The Players ( a guide to groups)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

thing`s are those guys who shave daily, forget to wear deodorant but swim in cologne. It`s like they slept through the most important parts of health and hygiene only to wake up during the optional lesson`s on appearance. They always have cars with loud roaring engines. They always have girlfriends or a posse of freshmen girls following them around like gaggle of giggles.
There`s usually a sport attached to they`re persona like a leech, but sometimes they go with the bad-bot image and blow smoke in the direction of organized anything. they can be any grade level but usually reach full thinglyness as upper class men. Especially seniors.

giggles always wear the latest and greatest fashions. you name it, they wear it. But they tend to wear it badly. You have to know what i`m talking about. Like one of those flip books where you can pick the top of the person, the bottom and the shoes. They actually wear the complete out fit as advertised. Giggles tend to crossover into Pops territory as upper class woman. RARELY is a senior giggle spotted except on college campuses, where she simply does an older version of the same routine. Almost always thin, usually has an eating disorder. Thinks her daddy`s credit card IS her daddy, has never been told no in her life and most likely will never be told no until the divorce from her first husband. I think perhaps the cologne fumes from the THINGS fry;s the giggles brains.

they are known by many names. Popular kids, the in-crowd, the haves, i call them Pops mainly because they`re to sweet on the world, have it to easy as far as school goes, and they`re little worlds tend to pop upon graduation. Some are pops by association. A direct friendship with a complete Pops can pull anyone on the fringes in. Some are Pops by birth, as generations of class photo`s can attest. Usually they have enough money so they don`t have to worry to much about buying vending machine food, gas or the latest must have item.

student`s like me who see knowledge as power. We are either born smart or work hard to stay ahead of the curve. Sometimes called nerds or geeks, but not always do we fully settle in either distinction. Brains can be jocks and on rare occasions pops, usually by birth. We are the ones who do the homework, know the answers and get along better wit the teachers than students. We`re the future CEO`s , president`s of fortune, chairmen, surgeon`s, corporate attorneys; basically the bosses and paycheck providers, in ten years of and aforementioned groups.

AKA: zoners, stoners, druggies, the sensory impaired. Those to whom brain cells are`mt important, who imbibe, snort, smoke, shoot, huff, cram, coax or otherwise ingest foreign substances for a quick high and life of addiction.

AKA: ``in training`` can apply to any group but most are things and pops wannabes. Often a young sibling learning the social mores and customs, but can also be a transfer student. Saddest incarnations are wannabes-that-will-never-be. These are kids who don`t know the joke is on them.

and then there`s me:
RETARDED ANIME ADDICTS (i`m sure you don`t need a description)
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