The first RUN!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I RAN I RAN!!! Well jogged....walked a bunch of times but still!!!! This is the first time i have EVER made up my mind and WENT FOR IT!!! IT FELT AMAZING!!!! WOOHOO!! YAY ME!!!

Saturday I got all of my chores done, had no kid at home and the husband went out with friends. I sat here with my pup and wondered what to do. The dishes were done, the laundry completed, and i was alone. Hell why not pour myself a drink! LOL!! I did too!! I poured it as Maggie (my pup) stood next to me in the kitchen looking up at me with the "hey what are we going to do look" that she has perfected! I talked to her.... "i know you want to go for a walk or something puppy but" and that's where i stopped. I thought to myself....BUT WHAT?!?! I had NO REASON not to take her for a walk!! SO A WALK IS WHAT WE WERE GOING TO DO!! YEAH!!

I got my ipod put on my tennies made sure i had poop bags, threw on a sweatshirt and away we went!! It was FREAKING COLD and getting dark fast! I didn't get out the door until after 5 and with the time change its been getting dark FAST! I let Maggie be off leash for a while...she ran around chasing anything that moved but listened to me well. I was proud of her. I really kept up a good pace......i wanted to walk around the high school, but it was getting dark and the road around the school is windy and wooded. I got freaked out a couple of times while walking because the cars really cut the corners.....had to jump back kinda in the bushes a couple of times!! I noticed a road leading onto the HS campus so I just took that. I was winded by the time i came to that road AND I LOVED IT!!! I followed the road and had a choice to go down a steep hill (didn't know exactly where it lead to) or continue through the campus and make my way back home. I stopped for a min to catch my breath, took a gulp of water as i started down the hill into the dark. I figured it would take me to the track n' field but i wasn't sure. I started down and stopped....what if the gate was locked and i couldn't get through. I would have to WALK BACK UP THAT HILL!! I laughed at myself for actually stopping to wonder "if i could make it back up"!! OF COURSE I COULD!! Away i went....

I went slow, getting a good stretch in my calves as i inched my way down the hill feeling my legs shake, my heart pounding and sweat streaming down my face. I got to the bottom and sure enough there was the running track, GATE OPEN! SCORE!! I got an overwhelming since of accomplishment.......I WANTED TO RUN!!! Turning up my ipod away i went! Maggie didn't know what to do.....she ran around barking at shadows and chasing trash as i jogged. She would come up to check on me everyone once and a while. I walked here and there feeling my heartbeat in my throat, and trying to keep from getting a side ache. I stopped to take a picture even!!

I actually JOGGED a total of three laps and walked two, on top of the 1/2 hour walk it took to get to the track. I found another open gate closer to the road....closer to home; but i turned around and headed back to that hill!! The one i was thinking "i couldn't make it back up". Ummm humm.....yeah SCREW YOU HILL!!! I RAN UP THAT BIT*H!! OOOHHH YEAH!!!!!! how you like them apples! Haha!! I swear it looks HUGE in person! Heehee!

sunday 12/11/11
I JOGGED AGAIN!!! second day in a row!!! WOOHOO!!! Maybe I'm a jogger underneath all this blubber?! Wacha think?! I know it feels good to run.....even when i can't catch my breath! LOL!! I am so proud of myself! I feel so accomplished and well FREAKEN SORE!!! Hahaha!!!

Today i decided to take the pup to the beach. We go just about every weekend but usually i park as close as possible and just walk leisurely looking for sand dollars and sea glass. NOT TODAY!! The last time we went Gary (the husband) pointed out that there was a walking trail and parking lot over one end of the i found it! The view was AMAZING!!!

I walked the first hour up the beach! I definitely put some "swing" into my walk and kept a brisk pace! Faster then i have ever walked on a beach in my life! I didn't even stop to look for sand dollars or sea glass! SHOCKING I KNOW!! the second hour i made my way back and jogged as much as i could! I ran when i could and if i thought i couldn't continue running, i would tell myself that i could walk the next song! Genius!!! Walk a song, then run one or two and walk again. HOLY CRAP i thought i was going to die by the time i made it back to the walking trail!! I slowed down and enjoyed the sounds and smells of the ocean. I caught my breath and looked down to see if i could at least find one sand dollar. I walked a few steps and right in front of me was a perfect one! I giggled to myself and said thank you to the universe for my "good job" gift! I felt like the sea gave me that sand dollar as my reward! I had an indescribable whole body was buzzing.....probably the vibration from my heart beating out of my chest....but whatever! Haha!!! I smiled, tipped my head to the ocean and kept on walking......only to find another sand dollar then another AND ANOTHER!! I picked up 7 sand dollars in about 3 minuets.....AMAZING!!!

After my second jog.....only more to come from here!!! CAN I GET A HELLZ YEAH!!!!

had to take a pic of the sand dollars!!! Ahhhh....what an incredible weekend!!

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  • AMANDAK1213
    This is amazing!! !!
    2688 days ago
    Oh you bet HellzYea, running on a beach! Oh I'm SOOOO jealously happy for you! Gat your fanny out there again tomorrow or even today yea, and run for me too! I miss my beaches!! I used to live in Florida but this looks like someplace else? I don't remember where you live! the only time I ever found Sand Dollars on the beach was in San Diego... sooo... hey well you keep on running and take Pup with you!!



    2688 days ago
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