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Informal Poll - Would You Go to India ?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

If you had the chance and the price was right, would you go to India for an 8 day vacation ? I found a trip through Virgin Atlantic tours. they have a 6 day escorted tour for New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The other two days are the plane ride to and from.

I was and still am pricing out airfare to London. I wanted to go in memory of my cousin, who loved going to London to see the shows. Well, as I was pricing out hotel/airfare, I came across the Virgin Atlantic website. Started checking out their tours and well, the 8 day tour to India is looking really enticing. The price would be around $2,000 including airfare. Figure a 16 hour flight each way, plus the tour bus to and from the various cities. Seeing the Taj Mahal is part of the trip.

I was even checking out trips to Russia. You want to talk expensive ? I thought Russia and the Eastern Block countries were supposed to be affordable. not any more.

So, would you go to India if you had the chance ? I'll admit it. It's really really enticing.

PS - My family would probably feel better if I went to Europe instead of India. I've love to do Egypt, but that's out for a while.

Addendum - Jeepers, you should see how long the application is for a tourist visa to India ! I don't think my college applications were that long. You weren't kidding, Sam !
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    Travel is my PASSION, I live to travel. But there are still so many countries I haven't seen; I'll admit India would not be on my first choice list. South Africa, Russia, New Zealand, Brazil - then maybe India. I never mind going back to the wonderful places we've been: Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, England, Ireland, Italy, Venezuela, and lots and lots of islands. Still, I would NOT refuse an incredible deal on a trip to India. But I only stay at Hiltons. (We've used millions of frequent guests points at Hiltons - in all those countries I identified. Still have a lot...)
    2477 days ago
    I would go to India to visit for sure. Since Europe is right here and so cheap for us to visit we are not venturing any further right now but if it was affordable I would for sure go! What did you decide?
    2486 days ago
    YES! I am a traveller, so the answer will be yes to most countries for me. The longer the flights, the more enticing it is. Hope you do it.
    2488 days ago

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  • REYVE01
    It wouldn't be my first choice, but yes I would go. It would be a great cultural experience. If your looking for a 5 star resort to cater to you with Foo Foo drinks and such, you could go to Vegas...

    Yes.... go. I bet you will see and learn things you never dreamed of.
    2500 days ago
    YES, in a heartbeat! Plan and prepare and have a fabulous time!
    2500 days ago
    Yes, yes, yes. Have been 3X and would go again in a heartbeat!
    2504 days ago
    Go for it! It's never a bad thing to be brave and learn something new about other people and yourself. I think India is calling to you. emoticon
    2508 days ago
    India is not for me. I watched this show where they show you what scams go on for tourists and India was one of the worst. Unless you are really savvy, I wouldn't, but that's me.

    Try You can see all these cruises, river cruises, hotel packages and tours all at reduced rates and if you are willing to go last minute even cheaper.

    Also, have you thought about renting an apartment in London or where ever you want to go.

    Try and,

    Hope this helps!
    2517 days ago
    I would definitely do it.
    2517 days ago
    I can tell you if you go to India prepare to be overwhelmed. You probably know we adopted Stef from India when she was seven. We've been very vigilant in keeping her involved with her native culture. We feel that's very important. In spite of all we've done, however, she was TOTALLY unprepared for what she saw when she went there in 2007.

    She went with friends, one of whom was from Delhi. They stayed with Naveen's parents. So she didn't have a lot of the hassles that regular tourists would. They were there for a month and she was horrified by all the children sleeping in the streets and such. She loved all the colors. She hated the way people looked at her because she's very light skinned but was obviously Indian and was dressing like an American. They didn't take too kindly to that. The girls weren't allowed to go anywhere unaccompanied by Naveen and his friends or family. They even made a trip south to Bangalore where she is from, but she just didn't have the heart to go looking for her mother. Everything there is mass confusion, even though that's a big university city.

    Obviously India is a place where there's a lot to learn and see and do. So if you're looking for education, India just might be the place. If you're looking to relax and just enjoy yourself, somewhere else might be a better choice?
    2517 days ago
    Why not. If you can get a good deal, go?

