Camel Kisses

Friday, December 23, 2011

I helped with the live nativity scene tonight, unexpectedly, and loved on an adorable 3.5 month old camel. So so sweet. He bawled loudly when I'd walk away. I loved on him and fed him feed. He gave me many camel kisses in return [like butterfly kisses with his muzzle].

No he did not spit on me (everyone asks that).

My assignment was to help the humans put on their costumes. There were also other animals. But I loved that camel. Apparently the feeling was mutual. I'd never petted a camel before. Because of it's small size, a little taller than me, I wondered if it might be an alpaca or something, and asked. It sure LOOKED like a camel, tho. I asked and someone said no, it's a camel; just small because it's only 3.5 months old.

I was assigned to help with Costumes because they unexpectedly changed plans at the last minute and decided not to open the bookstore (cart). It was disappointing but the camel kisses more than made up for it. They had really cool costumes, too. The best I've ever seen for a church. They also had two huge horses, don't know what kind Belgians or similar, hooked up to a wagon. The kids LOVED the wagon ride.

The first night was Friday. I went back the second night to church, Christmas Eve Saturday night, to help with the Costumes for the Live Nativity again, and asked about the huge horses. Yes they are Belgians, related to the Clydesdales (and it shows). We had a bigger turn out Christmas Eve, I heard the count was 1,025 attending. We also had many decisions for Christ both nights, but I don't know how many. We will probably get those figures Jan 8th service.
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