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Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011 - Letter to Myself - Lime Challenge

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Dearest Nadine, the person that doubts herself so often.

You did so well at your brother's house. You were not 100% but you were 98%. You came home and the stress hit. Stress is not good for you. You need to remember to meditate and destress. I know this time is most difficult for you, particularly this time of year with all of the memories, death, etc.

You need to remember, that in your heart, you are so full of love and there are people out there that do loves you. This most recent stress, after this Friday, should go away. People are praying for this to go good for you.

Your sister, in her own way, apologized for Monday. She has made amends to your sister-in-law and has been invited, but whether or not she will come is a big question?

The pain that exists of your biological daughters, you can only pray they will find it in their hearts to be loving and not cruel and you know that you gave them life, whether they choose to breath that wonderful life or to fill their hearts with hate and lies. They do know deep down the truths. You cannot control the poisons by your mother, but you can control your own life and destiny.

You, my dear Nadine, can control what you put into your mouth. You can control your exercises in a healthy manner. You can control your health to de-stress.

You need to remember to not be so hard on yourself, the goals you have set and are doing.

Just to list them:

1) Water (working on it) not quite there...almost.
2) Protein (100) At least hitting 70 (while sick) but mostly 100 and keep it consistent. (Working on it...almost there)
3) Working out every day (almost there) being sick, this is limited.
4) No White Starches (working on far so good) Only sweet potatoes or yams. NO reg or red potatoes.
5) Low Carbs (Having my smoothie for breakfast - limited to just orange juice and 5 cal. cranberry juice with one fruit, 5 egg whites, spinach or whatever veggie.
6) veggies are unlimited - No starch veggies unlimited

This is really important to stay with it.

Remember, you are worth it, and no one can tell you any different. No matter what, you are worth it. However downward that life may seem, you are worth it.


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