Learning to like the treadmill?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maybe "like" is too strong, but I am not dreading it anymore. Because of the long dark hours, the freezing cold, and the fact my gym offers childcare, I have decided that it will probably be more feasible to get runs in on the treadmill throughout the winter, and maybe I can get in an outside run here and there. I am still trying to do 1 speed (30 minutes), 1 tempo (45 minutes), and 1 long run (60 minutes). Treadmill speeds do not much up with my speeds outside. I can never get as many miles in on the treadmill as I can outside w/my Garmin. So, I am going by perceived effort and time rather than distance, so I don't get so frustrated with the pace. For me, a 6 on the treadmill feels like a 9 or 9.5 pace outside. So, 5 is my easy jog, 6 is a littler harder, and 7 is running. Then I throw in some 8s for sprint work. Today, I did 60 minutes of running on the treadmill. Even though it said 5.5 miles, I know that if I did the same thing outside, it would be a little over 6. I also found that mixing up the speeds is a must for me on the treadmill. Today, I did 5 sets of the following: 5 minutes at 5, 5 minutes at 6, 1 minute at 7. This really made the time go by! Tina at the blog Carrots N Cake just posted a ton of great treadmill workouts of varying speeds and distances. Fit Sugar has some good ones too that I've used a lot.

I am going to try and keep up the 60 minute runs once a week to keep up my endurance so that I start revving up my distance in the early spring for 1/2 marathon training.

I hope this blog helps some of you keep up your runs through the winter. When I come across some good ones, I will post them.

PS Till I Collapse is a great running song!
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  • STARLIGHT22146
    btw- the Eminem song- Till I Collapse?
    3409 days ago
  • STARLIGHT22146
    I dont' know why but all of a sudden I'm not getting notifications for your blogs! :( Glad you are liking the treadmill more, I know it sucks to have to workout in a way or form you aren't fond of. I did a treadmill workout this week too and it wasn't too bad, and yesterday braved the cold, it of course was much better than staring at my basement walls, but at least with the ipod I can have great music anywhere! I'll have to look up that song.
    3409 days ago
    I dislike running on the treadmill because when I'm outside, I fluctuate my pace and I like the scenery. I think inside on a treadmill would be easier for me if I had someone to talk to, or if the machine would change speed a little up and down on its own. But given the weather and darkness, it is certainly better than not running at all.
    3417 days ago
    I mix it up on the treadmill too... I'm constantly playing with the speed, because it does feel so much harder to run inside. I'm not a great runner on a good day, but something about the treadmill drives me nuts!
    3417 days ago
    Great job on your run! And, I've had to make running on a treadmill into a game which has lead to my enjoying it, instead of dreading it! Basically, I do like you said and mix up the speeds. And, I just try to challenge myself and see if I can run at 'x speed' for 'x' amount of time. Then, see if I can beat it! It keeps it a lot more interesting than running for 45 minutes at a steady speed!
    3417 days ago
    I with you on the treadmill, not sure what it is but, the run just seem so artificial. So far been lucky and been able to get a couple runs outside, and I have access to indoor running track couple times a week. One thing that has surprise me, is even when the temp. is in low 20s, after the first mile, it ready does not feel that cold. I will say this about the treadmill, it WAS great training tool, earlier in the year.

    3417 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7542230
    That's interesting. I really like running on the treadmill, and rarely run outside. I'm just an indoor girl, I guess.

    One other thing I've learned about treadmill workouts versus outside workouts is that it's hard on my body to switch between higher and lower speeds if the intervals are too short. While it's easy, for example, to do 2 minute @ 6 mph/1 minute at 4 mph run/walk intervals outside, this doesn't work well on me on the treadmill because it takes time to raise and lower the speed. In effect, I don't get much of a walking break. So I do somewhat longer intervals - for example, 2.5 min/2.5 min or 3 min/2 min. (I find that anything shorter than 2 minutes doesn't really feel like a break because of the delay in changing speed.)
    3417 days ago
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