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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm stuck in neutral. I'm doing a few things well and a lot of things not so well.

The Good
- I'm eating primarily vegan
- I'm eating lots of fruits and vegetables
- I'm keeping the amount of processed foods I eat down
- I'm keeping the amount of food I eat reasonable

The Not-as-good
- After hernia surgery I have had to deal with fluid buildup. This isn't painful, but can be uncomfortable. I can't really do any exercise which involves running, jogging or anything where I would jump. My doctor says it can take 6-8+ months to go away. Yuck. This isn't an excuse not to do other exercises, low impact stuff. I am just not doing a good job of making myself do this right now and I am feeling a bit dejected by this setback.
- I'm not tracking my calories. I should be, but I think I'm doing pretty well considering. If I could just do some exercise and burn up some calories I could start losing rather than maintaining.

I'm still checking in here and I am not giving up. I'm not done with my journey. I actually did some crunches yesterday, I'll just start small. I'll have an update picture done in the next week or so.
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    Duane - youreally continue to be my hero - even though things are not going wellyou are cleaarly not giving up; and I need to follow that example!

    Last year, in January, I had the surpirse heart surgey, and though I did well for a few months, then it seems I fell into a real funk!At Christmas time, I was determined to get better at it all, and on New Years Eve, I fell and broke my leg..

    But, you know, there are some things I can do and I still need to get back with the program!
    Thank you for reminding me!
    Don't be discouraged -you are doing so much RIGHT! emoticon
    3330 days ago
    Take it easy, listen to your body, and be patient with yourself. You've already got a great mindset - and that really IS the hardest part, so you've already won three-quarters of the battle! :)

    What sort of exercises has your doc said you can do? Is power yoga/hot yoga or Pilates something you could try?

    Hang in there, buddy!

    3334 days ago
    Sorry you are not doing well but it actually sounds like you are doing better than I was. But I am back on my routine of tracking the food I eat. You will be too. Get well soon.
    3341 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7289565
    I am sorry you're having to deal with all that. I know it must make it difficult. It's good you're eating well. Just do something not too strenuous when you are up for it and try to track and you'll be fine. I think one of the most important things during this journey is learning to get through things like illness and keep the right frame of mind and not lose sight of what we need to do. Even if we are unable to keep up the same intensity, we can still do what we can.
    3341 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Surgery for me REALLY set me back. Im still recovering, I still have pain in the scars daily.

    It was never really said just how long and how much surgery would affect.
    3342 days ago
    Flutter-By is right. I see so many people here, who listen to their trainer, and not their Dr. End up injured, and prolong their journey of weight loss, to one of regaining health only. All in good time, all in good time. You have been on this path for the long haul, so so allow yourself ot get sidlined, by a health set back. You will be where you want to be, it will just take a littel bit longer, that is all.
    Hang in there!!
    After all, you are UNSTOPPABLE!!!!
    3344 days ago
    Hernia surgery is really tough, have had to deal with it a couple times. It takes time to get back on track with exercise but take the time the Dr reccommends, in the long run it will be the best thing for you.
    And start tracking and really keep to it, make it a challenge for the next month,
    Take care
    3349 days ago
    I don't feel you are in neutral. I think you are doing great! Seems to me like your eating is extremely healthy. Just do what you can do with exercise. The lack of exercise will not hurt you if you continue eating the way you are now.
    3349 days ago
    Giving up is not an option! All I have to do is remember how I felt before I started and I am determined not to give up.

    Not sure if this will work with the fluid situation - but can you get in a pool? It will keep you from bumping and such. Swimming, or even pool walking is a great low impact option - or maybe a low impact water aerobic class.

    I hope you are on the mend soon!

    3349 days ago
    Give yourself the time to heal. I also think you need a pat on the back. Maintaining during this time is wonderful!
    3349 days ago
  • TMW54812
    Just in case you need a boost...take it from Rocky...

    3349 days ago
  • TMW54812
    Thanks for status update, I know it's hard to stay in touch when you are struggling....Keep doing what you can, when you can.
    You have a large group of spark buddies (including me) who will continue to support you.
    3349 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Don't you dare give up. You've come so far! It's a bump in the road,
    and we need to expect them and not let them throw us off from
    our journey. Maybe a stop or 2 here or there, but do what you can
    do. I know emoticon because you are very resourceful.

    Don't use not being able to RUN as an EXCUSE. There are NO
    EXCUSES. OK, now that I've spoken...

    3349 days ago
  • ERIN4771
    hang in there my friend...coming back from surgery takes time...sux about the fluid build up, but hey, that will eventually go away, so try not to sweat it (unless it's out of course emoticon )...sorry, bad joke...anyway, congrats on heading down the vegan road!! i haven't made it that far yet, just vegetarian for me, but, hey, my cow friends thank you!!!! again, hang in there, this too shall pass.....hugs...erin
    3349 days ago
  • MISSLISA1973
    Small is good. Healing is important. Don't give up on yourself... be patient during this season of healing and restoration. Practice giving yourself love instead of getting down on yourself because of an unavoidable circumstance. Taking care of the hernia was a vital part of taking good care of yourself. Eating well is just as important and you are doing that. You are doing great things for yourself and I'm proud of you!
    emoticon Lisa
    3349 days ago
    Give yourself time to heal. Be kind,but work hard.
    3350 days ago
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