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All I REALLY want for Christmas is a b~b gun..oh my! Shocked face!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

emoticonWowsa...I have felt so grinchey this Christmas...really I have.

And, the strange thing is...that many of my friends agree with me...and tell me that they have felt the exact SAME way.

I think we are now a nation of people who have become accustomed to dealing with life on a day to day basis...maybe minute to minute basis always looking over our shoulders for the next kick in the shin...and we..myself included.. do things by rote..sort of by routine..holidays have to be marked because after all they ARE a holiday..but I've seen some of the joy drain away...t's a little sad...I feel in my heart of heart that so many of us now seem spirit deprived.

We were SO hopeful that the tides would change with the last Presidential election...I was riding high on the tides of faith and hope back then. I'm always the eternal optimist so I'm hope, hope, hoping that things will turn around and the little guy will once again be able to find their way in this big greedy world. I'm hopeful for our children...but I'm also pretty cynical at this point.

I wonder if the axis of the universe is out of whack and we are all feeling it's uncertain vibrations.. or if ....we as a people are realizing just how very dysfunctional this world really is and it's settling in. If you watch ANY television you have to wonder if the people who should be in charge of this beautiful country...really are?

Congress seems to be bogged down in a cynical state like I have NEVER seen before. The President seems to be doing his best but is crippled by the nasty political environment he has to challenge at every turn. It's just NOT pretty in the good ole' USA right now. I think we are all feeling this unease in our psyche right now and it's darn right depressing!

But...that being said is the least of my worries. I know that politics will ALWAYS be politics and that the snippy attitudes of seasoned veteran politicians is ALWAYS going to be much more about protecting their own egos...which just so happen are the size of the northern hemisphere...then in worrying about why they are REALLY in Washington...and that's as employees of we American taxpayers. You see...we have just been too complacent...for too darn long.

The old adage rings true...while the cat's away...the mice will play. By the way for you ..my lovely...slower learners...WE are the cat in this scenario. Big snarly smile.

So I do what I can in my own little world to fight my own little battles which quite frankly are pretty small in comparison to what our beautiful children will have to face in future America.

God bless those young adults...I hope they march into power when they reach majority age and take the bull by the horns and bring it DOWN! This greed and self enrichment of our so called 'leaders' just HAS to be reckoned with. If anyone can do it...our young people can..so bring it kiddos...bring it! emoticon

Okay...why the b~b gun you patiently ask? It's our neighbors...AGAIN.

Those crazy northerners who have only this year celebrated their second Christmas in Florida house decorating. You know the ones who giddily dance out in their yards...beer bottles in their hands, bermuda shorts and flip flops as their holiday attire. THEY are the ones who invade the depths of my grinchey grinch lack of Christmas spirit the very most.

If they want to decorate the front of their houses until they reach full tilt fire alarm status...so be it...and my blessings to them. I don't have to look at it and have my eyes burned out from the over tilt wattage...... but...when they string the crazy four foot snowflakes all along the side of their house...I MUST object. Who...does...that?

I mean....even in FLORIDA... emoticon No one is going to walk down their side yard and say...hey good job on decorating the side of your house! What the?

The "what the" is because that particular side of their house with the forty foot snowflake lights that they BLAZE all NIGHT long faces our two bedroom windows.

My bedroom is my sanctuary...I mean it's almost sacred ground to me...when I sleep...I restore...when I sleep...I swear...I'm spending time with my Josh man...I always wake up in mid conversation with him...I'm serious...I really do. For the past week...I have woke up to go to the bathroom and I am BLINDED...no small exaggeration...by the airport runway strip friggin' Christmas tree lights beaming through the glass block window in the bathroom.

This lazer light penetrates through every pin hole in the blind slats of our bedroom windows...it worms it's way through every single wooden slat that isn't perfectly stacked to thwart it's Star War invasion...ALL FRIGGIN' NIGHT long! Don't these people know that the modern world uses timers..if you are too drunk or too lazy to walk outdoors and turn OFF your crazy Christmas lights? Really...stupidity in the La La Land of FL abounds...and I'm the lucky one to testify to that fact..because I get to live right next door and witness it!!

Lack of sleep makes me a crazy person. I'd normally go over politely knock on their door and say..."hey neighbor...I like your Christmas lights...a little OVER DONE don't ya think...but I like them...on the FRONT of the house. As for the SIDE of the house...you remember..the side that faces our bedroom... what are you crazy northerners thinking? And what's up with the ALL NIGHTERS...who do you think is going to be cruising around the neighborhood admiring them at 2 friggin' A.M. o'clock in the morning?" NOT me...the one who's trying to sleep with the spot light beams in her face all night.

Right...that didn't sound the least bit neighborly...I couldn't go to their door...soooo...I took matters in my own hands...I calmly walked across the yard in my bermuda shorts and flip flops..and pulled the hummer beacons down.

Grhhhhh...next night...they are STILL blazing away. The FRONT lights are the ones that are off! emoticon Go figure...their electrical wiring is screwed up too!

Anyone got a b~b gun...it's all I REALLY want for Christmas! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are one funny lady.....nearly as crazy as me. You aint seen crazy when Im pushed (very rarely thank God). Im laughing out aloud and can actually see myself doing something sneeky and unlawful and then comforting them for their damage pretending that we must have a mean person in the neighbourhood...lol lol emoticon
    2349 days ago
    Glad to hear that they stopped doing all the lights on the side! Hope it stayed that way for the rest of the holiday season.

