Living The Goal-Free Life In Goal Season

Monday, December 12, 2011

In my former life I was a, rather, post-FlyLady and pre-Spark I was hardcore into minimalism...okay, so really for a while I just obsessively followed minimalist blogs - now I follow like two, because obsessive minimalism is an oxymoron

One that I still follow is called - great stuff - amazing stuff

Today I had an email from a guest poster about being 100 days goal free written by another minimalist I used to follow

I'll be honest - I didn't read the whole post - I kind of scanned it because it was kind of long - but it does make some good points

The key thing here is that it gave me an idea - I've been so focused on goals lately, and what is next, and setting goals for my life after 40 and goals-goals-goals - that I don't feel like I'm letting myself breath or just enjoy my life

Winter, and especially December is usually a time of reflection for me, not projection - and I've been projecting the heck out of my life and spinning my wheels at the same time

No wonder I don't feel right - no wonder I feel restless

By my calculations, my 40th birthday is 45 days away, but my math skills being what they are that could be a day off either way

So starting on the 17th - I'm going to go 40 days without setting goals - I'm only choosing these dates to give me a cute "40 in 40" kind of thing - the truth is, I don't want anything to do with goals starting now and running until February 1st

On February 1st I'm going to set my goals for the coming year

That doesn't mean I'm going to give up

You know those things like "drinking 8 cups water" and "eating in calorie range" and "exercising everyday" - uh, those are habits now - they are no longer goals - so they aren't going anywhere

Goals are things like running the Bolder Boulder 10K in May or shooting for Overweight BMI (which, btw, I'm within 2 lbs of doing, so it probably won't be a goal in 2012 - woohoo!)

And maybe if this goes well, it might be how I run the rest of my life - cut off the goal train in December, fire it up again in February - giving me December to reflect, and my birthday month (January) to be all about having fun and being me - but we'll see how this year goes

I still like the idea Kaui-Carolann had about 12 in '12 - and I might work on creating a bucket list like that - but really I think I can wait until February, because #1 on that list would be "turn 40" and nothing is going to stop that from happening in January, so I'm good
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