marsha, If you get a chance, try to view "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" by Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D. It is a lecture by Dr. Lustig on YouTube but you can access a link for it from one of my blogs. It is a bit long and involved but a real eye opener! For me it explained a lot about food itself and food as an addiction. Pretty scary stuff!
    2787 days ago
    great blog - I have known and loved people from both ends of the spectrum - never understanding how "in the game of life" some people can look at food as nourishment only.

    no answers here, but you have great questions!
    2787 days ago
  • TMW54812
    Overeaters Anononymous was started in the 60's based on the same program as AA and a belief that compulsive overeating is a disease (addiction). I know dozens of formally morbidly obese people who are fit and healthy 10+ years by living this program. Many seem to have been born with the addiction as well as others who developed it later in life.
    The good news is, I don't think it matters how or why one develops food issues...what matters most is what you do about it. SP is the best solution for me, others may find different paths to fitness and health.
    2787 days ago
    Interesting observations on the children. I think I used to be in tune, but lost it somewhere along the way. Now, I track. I don't know whether I could get back that habit of being in tune or not; for now, I'm afraid to try.
    2787 days ago
    I have noticed this with my daughter from a very early age - some days she eats quite a bit, others not much at all, and only when she is hungry. She is neither over- nor underweight, like my husband, and seems to be very attuned to her actual food needs. Somewhere along the line, I started using food in ways that didn't have much to do with hunger. I hope my daughter always keeps this innate awareness.
    2788 days ago
  • _LINDA
    You are getting a first hand lesson in eating behaviors. Its a shame parents don't have this before they have their children and are too busy with making a living to notice. With these valuable lessons maybe there wouldn't be such an obesity epidemic. These children couldn't be in better hands -you have learned your hard lessons on healthy eating and living! They are so fortunate! You go girl!
    2788 days ago
    Sounds like to me you're doing a pretty great job evaluating YOURSELF! Good for you! You are aware, mindful, observant, and you're thinking about it!
    2788 days ago
    very insightful. I too have noticed such a difference between our 3 year old granddaughter and our 5 year old grandson. the grandson is thin and he knows when he has had enough, and that includes sweets and such whereas the granddaughter who is much thickers will eat nonstop if we let her.
    so yes it is something how each of us deals with food.
    2788 days ago
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