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My One Word for 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I started this last year after visiting the website and hearing about this concept on KLOVE radio. Last year I used the word Intentional to guide my goals and my way of life. It became a very powerful concept in my life, and I made a lot of progress towards my goals, progress in my life, and a deeper relationship with my family.

I have spent the last few weeks thinking about a new word that could help me focus my goals for 2012. This year, I chose the the word Present, as in Being Present (ok- I picked 2 words....)

I know that this word will help me focus on many of my goals:
Being present when I set up my workout schedule for the week or month.

Being present during my workout- not just going through the motions, but pushing my body to it's potential. Being present to know when I need a harder routine or heavier weights.

Being present when I eat- Making good choices for my meals. Planning my meals ahead. Not eating mindlessly or due to emotions.

Being present at work, and being present as I continue to look for new opportunities where I can use my doctoral degree.

Being present with my family. Spending more time just listening or being with them. Not multi-tasking or doing other things when they want to talk to me or play.

There are many other ways that Being Present will help me reach my goals! I am excited and energize by my new One Word!

Here are some things I learned about Being Present as I spent the past few weeks choosing my One Word:

Benefits of Being in the Moment ( found at
1. Increased enjoyment. I find that I enjoy life more if I’m present rather than having my mind elsewhere. Food tastes better, I have more fun with my family, even work becomes more enjoyable.

2. Reduced stress. Worrying about the past and future gives you stress. But being present is almost like meditation. There are no worries. There is just experiencing.

3. Better relationships. When you really commit yourself to being with someone, to listening to them, you are being a better father, husband, friend, daughter, girlfriend. You have better conversations. You bond.

4. Get things done. I find that focusing on what I’m doing, rather than trying to multitask or multithink a million different things at once, I actually complete what I’m doing, do a better job on it, and get it done faster. I don’t necessarily do more, but I get things done. Focus tends to get things done, in my experience, and when your focus is split among a lot of things, it is less powerful.

Here are TEN practical benefits found when you focus on being present:
Performance benefits:
1. Better performance under pressure. (you're focused)
2. Improved listening and memory skills (you're "present-minded", not "absent-minded")
3. Better conflict resolution (you don't get emotionally 'triggered')
4. More persistence and ability to learn (you are more patient and tolerant of difficulties)
5. Wiser, clearer decisions (you don't react out of habit)

Five health & relationship benefits:
1. Improved physical health & energy. (less stress, lower blood pressure, sharper mind)
2. More laughter and a playful outlook. (you're at peace, so life is more joyful)
3. More honest & open communication (you have nothing to hide)
4. Confidence and conviction in leading others. (you can handle their criticisms)
5. Greater capacity for emotional intimacy. (you are comfortable in your own skin)

I am looking forward to reaching my goals by Being Present!

How about you- have you selected a One Word to guide your goals and help you focus this year?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for your comment on my One Word Blog Mrs.P. I am so thankful you introduced me to the concept and the website last year.

    I have been thinking about my word for 2012 since September.
    At first I thought to keep Honor for another year as I'm certain I have not exhausted all the lessons it could teach me. A couple of weeks ago as I was thinking about the power of that one word in my life, my thoughts progressed to the power of all words and how they affect us.

    I love your page, and your new word! I know you will intentionally make being present every day a fact of life.

    May God continually bless you and your family in this new year!
    2337 days ago
  • NEWMAC2011
    That is a great word & I love how it's reflected on your page. I'll be thinking about what to pick for mine; it's a wonderful idea.
    2339 days ago
    Your one word for 2012 will be a present for you and all who know you!
    2340 days ago
  • YIWEN39
    "being present" is a great choice :-) Wishing you the best of success with it :-) emoticon
    2340 days ago
    I loved the word you used last year and you were awesome about focusing on it all year long! I wasn't sure you could outdo your word from this year but you have! Way to go! Love your choice and I can't wait to see what it brings you in 2012!
    2340 days ago
    Great word! I think that should be a central mantra of SP in general. Good luck reaching your goals with your awesome attitude!
    2340 days ago
    Great blog! I liked your word for 2011 and love this one for 2012. Awesome!
    2340 days ago
    I love all the encouraging self-talk that goes with what being present means. I see that you continue to move forward in an “intentional” and thought-provoking way. At first, I envisioned a classroom of students responding “here” or “present” as being relatively stagnant. I love all the research you have put in this selection . . . like a thesis! I should expect nothing less. (smile, smile)

    You have truly brought vitality to being present and in the moment that only you can do. Thank you, Mrs P! I’m currently leaning toward another Fruit of the Spirit that I see in my mate that I would like to grow in my own life: kind/kindness, or possibly gentleness (with my one word JOY, naturally!). I’ve learned that joy is more than a one-year word as I’ve looked for the joy in life for many, many years.
    2340 days ago
    I loved this! I think picking one word or phrase to focus one for the year was a great idea for you. I've been thinking that I need to go back to my old habit of spending some serious time in thought around New Year's clarifying my priorities and re-focusing. I haven't done it for quite a few years now and I feel, well, scattered! I will definitely keep this in mind as I re-focus over the next few days. If I had to choose one word to focus on for 2012, it would be simplify, and reading your post has really helped me to clarify that need in my life... Thank you for sharing.
    2340 days ago
    Excellent. How much can be gleamed from a couple of words! I love your positivity!
    2340 days ago
    This is a great and interesting blog..and 'word' concept......
    Stay focused...Spark with Success! emoticon emoticon
    2340 days ago
    good selection...
    2341 days ago
  • DEBK0923
    This is a great idea, as a matter of fact I was watching the movie EAT, PRAY, LOVE in the movie they chose words to describe themselves or a situation they wanted to change, I was looking for a word to help me. Thank you emoticon
    2341 days ago
    Thank you so much for such a powerful blog! I will read it over and over through the next few days and weeks to think about its effects on my life.

    My phrase for this year is "make a moment" : to me this means making each moment positive and meaningful; making time for important things (especially my children!); MAKING something (I've neglected my hobbies for the last few years and look forward to having lots of "making moments" in the year to come.

    Thank you so much for being so positive, and for sharing that with us. Have an awesome 2012!
    2341 days ago
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