Weekend Food Overload

Monday, December 12, 2011

I wanted to reflect on this weekend to see what went wrong. I noticed that I let myself get too hungry which led to overeating. Every. Single. Day. I also did not drink nearly enough water! Now that I know the trend that leads to overeating hopefully I can learn from it for the future. Here are the details of my weekend food overload:

Friday: The day went great! I had Subway and an apple for lunch, came home and had a snack (Orville SmartPop) and then decided to make peanut popcorn to take to my Christmas party. I ended up munching on the popcorn that was sugary and way too high in calories. I had planned on making fruit salad but didn't have all of the ingredients. I'm not sure what prompted me to make a sugary mess...

We were going to eat before the party but ran out of time. Thank goodness there wasn't anything other than fresh veggies that I liked at the party. So far, so good. My husband made a small goodie plate to take home and I ended up eating a small cheesecake square and a chocolate cookie. I reheated two tacos for 'dinner' when we got home. I added some miniature Reese's and another cookie and a brownie. I have no idea how many calories I ended up consuming.

Saturday: I worked out and cleaned and then reheated two tacos and had some chips and dip for lunch. I finished my Christmas shopping and was famished when I got home. I ended up having two mint truffle kisses and a cookie. We went to a friend's house and they wanted to get Chinese. My go-to Chinese meal is garlic shrimp with extra veggies and steamed rice. I didn't do too badly but for some reason when I got home I had a granola bar, two miniature Reese's and half a cookie. Plus I ate some of my Chinese leftovers.

Sunday was the Mother Load of my food overload. We went to Wheatfield's for breakfast after church(a homey, butter laden calorie bomb of a restaurant.) I ordered a gingerbread waffle and an egg. I guess I just wanted to enjoy Wheatfield's since we only go there about once a year. We try to choose restaurants that aren't SO high in calories AND that post their nutritional info. I only added a very small amount of butter to the first section of my waffle and realized it didn't even need butter. It was really good! I didn't even add syrup. I had two bites of my husband's cinnamon roll and two bites of my brother's fried chicken.

My brother really wanted to make scotcheroos so we stopped to get the ingredients. Once they were finished I had a small portion. We then went to Ken's brother's house. I was starving by dinner time and ended up having a piece of toast with peanut butter and some Triscuits. I also had half of a serving of chips. I was trying to eat a very small dinner to make up for lunch.

We had Ken's high school aged cousin with us and he asked if we could stop at Burger King on the way home. We ended up stopping and I didn't order anything. I made the HUGE mistake of asking to try one of BK's new fries. I don't even like fast food fries. The people accidentally gave them an extra large fry and I ended up eating the whole thing :( I was SOOO mad at myself. I haven't eaten BK/McDonalds in I don't know how long. I should have eaten a larger but still healthy dinner and then I wouldn't have even thought about trying the fries.

Oh well, what's done is done and I have learned from my mistakes. Stay hydrated, eat when you are hungry and make better choices. This week I hope to stay in my calorie range every day and increase my workouts to 60 minutes instead of 45. I also plan on drinking extra water. This SHOULD makeup for the damage I did this weekend.

Here is to a better week!
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  • STACI1211
    This is an old blog I stumbled upon today, but the same message holds true for me. I had a blow out of a weekend, but being that it is only Sunday AM, I still have time to hydrate and make good choices. I know this is what I should do, but its nice to hear a reminder from someone who was in the same place and came out the other end. Thanks! emoticon
    2544 days ago
    Sometimes I find that when I think I've done a ton of damage by overeating, I log my points anyway, and find that it wasn't as bad as I thought. Knowing that it wasn't as terrible as I thought it was makes me feel a little better and more able to do things right the next day. When I don't log, I tend to catastrophize what I've done in my head, and then things can go downhill. Always log, no matter what happened! It helps.
    2687 days ago
    We all have days and weekends like this - the important thing is that you reinforced your lesson about not letting yourself get too hungry or thirsty - when I get either way, I'm liable to over-do things, too - thanks for reminding me about healthy habits!
    2689 days ago
    I do this more often than I want also. I call it mindless eating. I know if I can stay focused on the WAY OF LIFE that I choose I do much better.

    You will do much better this week. We need to learn to hard way sometimes.
    2689 days ago
    Hang in there~you'll get over it~sooner than later! You know where you've been & where u want to go & that's not backwards...
    2690 days ago
    emoticon job reviewing and deciding on a better future track rather than beating yourself up for the detour. Being willing and able to keep going rather than giving up entirely is so important to this journey of healthy living.
    2690 days ago
    We all have crazy weekends we regret, but sounds like you've learned from it and are ready to get back with the program. Stay strong!
    2690 days ago
    Sounds like your back on track. I get that way sometimes. I find that if I have have a treat or eat fastfood that I will crave more and feel hungry sooner. For me it is better to stay away from all the extras but sometimes I give in. Hope your week is better.
    2690 days ago
    Sounds a bit like my weekend ... but it sounds like you've got a great plan and you'll be back on track in no time. =)
    2690 days ago
    I know you're going to have a better week! emoticon emoticon
    2690 days ago
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