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30 Reasons to Lose 30 Pounds (by the end of April)

Monday, December 19, 2011

I've seen others do this and I thought it would be fun. I have a goal and a plan (not yet posted, but soon!). Here are some reasons why

30 Reasons to Lose 30 Pounds (by the end of April)
1. Feeling better when I eat right and am losing weight
2. Being more active
3. I want to see if I look prettier skinny
4. To show that I can
5. Be in the healthy BMI range for once
6. Not worry about those overly tiny bathrooms
7. Have less jiggle (especially for jogging etc.)
8. Be less lumpy and squishy
9. Look younger
10. Finally get some new clothes are fit right
11. Be able to resize my rings
12. Be less self conscious in a swim suit (though I gave up most of that a few years ago when I took up jogging)
13. Be even closer to doing a pull up (Two ways to get better that doing pull ups, get stronger or get lighter)
14. Be healthier and look it
15. Show off to my doctor (CHA!)
16. Show off my new and developing muscles
17. Increased confidence (I’ve been working on that independent of my weight, but being thin helps)
18. Fit in to normal people clothes (aiming for 12 or less)
19. Avoid future health and back issues
20. Be fit for my 30th birthday
21. Finally be done with the losing weight and getting to maintenance
22. Being a healthy example for others (gives what you say credibility)
23. Getting compliments
24. Maybe finding clothes that fit over my shoulders
25. Being able to show off my awesome figure (I know I have one someone where)
26. Reducing migraines (linked to eating right)
27. Being able to find workout clothes (for women instead of men)
28. Having DH tell me I am beautiful
29. Not worry about seat sizes or weight limits
30. Because I said I would and I know I can!
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