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Joining Spark was the single best thing I have ever done for myself!

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Good Morning!

Woke up this morning to see the ground covered in the white fluffy stuff and had to smile! Picture this - me still clad in my pjs standing in our bedroom door saying "come on, who has to go do their pee" and the only response I got was from my husband! So, I went to each dog and whispered in their ears and they stumbled out across our living room and out the patio door. Maddy, with his head still down, went down the steps, did his business and retraced his steps (I'm not even sure his eyes ever opened!) and fell back to sleep on his bed. Lou, at least had her head up and eyes opened saw the snow and turned back! When I insisted she go out, she grabbed a mouthful of snow, ate it, and just sat there looking at me and proceeded to get very sleepy in front of me! So it seems the sleep fairy got us all last night - I went to bed really early on the pretence of reading (ha!) and drifted off with no effort!

In my opinion there are few things as good as a good sleep! I used to struggle with sleep - the doctor gave me the equivalent of horse tranquilizers just to knock me out at times but that is another thing that Spark has blessed me with.

When I think of all the things Spark has given me I get overwhelmed with gratitude! Joining Spark was the single best thing I have ever done for myself.

- I have FREE access to all this fantastic motivational, nutritional and exercise material!
- I have made some of the best SparkFriends and joined some great teams
- I have discovered that a healthy lifestyle doesn't include the word D-I-E-T!
- I have rediscovered my love of walking
- I have learned how to read nutrition labels
- I have come to love water
- I have been able to help my depression by blogging
- I have been able to give up one of my medications
- I have become more aware of how my body works and what my body needs to function
- I have been sleeping like a baby
- I have started to change the shape of my body
- I have become a better person; yes, I think that is fair to say

So, here is another one of my zany ideas! When you are struggling to find the perfect gift this year or want something extra to tuck into a Christmas card, why not mention Spark and how much Spark has improved YOUR life. Talk about the perfect gift - one size fits all as I'm sure you would be hard pressed to find somebody in your life that couldn't do with a little Spark!

A few family members have noticed that I have been "changing" and they can't seem to quite put their finger on it so I am going to tell them my "secret". If each of us recommends Spark to just two people and one of those joins, just look at the impact WE can have on those around us.

Give the gift of Spark this Christmas season and you will have given the perfect gift!

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