Monday, December 12, 2011

After lots of reading and researching, (see my previous blogs) I’m drastically reducing the amount of STARCH and SUGAR in my diet.

My first step is cutting out the SWEETS. You know, desserts. Pies, ice cream, fudge, brownies, cake, chocolate candy, etc. etc.

Several people have asked if I’m using an alternative to sugar, an artificial sweetener of some kind, or something like honey, agave, etc.

First of all, I am always trying not to eat anything ARTIFICIAL. I want real food, whole food, the best fresh food, please.

I cut out the sugar in my coffee and tea long ago when I began going to a Chiropractor (Dr. Sid) for back/leg pain. When I came in he would run his fingers down my spine and poke around on my back a little and say, “You’ve been eating sugar.” And I would say, “No, I don’t eat sweets very much.” (Back then that was true. That was before I hired Sara Lee and Betty Crocker to work with me, lol, but that’s another blog I haven’t written yet, lol.)

Dr. Sid persisted and insisted until finally it dawned on me: I was putting two or three spoons of sugar in my tea and coffee which I drank all day while at work! Duh! One of those ol’ slap-the-head-moments, lol. So, I gradually decreased the sugar in my drinks until I finally drank my coffee and tea black, nothing added. My motivation was to get my Chiropractor to stop saying that I was eating sugar. (He said when you eat sugar your pancreas responds, works hard, and he could feel it when he pressed the right spot on my back. Somehow the pancreas or spine felt differently. Was he right? I don’t know but when I stopped sugar I never told him, but he stopped saying it .)

So, back to the present. I’m cutting out SWEETS. Anything sweetened with artificial sweetener or any other sweetener besides sugar, still tastes SWEET, so I’m avoiding it. I think it’s too tempting, reminds me too much of some other dessert that IS full of sugar and will eventually lead me astray. Besides, I’m never sure what’s in some of those products and have read all sorts of warnings about them.

What I want to know is:

When you give up SWEETS are you just giving up SUGAR?
Or do you give up anything that tastes SWEET?
And what difference do you think it makes?

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    As a nurse I've been following the studies on artificial sweeteners for years. They are one of the most studied products actually. And the only genuine scientifically proven problem is in people who have phenylketonuia and use aspartame. Artificial sweeteners in some people trick the brain temporarily to think it is consuming sugar and their blood sugar starts to rise until the brain shortly realizes it isn't sugar and it can't use it so the blood sugar effect is nominal. That being said I don't consume a lot of artificial either as I prefer to avoid processed foods as much as possible. A little is not going to harm anyone. Unlike most people I never drank diet sodas every day and my dessert is usually fruit so I don't have a lot of use for it. But for diabetics and people with similar problems it is all they can use and is safe.
    2866 days ago
    I've only been able to give up sugar for any good length of time during extreme circumstances.
    So, I believe that ANY kind of sugar, including honey and artificial sweeteners, will trigger binges, even small ones.
    There's too long a history of sweets feeding the addictive part of my brain. Thankfully, I'm not addicted to anything else but this more than makes up for all the "interesting" addictions.
    So, it's either leave it alone or it won't let me alone.
    I'm presently giving in to it because it's the time of year when I typically do so. Nothing to do with socializing. It's pre-Christmas, isolated "snacking".
    Actually, I can't use the words "healthy snack" as many people do. To me it's an oxymoron.
    Good luck, y'all, with the sugar cessation.
    2867 days ago
    I don't do sugars, grains, dairy, or fruit -- none of the stuff that contains natural sugars. Once or twice a week I'll have a soda sweetened with stevia, because I've found that it doesn't trigger binges like other real and artificial sweeteners.

    Sugars are really, really, really bad for our bodies.
    2868 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Karen, I'm with you and I learned long ago that artificial sweeteners are WORSE for us than sugar, believe it or not and actually cause binges...your body is tricked and then it does want the real thing! So you are right! I used to drink like 2 two liter bottles of Diet Pepsi a day (yes, I was NUTS) but now only drink water and never junk.

    I had been getting more lax and was "allowing" sweets back into life but that has had detrimental results (weight) so now I am like you and quitting all of it!

    Thanks for all your great blogs that have helped me SO much! You are emoticon emoticon
    2869 days ago
  • CATHY629
    I never take sugar in tea or coffee,but i do like chocolate,i find it easier not to have sweet things in the house,if its there i will eat it, so i just dont buy it.
    Trouble is it's everywhere,there is always a good selection of sweets and chocolates right at the checkout in the supermarket to tempt you while you are waiting in the queue to be served.
    I notice now that here in the uk they are not allowed to advertise sweets and confectionary on the tv in the commercial breaks on childrens television.
    During world war two and after up to 1953 sugar was rationed here in the uk as was meat and butter etc,everyone was a lot healthier then,you never saw many overweight people then.
    2869 days ago
    I'm not a sweet eater, but I do use the pink sweetener in my coffee. For some reason I have never eaten sugar foods. I don't know why, but I am glad I don't. My problem has always been portion control. If it taste good to me, I just keep eating. I am feeding my mouth hunger, not my stomach hunger. I'm still working on that.
    2869 days ago
    I'm a Splenda gal.........can't do without it!!!!!!!!! Hugs........me
    2869 days ago
    emoticon Hi Karen

    I am an "everything in moderation" person.
    However, I follow the belief system that, everything can be HOMEMADE into a healthy, real food, version.
    I guess, people would argue with me (and they'd sort-of have a point) if I'm a "true" *EVERYTHING* in moderation person because there are all kinds of PACKAGED "foods" that I will not support (couldn't pay me to).
    However, in my brain, I don't consider a *ton* of that packaged stuff "food"; so, I have an argument too.
    It is scientifically proven that the extra injected molecules and some processing procedures, in some packaged foods, make the *human body* not recognize them as food.

    Too bad people's taste buds don't know that, huh?
    Even poison berries taste good; but, then you die.

    *Any* "craving" I have gets fulfilled ... in my kitchen ... not at McDonald's and Dairy Queen.

    I do -not- eat WHITE, I repeat WHITE, sugar.
    Or, as I have said, for DECADES, "I don't eat Bleach."
    My husband and I eat 100% USDA Certified -Organic- Sugar, Honey, Chocolate, anything from Nature, grown in Nature; yes, yes we do.

    In my opinion, what difference do I think it makes?
    For me it means, this is something I CAN DO for the rest of my life.
    "Everything In Moderation" ...
    -I- couldn't do it any other way my friend.

    2869 days ago
    When I started low carb I assumed that I just wouldn't be eating anything sweet anymore. Which was fine, because when you don't eat sugar you can taste the natural sweetness of a lot of the other foods.

    But a lot of people posted recipes for "substitute" foods - not just stuff with Splenda and Stevia, but things like MIM's and cauliflower pizza crust (still haven't tried that one).

    I'm finding that, even if it tastes good it makes me too nostalgic for the "real" thing, so I'm going to avoid doing that in the future. I did try one pumpkin dessert recipe that I really like that has a ton of eggs in it, so I can grab it as a quick breakfast on rushed mornings, but I'm going to lay low on the other things.

    If I were a vegetarian I would refuse to eat tofurkey too. :)
    2869 days ago
    I try an give up the hard core sweets. But I still use those pink packets in my tea and honey in my oatmeal. I rarely drink any soda.

    If I stray in eating sweets it just makes me want more. Can you spell ADDICTION. I think this is a problem with any one with a weight problem.

    2869 days ago
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