Biggest Loser Winning in Winter - ITC week 1

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our first inter-team challenge is to write ourselves a blog to be re-read in 10 weeks, when the challenge is over. Here it goes!...

Hi Sue!

Feeling good? How'd the challenge go? Let's see, you had said you were considering joining a gym - I hope you did. But even more, I hope you joined and now have a routine in place! Swimming weekly and working out twice a week to start - what are you doing now?

I know you don't want to be the weight you were in December. Remember that? Don't go back there! I hope you are 1) in the 170's (low end!); 2) eating well; 3) consistent with your exercise; 4) noticing a difference in your clothes!

I'm sure you were successful. Remember to keep at it - just because the challenge is over doesn't mean you get to relax. Keep that healthy lifestyle top of mind and reach that weight goal THIS YEAR! 2012 is it!
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