    I'm guessing that they will tone it down next year and the years to come as the novelty wears off of being in Fla.
    2363 days ago
    LOL I'm with Kelly on wanting to see you in your night attire and going over to sabotage their lights!

    Glad they've turned them off now though!

    I am with you though on the politicians and the greed. It really makes you want to march over to Washington and knock some sense into them. I think American's have become complacent and lazy. I think most people want to do something about the greed and corruption in politics but won't. :(

    I also think that American's have lost sight of what's really important during the holidays. Spending time with family and not all the materialistic things that the stores are pushing.

    I hope you have been able to get some sleep now and dreaming of talking to your beloved Josh!

    2366 days ago
  • SAL1512
    You could turn your neighbor's Christmas light story into a movie script - I especially like the scene where you "took matters into your own hands". Lack of sleep and blinded eyes could be used for a host of comedy scenes. Well, here is to peace on earth . . .
    Sally emoticon
    2367 days ago
    LOL! Girl, I'm with you! Take comfort in the fact that unless they have covered their roof and any other surface with solar panels, they will be presented with a major electric bill for all of their ostentaciousness! (I hope that's a word!).
    2367 days ago
    Aha...Santa really DOES exist...the lights shut off on Christmas! YIP! No more mega lights beaming into my cuddly bedroom nest tonight...thank you sweet baby Jesus! emoticon emoticon
    2370 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/27/2011 8:23:22 PM
    Yep you have become a grumpy old lady emoticon
    2370 days ago
    Wow, that sounds extremely annoying.
    2370 days ago
    I hope they don't leave the lights up for a long time after Christmas. Hope yours was wonderful Mine sure was. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2370 days ago
    I would have paid money to watch you go out in your night time attire and flip flops with a face of kill kill kill...
    2371 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    I feel for you, I had a neighbor like that once that had this big 1000 watt bright light that I swear was aimed at my bedroom window all night every night of the year. I tried a few times to ask her politely to aim lightzilla elsewhere or put a shade on it and was ignored. I found a solution to lightzilla that got her to install a nice normal watt yellow light but it took a while and I am not a very happy camper if I don't get at least 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night. I hope now that the holiday is over your neighbors will take down the lights!!!
    Hope you get a great night's sleep and get your time to talk to Josh.
    2372 days ago
    I feel your pain and my eyes are burning just THINKING about it! I hope they don't keep them blazing through the end of January! With the economy in the tank you would think that saving a little energy would be on everyone's mind. On another note, we had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends... however I did eat WAY too much. Fortunately it is a HoliDAY and not a HoliWEEK so back to my normal routine I go. Hopefully I didn't do too much long term damage. Sending hugs your way, Rhonda
    2372 days ago
    Bobbi, don't go over there, stay away form there. LOL.

    Don't you know that if someone is so ignorant to do what they are doing that if you go over there and try to speak with them it will not go well. LOL

    Wow, what a situation to deal with on Christmas.

    I really don't know what I would do except to make sure I would not lose my temper and do my best not to offend them as they are offending you.

    Christmas is only for a short while, so, maybe the lights will be gone soon???

    I know you want your sleep.

    I love what you said about speaking with your son in your sleep.

    If I had a son who was on the other side and I was talking to him all the time in my dreams I would ask him what to do about the light situation next door, yes, I am serious about this.

    Try it, it just might solve your problem.

    You won't know unless you try it, right? LOL

    Anyways, let lovej and peace influence and be your motivatior in what you do with the light situation.

    You might even have some really great new friends next door, I don't know....LOL....just saying.

    This just fascinates me with you talking to your son, I love it, love does transend time and distance. Love does cover a multitude of sin and aggervating circumstances.

    And you, my dear sweet Bobbi Anne are a person with love oozing from your pores.

    Let love and peace be your guide.

    Have fun today and tomorrow and all the rest of the days.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2372 days ago
    Poor thing! What a waste of electricity and no good sleep for a hard-working woman. Hang in there! Maybe they'll take them down tomorrow. HUGS!
    2372 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Oh my - wish I could send you a bb gun.

    It would be here on this page.

    Keep the faith and do have a Very Merry Christmas.

    2372 days ago
    Bobbi, I'm sure you've thought of this, but how about going over there to explain the problem? This is such a different world now with such a lack of respect for others. Hope you have a lovely day.
    2372 days ago
    oh dear Bobbi.

    Merry Christmas to you.
    2372 days ago
    emoticon Prayers for a blown circuit breaker next door. Good grief! B-b gun is not available as an icon, or it would be here, trust me!
    2372 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    well I just saw a Christmas movie on that subject...Deck the Halls (I think) The guy messed up the wiring and shot off bombs from his house ok that didn't work out for him cause a bomb went into his chimmeny and it blew up his house.

    hey just don't get desperant and... well I'm just being funny.

    Well you should go over there with all that nice cham you have and say that snow flake is soooooo cool but no one can see it you should put it on the front of the house so everyone can see it and maybe they willl...hehe and then you can sleep and you were neighborly to boot.

    Oh yea if they say they don't have room you will be very happy to help them find a spot for it,,,heck even if it has to go in you lawn at lest its not blinding you at night...ha, or should I say ho
    Merry Christmas emoticon
    2372 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/25/2011 9:07:53 AM
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