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100 pounds gone....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I guess it has taken me a couple days to really wrap my mind around this to be able to write anything remotely intelligent lol. First off... I can remember starting this journey. It really started in April of 2008...

Pic from then

I had a couple things happen in 2008 that woke me up to how bad I had let things go... I was on a flight and I had fallen asleep and I had nurse leave a card on the headrest in front of me because she recognized that my sleep apnea was that bad... I was becoming narcoleptic because of my sleep apnea.. That caused me to literally pass out while driving and get into a car accident... I found out I was borderline diabetic and borderline Hypertensive.. I had to have a c-pap to sleep... Seeing that I was slowly killing myself it was time to make a change.. So I started working out and eating better... I worked out really hard 5 days a week and ate super clean for about 4.5 months I dropped 51 pounds in that time. I went from 378 to 327..

I plateaued there and life kind of got in the way... I managed to maintain between 327-335 for about a year. Then 2010 came it was a rough year.. It was a pretty depressing year and it definitely had an impact.. By Feb of this year I was back up to 355. I had had enough.. I decided it was time for me to live the type of life I wanted. i was bound a determined to do that no matter what. I had to clear house and really try to understand what had gotten me to where I was.. I did and I had to come to grips that I couldn't change it.. Feeling bad and continuing to punish myself for thing I did not have the power to change was insane. I changed my mindset. I began to focus on me for once and I figured out the stuff that made me happy. So I decided at that point that my life was going to be about being happy. Not about things or expectations or anything else. Just really focusing on being the happiest person I could be. I would also work my tail off to have the outer me reflect the inner me. So thus I began the journey again..

I started on March 10th officially that is when I started tracking. Although I had reached 355 I weighed in that day at 351.6 I worked out for a little over a month and tracked what I ate initially with and I lost about 9 pounds before a friend of mine who at that time had lost 70+ pounds suggested spark.. So I started here 4/12 at 342 pounds... I tell you that is one of the single best decisions I have ever made... While fatsecret had the tools spark had what I had lacked previously and that was support. I tell you it has made a world of difference. I wanted to lose the weight quickly at first like all of us do... But then I started to think about what happened before how i gained 28 lbs back from the last time I tried. I had to make adjustments....

Here are the adjustments I made that I think have helped me the most

1. Nothing is off limits... This is not a diet it's a lifestyle.. I have to be able to live this way the rest of my life so I decided even if it takes me longer to meet my goals I have to make this something I can do everyday.

2. There is always time... I am busy.. I have kids, family, friends, work.. For almost 6 months this year I worked two jobs.. I had to make time to do this. I worked out over lunch.. In the morning.. I walked when my kids went to bed... I made time... Because I am worth making time for..

3. Be open minded... I was never one to run... I hated it.. then one day I ran.. and it felt good.. so I ran some more.. I can run more than a mile nonstop that is the first time I can say that in 20 years.. But I had to get over the fact that I had told myself I didn't like running..

4. The more you help others the more you help yourself... Giving and getting support here has been tremendous.. I don't think of myself as a role model or inspiration.. I am just a guy trying to be the best me I can be... But seeing so many others trying to be the best person they can be has been inspiring and up lifting.. it has helped me challenge myself and push myself and helped me past this hurdle..

5. Every step forward counts.. I started this by walking.. In march it took me 21 minutes to walk a mile.. 156 (outside) miles later... I can run a mile in 14 minutes... sometimes you lose in leaps.. sometimes you take baby steps... Sometimes you take steps backwards.. You just have to keep taking steps.. You will get there...

6. Grow from mistakes and Successes... You always learn more from a mistake then a Success.. Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on?
-Peter McWilliams, Life 101
To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all.
-Peter McWilliams, Life 101

7. Ask for help... This was big one for me... I found much help through people here on spark.. I got a trainer.. I had to recognize that it is ok to need help

I am not stopping here.. This was a huge hurdle... One that didn't even seem possible a couple years ago.. Not even in February... But I have done it... I am proud of it and it shows me i am more capable then I even will allow myself to believe..

I cannot thank the people here on spark and how supportive you all have been. Couldn't have done this without you and love you dearly for it. It has been such a blessing to revel in your successes.. to learn from each others mistakes.. to pick each other up when we fall.. If we could take this attitude of helping and supporting each other here throughout the world it would be such a better place!! Thanks again!!!

Now Back to WORK!!!! LOL!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Outstanding blog! You're a real inspiration. I really like what you said about this not being a diet and about the difference community makes. emoticon emoticon You are emoticon
    2704 days ago
    I enjoyed reading your blog--learning about your journey. Your dedication is awesome & inspiring--it reflects through your pix (stunning transformation). Keep pushin' bcz you're rockin' it out! You're destined to reach your goals!
    emoticon emoticon
    2711 days ago
    WOW! You are doing fantastic! Way to go!
    2715 days ago
    Congratulations on a great job and a lot of personal growth. You should be very proud of yourself!
    2716 days ago
    You have come so very far from where you began. And you have so much to be proud of yourself for accomplishing. You've chosen to exercise your inner strength, courage, and will power to create a positive and uplifting future for yourself and those around you.

