Still Really Busy (Update)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I have been exercising! Maybe not as much as I had been before tax season, but at least 3 mornings a week I get up and go at it! So the habit is still going strong!
I am still making healthy decisions. Just not enough of them. Working on that! I turned down dessert 2 times last week at events.
I am still on track, not losing, but not gaining, except for some weird ups and then downs due to bloating or hormones. Too much travel = too much food not prepared by me which = less control over things.

So this is a really hard time of year for me. Really, November and December together. Trying really hard to not emotionally eat (if I recognize that it is emotional eating in the first place.) Dad's birthday would have been at the end of November, then he died 6 years ago on December 14th, then there is christmas. And quite honestly, the holidays are just not the same and they are sad, but each year it gets a bit better. As a family, we try to move on, create new traditions and have a happy holiday, but it is still hard.

I think mom and I try to make ourselves uber busy during this time so we won't dwell on the sad so much and it works most of the time. But, this means we are super busy. Between holiday baking (yeah, great for the "healthy lifestyle", but it is a long standing tradition and fun!), voluntering, and just trying to go to all the Christmas parties, well, it has been crazy busy. I am sure you all can relate, as I am sure you are all equally busy this time of year!

Work has still been super crazy. I forgot all the year end stuff that has to happen around now. Plus, we are looking at changing up our research platform, which means lots of meetings and demos with sales people who all want an answer 10 minutes after you have spoken with them. Argh. Then the endless notices from that government agency that I won't name or say anything about because I have nothing nice to say about them. Nothing.

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth, I have been checking in and exercising, just got too busy to do much else! Things MAY be slowing down after the start of the new year, just to ramp up again in time for tax season!

My basic plans as far as weight loss right now have not changed, but I think I have gotten too soft on myself. It is ok that I am not losing only because I am not gaining, but I really want to get back on my kick butt workout schedules! I am not sure that will happen until we get back from my sister's after the holidays, BUT I am NOT planning for it NOT to happen. Each day brings with it an opportunity to get my butt moving and exercise and each meal/snack gives me an opportunity to eat healthy. And honestly, I am doing pretty darn good 60% of the time. I know, that number needs to jump up to 80-90, but I will take 60. It is still better than last year.

Oh and I still feel very tired/weak from that cold that would not go away. 2+ weeks of it. Almost a month ago and I am still struggling with the asthma and lung capacity. Another reason I am taking it easy on the workouts, but maybe I should kick it up to get my lungs back in gear. Not sure if part of it is that it is soooo cold in the am (haha, it is like 33 out and the house is cold, and yes, I know, most of you are like, that is warm, but it is cold for my area!) that my lungs cannot get enough air and then the vicious cycle of asthma kicks in. I am hoping we have nothing to do over the new year's eve long weekend so that I can just rest. Is that bad that I want to plan to be lazy? As in stay in my pj's and do nothing for 2 days straight?

ohhh, and thanks to Bountiful Baskets, mom and I have now enjoyed our 3rd meatless night! We will have the fourth one tonight! We do add cheese (1 oz serving) for added protein, but the veggies are so tasty! And filling and I cannot believe I can go without meat! I am also still on track with healthy lunches, either chicken salads or chicken sandwiches and of course the smoothie in the morning. My one really bad weakness is those darn austin peanut butter crackers. I don't know why. So I am going to ask the receptionist to keep them in a drawer or somewhere where I won't see them (out of sight, out of mind) and/or for us to not purchase them again.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season and that you are having a fabulous week! This is my mid week since we are off on Friday and Monday next then the next Monday again! Not sure what I will do with all this time off!
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    Hope you are doing well and making it through tax season! :) I hope you're finding time to work on YOU too. It really does help you get through tough days if you have that little something to be proud of. Happy Birthday! And Valentines Day! :)
    2688 days ago
    So glad you found the time to post this. I know myself how hard t is and I too am behind in my blogs (which are MUCH shorter than yours)! I so appreciate your honestly in what you write. No - none of us are perfect, but it helps me a lot to be reminded I'm not the only one who is imperfect. None of us gained the weight over night and guess what - none of us will lose it that way either!

    Keep the good attitude and big hugs to you and your mom filled with Holiday cheer!
    Debi emoticon
    2727 days ago
    You are always so busy! You DO need to find time to work out regularly and do something you find fun. Sounds like you are going in the right direction for your food choices - just maybe amp up the exercise - me too! I've been slacking!

    2743 days ago
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