Saturday, December 10, 2011

We read and search and discuss and gather knowledge and information. Then we put together a Plan for ourselves; a way to eat and live and be healthy. Now and then we stray and get off track, off Plan. We ALL do that.

Just remember – We are TRYING. If we weren’t trying, we wouldn’t succeed nearly as often as we do.

Every meal you eat that is healthy in content and portion is a GIFT to your body. Congratulate yourself for giving that gift to yourself.

When you slide and eat too much of unhealthy foods, that doesn’t change the fact of all the times you’ve given your body the GIFT of a healthy meal.

So focus on the successes and keep trying. At least talk to yourself the way you’d talk to a friend who was down because she’d overeaten. Give some encouragement and a reminder that all the GIFTS still count, even if you’re off track now an then. Isn’t that what you’d tell your best friend?

As my SP friend, PJSTIME, says, “It’s always too soon to give up.” Thanks for that PJ. I think of it daily.

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