    I haven't been personally, but my understanding is that it is relatively safe, really different from anything else you have experienced, and English is widely spoken.

    just study up on travel medicine advice about shots, how to make water safe, etc.

    2518 days ago
    Yes! but I suppose I would need to renew my passport first! Better hop to that!!!
    2518 days ago
    I'm physically no longer able to travel, but if I were, India would be high on my list - if it didn't actually top it! So I'd say, yes, with the caveats mentioned so far! It cannot fail but be a unique adventure for you - a really memorable one! My brother's good friend from high school has visited there quite often and is urging my brother to go... I hope you're able to do so! Keep us posted, okay? emoticon
    2518 days ago
    Yes, most definitely! I am partial, as I have family there, but it is so worth a visit. Beautiful and heartbreaking both. Moreover, the weather in North India has been good, the winter is mild this year - I would jump at a chance to go, if I could do so affordably. Do be aware that you need a visa and need to arrange for one in good time.
    2518 days ago
    In college there was a professor I really admired. He was the head of the English department at that time (my major) but by my last semester I hadn't taken one of his classes. He taught a class on India and I took it just for fun. It sure did make me want to go. :)
    2518 days ago
    I haven't been there, but the pictures I have seen are beautiful.
    I wish I could go...
    2518 days ago
    Yes, you should go! Life is too short to let an opportunity like that pass by. I've done solo backpacking in Southeast Asia and South America, and I kept safe. The key is to keep a low profile, e.g., don't wear visible, expensive jewelry, dress modestly if in conservative part of country, and always be aware of your surroundings.

    Good luck and have fun :)

    2518 days ago
    My friend actually JUST got back from all 3 of those cities. He did it with 3 other friends, and no tour - and he had an amazing time! Would I myself go - probably not. But he did get some GREAT pictures!
    2518 days ago
  • SAMZA83
    YES-And I ought to know as I spent 6 months there as an exchange student in 2005, this was post Tsunami and I was 20 years old. If a 20 year old, 'Caucasian appearing' female can make it there six months and be safe you are going to do great. I spent three months in Jaipur living with an host family and studying with other students and the other six months doing an internship in Rural Rajasthan. I also spent time in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, the Kerala backwaters, Goa, the Punjabi and up in the Himalayas in Dharmasala.I often travelled solo and bartered my own services such as getting a rickshaw. Being a foreign woman in India = being a hollywood celebrity.

    The package you are looking at is known as the golden triange I believe and it is heavily trodden by tourists. This is both a good and bad thing. Good because you will meet other travellers and bad because that means the touts are going to be all over you. Expect to be hassled, expect to be followed by people who want to sell you stuff/beg and expect people to stare---that's the way it is and it overall isn't that bad :)

    Prepare your immune an system and your heart for what you are going to see now because everyone at one point get's sick. India is overwhelming and compares to nowhere else I have travelled. It's going to challenge everything you thought about humanity but that is the beauty in it. By the way 'Desi' roughly means someone of the 'Desh' or country in Hindi---that must be a good sign GO! emoticon

    Ps. I am going to Russia sometime next week (really) and you are would be mega expensive to go there as a tourist. Not to mention the horrible visa ordeal first (check out my most recent blog) start preparing for your India visa isn't too hard especially if you can visit the embassy in person.

    2518 days ago
    I was in India for a medical reason and didn't get to see. much but all I can say is do research on the places that you will be staying. I had to change hotels thrice. the first had really bad food, the second had no heater in the middle of a nasty winter. I almost cried before I found a perfect one
    2518 days ago
    ANYWHERE anytime, my bag is always ready to be pack!!! Be safe and have fun!

    ¸ .• ♥ ´¸.•*♥´¨)
    (¸.•♥´ (¸ ;.•♥ Kelly ♥•¸ .

    2518 days ago
    If you're with a tour group, and you've figured into the total price the extras that it will involve, my vote is to go. I've travelled worldwide, but there are some countries I have absolutely no interest in. Keep us posted on your adventure.
    2518 days ago
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