Every Day Paleo - Week 1 continued - Wonderful!

Friday, December 09, 2011

The first 5 days of the 30 days-long meal plan Sarah Fragoso gives in Every Day Paleo gets a bit stretched out when there's just two of you, and disruptions two nights a week where the little girl goes to her dad's. But what a lovely 8 days it's been!

I wondered HOW I would manage to do all that cooking while feeling ill from the sinus/ear infections, but not only did I do it, but I've discovered that having these meal plans, cooking great meals, and having delicious leftovers is actually EASIER than hitting restaurants or cooking crap you don't want to eat the next day.

The leftovers rock, and here's what Savannah had to say on the day 4 menu, "Mama, how many days to go?"

"Well, at least 26 from the book."

"Well, if this is the way the next 26 days are gonna be, I can SURE LIVE WITH THAT!"

I have been floored at what the child is willing to try, and enjoys.

- Egg Cupcakes--I recommend using a terrific bacon. I used an applewood uncured bacon from Trader Joe's.
- The spice rubbed chicken for the first dinner was superb. The chicken really does cook beautifully in the crockpot in its own juices on a bed of sliced white onion. The meat was incredibly delicious, tender. Just right. Free Range 6LB chicken from Trader Joe's. The carcass plus all of the leftover cooked onion and the dark gelatin-like juices (once they cooled it was like a cool consomme--a gel) all went into my stew pot with carrots, more onions, and celery and simmered all day about 12 hours for stock. The stock was FANTASTIC and it's all in the freezer. Savannah drank some as soon as I'd strained it all and proclaimed it better than soup.
- Savannah actually ate the kids love cabbage slaw. The mango is a masterstroke for getting my picky kid to eat it. PLUS she was in charge of dicing the mango.
- The easy spinach salad WAS easy, and delicious! I'm not really a salad person, but I'm loving salads lately. So strange! Again, use great bacon.
- The Fancy Pear Salad is another hit.

- The pecan crusted chicken also went over well. NEXT time, I'll use a little less honey. Savannah hates mustard, so I was overcompensating, but it wasn't necessary. It made the pecans bunch up a bit much, but still the chicken turned out delicious and great on the reheat, and also cold in my cube at work.

- The pancakes made of almond flour and blueberries. The 3 tablespoons of cinnamon is not a typo--the almond pancake batter is very heavy and you need a lot of cinnamon to get that cinnamon flavor. That said, one pancake will fill you, and they are better on the reheat. I recommend cooking them more slowly over a low heat, so they don't burn like I burnt some of these. Stay at medium flame and 8 minutes will work. I loved them as sides to my lunches the next few days. Very good as the "starch" without being a starch. No sugar added!

- Huevos Rancheros sauce--EXCELLENT! I am now an addict. I've had these eggs like this 3 days in a row. Tomorrow, I run out of sauce. I halved the recipe. It will last you days.

- The Red Curry Beef... OMG, we hit this cozy rich wonderful stew hard. I used just one tablespoon of the curry, because Savannah balks if something's too spicy. (In my pre-child days, I used to cook from my Hot, Spicy, and Meatless cookbook. Recipes that were flaming with habanero. I'm a pepperhead, but I hold way back for Savannah.) That turned out to be a great decision, as she LOVES this stew. Grass fed sirloin. I'm going to bump the curry up JUST a hair every three months as I acclimate her... but it's still delightful.

I finished my last Cipro tonight, and as I've re-entered non-infected, healthy old world of Joy, I feel wonderful. I've lost about 7 pounds in the last month, but my muscle tone's still quite good. Around my chin it is more defined, so it's fat loss. I will say this: even when I was so tired, it was a consistent tired. As I've revved up again, it's been a lovely consistent energy throughout the day. No ravenous hunger and mindless snacking. I just. Feel. Stable.

And my child--she stops and announces, "I'm satisfied." and then forgets her dessert sometimes! The simple fact of no starches (except the yams and fruits that have been available--I think little ones need a bit more than us old ones) at dinner has caused her to forget dessert! I would have thought the opposite would happen. She seems more fulfilled and happy dealing with her food. She tells me that she feels better in the morning at school.

I'm a paleowoman for life, I'm convinced of it. I have never enjoyed the food in my home so much as I have the last month, and particularly the last 8 days.
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    I am just browsing blogs that are paleo/primal and hit yours have gone back to where you started paleo. the recipies inm this blog sound awesome. I am restarting for the 2nd time and on day 5 and getting bored what to do with food!!! So goign to have to google this womans site... sounds great food and glad your dd is willing!

    3082 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5707126
    This sounds like a good fit for you. emoticon
    3130 days ago
    Not sure if you can find it where you live, but you might see if you can get Pure Country Pork's Uncured Rustic Bacon. It has no nitrates AND no sugar. And it tastes absolutely great.
    3131 days ago
    I need to take a look at this book. The recipes sound great!
    3131 days ago
    Wow - I may just have to try this myself! Thanks for posting all the information :)

    I'm glad you are feeling better! It sounds great :)
    3131 days ago
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