100 Goals for 2012

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So I belong to the 100+ to lose group and the leader suggested that we come up with 100 Goals to help us along our weight loss journey. I used to be very goal oriented and somewhere along the way I veered off that path. I find that having specific, concrete goals helps me to progress. Here are the first 85 or so that I've come up with. My goals were becoming somewhat blah so I decided to let my brain have a rest.

You'll notice that all of my goals aren't weight loss based but as much as I want to be slimmer, I am more concerned with being healthy and that comes from the inside and radiates outward. Part of my journey is learning to love myself no matter what size I am and work on being a better person, friend, family member, etc.

100 Goals...
1. Track my food everyday
2. Make a meal plan once a week and stick to it!
3. Eat at least five servings of veggies and three servings of fruit every day.
4. Contact a friend or family member for support when I needed. I DON'T have to do this alone!
5. Do my circuit four days and a form of cardio for at least 50 mins two days.
6. Buy a body bugg as my 250 goal!
7. Buy a Wii as my 299 goal!
8. Get a pedi as my 250 goal!
9. Shop from my meal plan and avoid extra goodies. I'm pretty good at this already.
10. Complete one hike, 5k walk/run or 25k bike ride every quarter.
11. Beat time on previous quarter's challenge each quarter!
12. Look at myself naked in the mirror and memorize what my body looks like. Focus on loving myself as I am now. Do this every day for a few minutes.
13. Tell my family how much they mean to me as often as possible.
14. Live in the moment. It's okay to plan for the future but live in the present!
15. Eat the colors of the rainbow every day.
16. Try a new veggie every month.
17. Try a new recipe once a month (or more).
18. Contact a friend once a week to let them know you were thinking about them.
19. Plan activities that are activity based, rather than food based to do with family and friends.
20. Cut out processed foods as much as possible and white sugar, bread products. I already do this most of the time but keep it up.
21. Eat fresh fruits and veggies whenever possible.
22. Each week eat dinners at follows: fish x2, poultry x2, vegetarian x2, pork/beef x1
23. When cooking, make extra portions to save as left overs and package them with veggies for a future meal on the go!
24. Portion food out at the beginning of the week.
25. Call or write a family member once every other week.
26. Say one positive thing about myself at the beginning of every day.
27. Finish my BA
28. Save $100/mo as an emergency fund.
29. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.
30. Exercise at my target heart rate.
31. When watching television exercise during commercials for ONE SHOW at least three times per week.
32. Take dogs out for walks twice per week.
33. Make a specific time for cleaning house and don't let anything get in the way of that time.
34. Spend five minutes a day just relaxing and breathing and clearing my mind.
35. Get down to 250 by my birthday! (June 8)
36. Enjoy my weight loss journey!!!
37. Eat out only once per week and keep it to ONE MEAL ONLY!
38. Organize my kitchen.
39. Paint my living room and bedroom.
40. Make Christmas gifts for everyone beginning in July!
41. Contact all family and friends on their birthdays with a card or note.
42. Go to IRD in July!
43. Create/modify a recipe once a month.
44. Lose twelve pounds per week!
45. Catch all bills up and pay one month ahead.
46. Go on a trip.
47. Manage my time more wisely.
48. Be down to 200 by Christmas 2012.
49. Start my credential.
50. Every day think of one thing that I am thankful for and write it down.
51. Keep a daily journal.
52. Blog on SP at least three times per week.
53. Take pictures each month to track my progress.
54. Eat fewer than 1500 mgs of sodium per day.
55. Think positively. When I have a negative moment remember that negativity doesn't get you anywhere.
56. Do the weekly swear off every week.
57. Drink at least 64 oz of water each day.
58. Get down to a size 18 this year!!!!!!
59. Read the SparkPeople Book.
60. Log into Sparkpeople every day.
61. Clean out my closet and get rid of old, too big clothes! Don't focus on gaining the weight back.
62. Buy something completely frivolous and extravagant and be HAPPY with the purchase when I get to 225!
63. Try one new exercise per month.
64. Learn to belly dance.
65. Go to Reno to visit family!
66. Do REAL squats without my knee hurting.
67. Eat 25-35 grams of fiber per day!
68. Start a vitamin regimen and STICK TO IT!
69. Were hats!
70. Fit into my skinny clothes.
71. Visit family and friends in SD.
72. Jog a mile without stopping.
73. Think of one positive habit I'd like to start and focus on it for three months. Create one every quarter.
74. Create a book of pictures from magazines, etc of places I want to travel to.
75. Get a passport!
76. Play with my puppies in the yard every day, weather permitting. Actually PLAY with them though!
77. Take Bug, Duck and Remi in for their annual and get Remi neutered.
78. Redo vanity.
79. Take pride in my appearance. I already am really good about this but we can always be better!!!
80. Buy high heels!
81. Get a new job!!! Preferably subbing!

Okay, my brain is kind of dry. I'll see what others come up with and add some of theirs.
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    A very impressive list and worth the time it took to put it down.
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