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Are you waiting to start...AGAIN?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

After posting some before and after pics on my Facebook page, a FB friend said "Wow, you look great! I need to drop a lot of weight, going to start in the New Year!" Well that really bothered me. Reason is because I had done this same thing over and over and over, lost the weight, gained the weight, started exercising, stopped exercising, rat on the treadmill in a cage...

When we say we'll start "tomorrow" or "next week" or the "new year", it means we're still in DIET mode, and since we're planning a "start" we're going to plan a "finish". Diet mode says you're going to eat like this or that or exercise this much for so long.

A healthy lifestyle says start NOW and live that way! Diets are hard, healthy lifestyle is much easier!

I started my journey on December 2, 2008 while ON A CRUISE! I got home, registered for a 15k that was end of Feb (keep in mind I had not run any race in 13 years). I started tracking my food and exercise diligenty, and 9 months later when I got to my goal (size 14 to 4), I didn't change ANYTHING! I had developed a lifestyle and more than 2 years after hitting my goal, I'm still living that lifestyle.

Do I do everything perfect? Am I a super strict eater? Not by any means. I love food and enjoy it. But I love my health even more, so I make sure I still eat 6-7 times a day, still drink at least 100 oz of water a day, and still make good choices on what I eat at least 80% of the time. I still exercise 5-6 days a week. It's just a way of life.

So instead of starting next year, start leading a healthy lifestyle TODAY! Even through the holidays, you can do it if you've made the DECISION to do it!

As you make better food choices at holiday events, people may say things like "Oh you can't have that." Just say "I can have anything I want. I'm just choosing not to have that" or "not to have seconds".

I remember on previous cruises, I would have seconds and thirds of every meal! On this recent one, I picked my food, ate and enjoyed it and left. And I was just as satisfied, but just not in the food coma most people were in.

So let's make the new year start NOW!!! You can do this!

2008 - 2011: It's worth it!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love this blog and needed to hear these words. Thanks for writing and sharing with all of us. It's funny cause I was just saying that I was gonna "start" next week. And there is no need to wait. I need to just do it. I was a fitness/health champion in 2010 and was so happy with my progress. I finally accomplished my goals that I had put off forever. I allowed myself to get frustrated by a plateau and gained a lot back. So STUPID! I'm tired of being tired, I'm tired of excuses, and I know how great healthy feels. I want that back. This blog was just another truth that I needed to hear to shake me back to the reality of the situation.
    2230 days ago
    All your blogs seem to be what I needed to hear today. I have gained and lost weight 3 times now over the last 3 years. I said this last time when I reach my goal weight, this would be the last time. I would never go back. Well, that lasted one day when I met my goal weight. I am so tired of this. Why can't I take care of myself by eating good and exercising?? Why is it so hard for me? I'm so thoroughly disgusted with myself and feel overwhelmed with starting over. I know my track record and it is not good.
    2257 days ago
    I think it's okay to maybe instead of trying to lose weight during the holidays at least be in a maintenance mode where you have limits and don't overdue it too much. Since it is nice to enjoy the holidays. But you definitely need limits with that too and need to keep yourself in check.

    congratulations on your success in losing weight and in maintaining. Your Awesome!!
    2308 days ago
  • CLOVER70
    SOOOO true i been saying this for a while. Thank you i needed this wake up call.
    2310 days ago
    emoticon Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2313 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Since I started 14 months ago, I have never taken the backdoor out, made excuses, or taken any steps back with the brief stay in the hospital in May. ( I ran 2 5Ks with Pneumonia...ooops!) I'm with you, Tia! Commitment and persistence, hard work and dedication! It starts immediately. Bail and someone is just looking for an excuse. Tomorrow just might never come! Let's Rock!
    2315 days ago
    I totally agree with you. On 12/3/11 I wrote a blog entitled 2012 Goals Starts Today. So far I have been keeping up with my abs quest (although, in my mind, I think I'm internally hurting). lol I would love to have abs like yours.

    Hard work does pay off!!!
    2315 days ago
    I, too, am busted. I aam having trouble maintaining my loss and am feeling disgusted with myself. But I don't think I am as bad as I have been previous Christmas's.
    2316 days ago
    Goof pt
    2316 days ago
    Wow- Great blog and straight to the heart!
    2316 days ago
    I LOVE your positive attitude, and the fact that you are soooo realistic!! Thank you so much. You are my motivation!
    2316 days ago
    I have a saying on my motivation board at home that reads: Yesterday, you said today...if not NOW, when?

    It is so easy to postpone starting a new chapter BUT it is possible.

    Great blog, you are a good motivator!
    2316 days ago
    One of my friends says she'll start losing weight in January. It makes me crazy! Start today! Thanks for saying what I've been feeling!
    2316 days ago
    Way to go! And those are very true words...don't wait to start! Start now.
    2317 days ago
    Awesome blog! You are such an inspiration!!
    2317 days ago
    Bravo! emoticon
    2317 days ago
    Oh my goodness, I was just thinking about the word "diet" this morning. The thought started with a friend of mine saying she was on a gluten-free diet. Well, I thought about it this morning while ironing (I think of a lot of wierd stuff at odd moments)...anyway, I thought, if you're on a diet, that means you plan on ending it at some point. Well, that doesn't work. Once the "diet" is over, does that mean you can go back to you're old eating habits? Heck no! That is the problem with people and marketing these days...someone will see a "diet" plan, pills, etc. guaranteed to take the weight off. Well, yes, it will...for a short time, and most likely unhealthily. Once the "diet" is over, the person will go right back up in weight (and most "diets" are too low calorie so no one can maintain too long).

    Anyway, thank you for posting this. Sorry to vent, but it was just wierd how I was thinking about the diet thing just this morning. I think what you have done is unbelievably fantastic, and you are someone I can look up to as what I want to be!!

    PS...just to note, I am totally not against gluten-free, if you choose that as your nutrition lifestyle. I don't know a lot about it, but I understand it is a very healthy way of eating. But to say it is a "diet", well, that's the word that got me going...
    2317 days ago
  • LUVYA04
    Busted!!!!! emoticon
    I myself have let a few stressful events lead me on a detour of my Goals. As I was looking in the pantry for the baking ingredients to make the annual Christmas Cinnamon rolls I found myself wondering if I should ask some friends located by me to remind me of the person I was before the detour.
    Thank you for Posting!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2317 days ago
    Well said, Tia!
    2317 days ago
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