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Monday, December 26, 2011

It has truly been a roller coaster this year! Started a new job at a hospital that I loved! VERY PHYSICAL! VERY VERY PHYSICAL! 10 miles or more of walking and pushing and pulling and moving and grooving! Gave me a great workout! Then one day... it bit me in the behind! Got rammed by a couple hundred LB. hospital bed (I was a transporter) and that was the end of me. This was in MAY! However, the docs didnt' think so and shoved me back into work saying I had a hip sprain and all is good. HA! What a long story. I wont bore you with the 7 months of details! Summarizing. 2 hip injections, did nothing. Months later, a brilliant genius of a doctor came up with an old saying "Hip bone is connected to the back bone". Rest was history. Found a bomb exploded in my lower back. L5-SI severed herniation that was severing my nerves down my leg causing me a boatload of agony, pain, numbess and actually severely diminished reflexes in my lower leg by that point. 2 fluroscopy epidurals. Eventually, urged to get lumbar surgery. Did so on 12/12/11. (Yup, 7 months later) What a goings on! What a toll on a persons body that was previously active, happy, healthy! Now I know how people can eventually fall off the wagon, even with my 2-3 years of 80 LBS LOSS success! This is not meant to discourage anyone. This is meant to ENCOURAGE! Don't let things get you down like I have. Fight like hell! I didn't. I tried, believe me... but not as hard as I know I could have. I am now. I am doing a lot better. Hoping I don't need any more surgeries right NOW. I will later unfortunately, possibly a fushion down the road. But right now... I am regaining ground. I am not letting this take anymore part of my soul and ripping me down. I WILL LOOSE this weight gain back... plus more. Everyone was so proud of me. I was proud of me. I feel like I have left everyone down. I wanted to be that example. I will be again. I am purposely not waiting for the new year. I didn't even start phyiscal therapy yet until January. I have weeks left of recovery. But in the meantime... I'll be damned if I see the 200's again! DAMNED I TELL YA! I'm backing away from the comfort food. Kicking it to the curb. Stop feeling sorry for myself. I already have new less physical jobs lined up. Heck... I think I am going to be a Tech at the hospital. Basically a nurses aide. I love helping people. I think maybe now I do beleive... Everything happens for a reason.

A good friend of mine has a song called "Love In Everything-Mica Roberts-Itunes" and one of her lines is... "Be grateful for the broken dreams, that somtimes lead you down a better road". Amen Sister. Amen.

I am coming back in style in 2012. You won't see me down like this every again. That is a promise.

Cheers to the new year everyone! Dont wait to make that new years "resolution. Make a healthy choice NOW! Don't wait.

Much love and I missed my spark community!
Kayleigh Rose
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  • ORANGE81
    What a year for you. I had fusion in my neck. (My arm was always asleep and very painful.) A neurosurgeon fixed it,then my back went,he fixed that with a fusion and also gained the weight back over the 3 months at home getting better. It was so hard and I made excuses due to pain and only being able to walk a few feet. Then I kept saying it hurt by 8 months post op. I couldn't pick up my right leg. (I already had nerve damage in my left leg) this was worse and the pain and burning went into my foot and then thank goodness my doctor did a another mri. So a year later,this past May 2012, I had more surgery on my back. This time for spinal stenosis and he did a fusion and a rod and screws. This took me out of work for 3months 2 weeks and next week I can hopefully go back to work. No one seemed to believe my leg pain and hip pain so now my nerve damagae in right leg my never be better due to the delay of fixing it. So we both are on the road to a healthy lifestyle again and I let the depression again get the best of me but not any more. I can make an excuse for anything but I am going to change that about myself! Good luck and I really hope that all goes well for you no one deserves a bad back or any other horrible pain in the back or a.. lol
    2066 days ago
    Thank you so much hun! I am already kicked back into gear! I just had my surgeon appointment today... next 5 weeks of physical therapy. So some monitored excersize is gonna be happeneing so that may help a little too. Still no work for 5 weeks at the least... but that gives me time to see if this whole thing blows back up in my back and gives me time to hopefully heal and not need another surgery. Thank you so much. You were always a motivator to me too. Its good to be back! :)
    2310 days ago
    You are not kidding that you have had a difficult year. I am glad that you are BACK and you have the wonderful Spark that has always motivate me, by watching you. I know you can and will do this. You will get back on track and lose the weight that you gained back and lose even more.

    You are an inspiration.
    2311 days ago
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