    Your daughter must look at you and your accomplishments, and know with absolute certainty that she can choose to take control of her own life at any time. She is freer and stronger and able to plan out a course to any dream she wishes, because she can look at where she came from - she can look at her father - and see that where there is a Will, there is a Way.

    I love the pictures, and I am honored to keep your company! Stay strong!
    2717 days ago
    I am sooo proud of you. Your success and positive attitude motivates me! Your gf is one lucky lady to have such a stud. emoticon emoticon
    2717 days ago
  • GODSCHILD2_2011
    I know you may not look at yourself as an inspiration but U are. Your journey thus far and your willingness to never give up is so motivating and so inspirational to so many of us who have a lot of weight to lose and who are left wondering if we too can do it.

    You are living proof that no matter how much weight you have to lose, it can be done with determination and perseverance.

    Continued success on your journey emoticon
    2717 days ago
    Awesome job! You look great
    2718 days ago
    Wow, this blog gives me such inspiration and hope! Thank you so much, and congratulations on reaching this milestone on your journey!
    2718 days ago
  • NESSY759
    Great job and what a great attitude im so happy to hear you found the happy in yourself thats something im working on doing too. Thanks for sharing your story with us you truly are and inspiration .Keep believing and you will achieve great things
    2718 days ago
    omg --- I am crying and said I didn't want to cry even happy tears!
    lol you are my hero my inspiration to keep moving one step at a time!
    thank you thank you

    what an inspiring blog -- YOU have done it!!! keep moving keep eating healthy and yes you can!
    we all can!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2718 days ago
    Great blog.
    You wrote from the heart, I love it.

    emoticon you look absolutely emoticon

    emoticon so much for sharing, I will be sharing with my teams.

    2718 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2718 days ago

    te ves increiblemente bien!!
    con mas alegria! y luces mucho mas joven!
    que diferencia!!

    2719 days ago
    This is Amazing, thxs for sharing yr story, its a great source of inspiration! emoticon U look so sexy now! :)
    2719 days ago
    I just love, love, love those pictures!! Look at the difference in you! The happiness, the confidence - it says "hey, if I can do this I can do just about anything!!"
    I'm so proud of you and so very, very privelaged to travel along with you on this wild, wacky adventure!
    Thank you, thank you for all you have done and shared!
    2719 days ago
  • .DUSTY.
    emoticon Chris!

    I loved this Blog! emoticon
    2719 days ago
    What a huge accomplishment. Can you imagine walking around with those extra 100 pounds strapped on? What a huge relief that must be. I hope I get there within the next year! You look great.
    2719 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2719 days ago
    You look incredible!!
    2719 days ago
  • JUNA89
    emoticon emoticon
    2719 days ago
    What can I say? You are truly an inspiration brother. What you have written here is undeniably great stuff. Truer words have never been spoken. They say "you get what you give" and you certainly deserve to get a lot because you give so much of yourself here. I am motivated by you, in fact, if you had a before and after poster made, I'd buy one!

    2719 days ago
    You Go Guy!! You are an inspiration and I am working on my 100 pounds!!
    2719 days ago
    Congratulations on the 100 pounds lost, you look fantastic! You have an awesome attitude and outlook on your new lifestyle. You're doing great, keep it up *HUGS*
    2719 days ago
    You look great!

    I find it is fantastic you managed that at your own pace. You learned a lot and you've helped and got helped. Like you I believe the support given and taken here is a big help.

    Keep going! You are emoticon

    2719 days ago
    Wow!!! Find of all, congratulations on your success!! Just fantastic!!!

    Great blog! You are such an inspiration and role model (even if you don't think you are ;)).

    2719 days ago
    Whoa, you have done amazing! Keep on sparking because it is working for you. You have much to celebrate and be happy about.
    2719 days ago
    You are truly an inspirational and motivational figure, and you have everything in the world to be proud of! Keep aiming high. Even if you don't reach the sun, you still might be tripping over the moon at this rate! :D
    2719 days ago
    Congrats on your amazing success!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Keep up the hard work emoticon
    2719 days ago
  • SHINJU39
    AWESOME emoticon

    nuff said emoticon

    Have a great day

    2719 days ago
    "If we could take this attitude of helping and supporting each other here throughout the world it would be such a better place!!" ... SO TRUE!

    I'm glad you posted this blog. Thanks for sharing your "secrets" and many congrats and good lucks to you! Your photos are so inspiring.
    2719 days ago
    just came across your blog. so glad that i came over here to read it. it was amazing and inspiring. congratulations. so proud for you. emoticon
    2719 days ago
    Your story is incredible! Thanks for sharing.
    2719 days ago
    I am so glad I came across your blog today. You give me Hope again! emoticon I know I can do it emoticon Job!!! I want to print your Blog out and post it so I can look at everyday to remind me. Keep on Sparking emoticon
    2719 days ago
  • PRIZM96
    Words cannot describe how inspiring your blog is!! Your story is wonderful and your transformation is INCREDIBLE!! Great job on all of your hardwork and dedication--cause at the end of the day, that's what it is all about.

    Both your before and after pictures are nice looking, however, your after is SMOKIN'! lol Way to go!
    2719 days ago
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