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A little bit of venting

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

*Excuse me while I rant/vent for a bit.

My BFF called me the other day because she was irritated that someone in her husband's family referred to her daughter as fat/chubby. Her daughter is 8 months old and is nowhere near fat or chubby. This bothered me (and her) because her daughter was getting an unnecessary label put on her based on her size. This issue just came up again when a friend of mine posted a pic of another friend's baby who was just born and someone commented "she has a fat face. lol" I was not laughing. The baby is 7 pounds and looks perfectly healthy and within normal ranges. I just don't understand why people think it's OK to call defenseless babies fat, especially when they are NOT fat. As someone who has been dieting off and on since I was 10, I think it's a good idea to stop putting weight expectations on babies. It's just ridiculous. OK, rant over.
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  • BECKS79
    This angers me as well .. and it bothers me further when these children are a size 10 and considered "plus size" by society. The whole weight issue is getting crazy .. when I was growing up (and I am 32, so I am old) Plus Size was 18 and over ... now a days Plus Size is starting at size 10 and our Plus Size models are sometimes even smaller then that. Self esteem issues go deeper then just being called fat or chubby as a baby .. it extends to our perceptions and expectations as a society. It scares me. I have always been a chubby kid ... being a size 10 is a dream and I cant wait to get there .. and trust me I will NOT be plus size! :)

    Thats my rant too ... :)
    2593 days ago
    Off topic, wanted to say I loved your Spark page background wallpaper... only got a quick glimpse of it, but it looked like the hanging gardens of Babylon with a surfside view.

    If you have a moment to drop me a quick line on my Spark Page, I'd love to know where that is.

    Back to the topic at hand... babies are supposed to be plump, all roly poly... its what makes them "cute". Look at all the little cherubs on Valentine Cards, on baby products. Are they buff, or do they have dimples in both sets of cheeks?

    Extra fat ensures their survival thru the first difficult year of their existance, helps retain body heat, gives them a measure of protection if they can't eat. When you bring your baby to the pediatrician, they are all about how much weight junior has gained, and will not be happy if she hasn't.

    So calling a baby fat, isn't necessarily a diss... particularly if the person saying it, is um... old. Like me. Older people know that a fat baby is a good thing... its a compliment that your infant is healthy.

    Coming from a younger person, it could mean anything.
    If its ill intended, know at least that the baby doesn't know about labels at this age, by the time she is older, she won't be chubby anymore. All she hears now is happy voices and laughter.

    : )

    2621 days ago
  • TREP13
    @smilingtree I agree with you on babies being cuter when they're a little softer but I just feel like it's mean to call a defenseless baby fat (especially one that was just born!). Maybe I'm just being hyper-sensitive but I know it bothered my BFF too.
    2621 days ago
    Hmmm...I will admit to having said things like "Oh, I love a fat baby!" or even "Look at those sweet, fat, little cheeks." It just never occurred to me that calling a baby fat would be insulting. I've always thought babies *should* be fat. For me it's almost a different word when applied to a baby, if that makes any sense...kind of like "sick" can be either really good or really gross?

    As the mother of two girls, though, I have to say that by the time they were 6 or so, both of them were concerned about being "fat" and that really, really bothered me. I've been hyper-aware of children and self-esteem images since then.

    I will have to take your rant into consideration the next time I see an adorably fat baby. I'd never want to hurt someone's feelings!
    2621 days ago
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