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My First Blog Ever, My Beginning!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

So I have never had a blog entry before,; although, I have seen a lot of blogs and most of them were recipe blogs. Now, you might have just assumed that either I love cooking or eating. I actually love both.
Lets just say that the family that I come from loves eating and even though, my parents are pure Pakistani's, I grew up eating different kinds of food from all over the world. My mom is the best cook ever. She is a top chef, I know every one thinks exactly the same abt their mom but I mean...SERIOUSLY, she has been called the best cook a lot of times from lots of people. You see, trying new things is in my blood.
So I loved eating and ate a lot from my own beginning. However, unlike my siblings I grew up never gaining weight. Since I was a child I was always thin, so thin that I was called names words like: chupkali (lizard), bandariya (a monkey), and sukhri (a slang word in urdu for a thin female) and the list goes on and on and on...But as I came to U.S.A when I was 13, I just don't know what happened. Well, my eating habits were the same, for an example, 1 1/2 tuna footlong with extra cheese, and mayonese, and soda, and a potato chips were easily consumed by me, but i started gaining weight. Good thing was I would run , workout at the gym in school, long walks with my friends and family, 40 pushups, 50 situps every day;so, i never gained more than 10-15 lbs.
When I came to Chicago, I was 13 and 5 ft and 3 inch and was 126 lbs. When I was 17 and I was 5 ft and 4.7 inches ( that's actually what I am now) and I was 142. Now I am 22 and I am 204. Yes, that is a shock..and how did I gain all that weight...oh boy long story but I will try to make it very short for you. I am already very glas that you took out the time to read it..SMILES...
Well, I got my nikah/kitbul kitab ( official marraige in Islam) 2 1/2 years ago and moved with my husband 2 years back. I will confess that me and my husband ate outside a lot, usually big portions of rice since he is from Hyderabad, India( which means he cannot compromise on meat and rice). we usually went to Hyderabadi restaurants. Right after my marriage, I noticed I was gaining alot of weight. I checked the scale I weighed 20 lbs more than I was when I got married. So, I then stopped going to the restaurants with or without my husband and started cutting down rice. However, I was surprised to notice that my eating less and cutting down carbs didnot make any difference in my weight. Infact, I gained 5 lbs more in just 20 days. I knew I had to go to the doctor, also because my periods were not on time and were delayed by a month a half ( because of which everytime I got so happy thinking that I might be pregnant).
Later I found out that I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycictic Ovary Syndrome). I was put on metformin for 60 days, and I acted childish and didn't take them seriously at that time. Now I am on metformin again, from the last 2 1/2 months and donot ever miss my medication, alhumdulillah ( all praise to Allah). I reached 208 which was the highest in my weight and very determined to loose weight and look healthy and feel healthy.
Recently, I have lost 4 lbs since I re-joined SPARKPEOPLE in November. I am still struggling a lot, and have emotional eating habits but through the help of Allah, my beautiful sister Sana Siddiqui, and my own effort inshallah ( If God Wills) I will get to my goal of 128 lbs. Sparkpeople is so motivating, I can't weight to loose 6 more lbs and be 198 lbs atleast till New Year.
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    In my country, our cultures also consists of rice so even for new generations, it's hard to let go of rice. I once heard a story about a woman who after had a full-stomach meal (non-rice) then she asked for rice! So, I guess if it's hard to let go of rice, even for a meal, perhaps the best way is, try to take lesser day by day and between "big meals", eat light snacks so that by the time it's time to eat the big meals, not too hungry and body is not in starving mode :D

    I'm not sure about you but during fasting, when it's time for me to break the fast, I usually tend to drink more fluid and less rice compare to usual non-fast day's meals. So, how about you try do fasting more, start with 1 day weekly, in Islam, the best days are Monday and Thursday :D
    2313 days ago
  • POSEY440
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    2316 days ago
    PCOS sucks when it comes to losing weight, yeah I have it too. There are lots of ladies here who do. We just have to work harder, watch our carb and sugar more. I have tried it ALL. the only thing that really worked for me was THE BELLY FAT CURE book. I was so miffed at not being able to eat NORMAL food that I went on a search. This book works for me not because of the weight lost with eating lover carb/sugar but because the energy I get for cutting that crap out. I just dusted it off to start over. Had to stop because a broken leg brought me down and I stopped again. Anyhow, your in the right place we are here!! we need support!!

    Good luck!!
    2316 days ago
    InshaAllah you will do it. You have taken the initiative & started the journey. It is going to be tough in the start but I know you & I know that once you have the determination to achieve something, you always get it.

    We won't let PCOS come in your way. We'll work harder together & then one year from now you'll be a completely different person inside out.

    2316 days ago
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