Looking Back at 2011 and Ahead to 2012!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The New Year is knocking at our doors and along with it comes the chance for new beginnings and new opportunities. However, in order to optimize usage of these new chances, we must reflect, revamp and if necessary chart a new course. Keeping this thought in mind, for the past couple of weeks, I have been reflecting on where I am in terms of goal achievement.
Looking back … I started off 2011 with my main goal being to focus on optimizing my health numbers, improve my body composition to, at least, manifest the average standardized body composition numbers and to improve my overall fitness level. These general goals were further broken down into the following eight smaller, more specific and measurable goals:
A) Health
1. Blood Pressure …. 120/80 - 130/90 = goal met
2. Total cholesterol below …. 200 mg/dl. = goal met
3. BMI …. 22 - 24.9
B) Body Composition
4. Body fat percentage …, 21% - 24%
5. Waist measurement …. Less than 35
6. Weight …. 145 - 150 lbs.
C) Physical Fitness
7. Earn the gold Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) trophy
8. Run/walk at least one half-marathon
Well, as is indicated by the goal met emoticons, I have only met two of the 8 goals! Normally, upon seeing this result staring back at me I would be upset/discouraged but, not this time! Sure, I would be ecstatic if all eight goals had the goal met emoticon beside them but that’s not the case and I am not getting down on myself because of it - I have learned to embrace my mantra … Progress, not perfection! I might not have hit goal spot on, on the other six goal areas but I sure did make great strides and have got to more than halfway there in most of them.

As a matter of fact, I am proud of the progress I have made … for the first time ever in almost twenty years of numerous attempts at trying to lose weight have I lost so much poundage - over fifty pounds - in one “round” of trying! The most I have ever lost before was 20 pounds. I have also moved down almost 10 points on the BMI scale and is now very close(2 points away) to getting into the overweight category. I smiled as I wrote the preceding sentence because its so paradoxical to be happy about/look forward to being overweight! Anyways, with regards to goals numbers 4 and 5, progress in these areas is evident by the fact that I now shop for clothes that are two to three sizes less, I can now see certain definitions on my body, and also family and friends have been making comments as to this fact. I know that this blog is getting long but I must quickly mention that in addition to the progress I have listed here, there are two areas … consistency and accountability … in which I have made remarkable progress and subsequently progress in the other areas.

Yes, I have made much progress this year but commingled with the progress were some instances of reversion to old habits which consequently resulted in goals number seven and eight not being achieved. Retrospectively, there are definitely some areas/goals that I need to revamp in order to move forward and onward to success. Revisiting the highs, the middle grounds and the lows of 2011 have given me enough ammunition to win the battle through 2012.

emoticon emoticon Here’s to a positive, happy and healthy 2012 emoticon emoticon

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