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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I woke up this morning excited as this was homecoming day for my son. I got ready and left for work taking my daughter with me as we figured it wasn’t worth taking her to school and then go pick her up in an hour or so. We were turning off Norfolk Ave to head south to the office when the car in front of me slowed down and stopped instead of adjusting her speed and merging with the oncoming cars on the south bound street that we were entering. After the car passed the car in front of me started moving again so I began moving also. I then looked over my shoulder to make sure it was clear for me to enter the southbound street when I heard my daughter screamed “mom”. At that same time we hit the car in front of us as she saw the other car coming so she stopped even though she could have gotten on the street with no problem. I was turned and so upon impact the side of my head hit the door frame. I then looked over at my daughter who was holding her forehead and crying. I asked her a couple more times if she was ok and she finally said yes she was. I restarted the car and pulled it over on the shoulder to get it out of the lane of traffic. I then got out and looked at the front of my car and the back of the other driver’s car. The other driver came up to me and I said “you started moving”. She responded with “I needed to yield to the other car”. I didn’t say anything more about that but when she said there wasn’t that much damage I told her that we still needed to all the police and file a report. I then called the police. After I got done with that I called work and my husband to tell them about the accident. While I was waiting for the police to get there one of my drivers stopped. I asked him if he could take my daughter to the office for me and he said yes so she got out of my car and got in his pickup and they left. A little later my husband got there. He looked over the car. I told him what happened, asked if he thought we should have the car checked over before heading to Lincoln with it. He said that we probably should and that he would do that while I was at the office. I told him that I had sent our daughter on to the office with the driver but that I thought she was going to need an appointment with the chiropractor. He then left to go check on our daughter and I told him that I would call to see if she could get in before we left for Lincoln. I got her an appointment and then called my husband again and asked him if he could contact the insurance to report the accident and find out if we had medical coverage to cover the chiropractic appointment. After getting my car information and (of course a ticket) from the officer I headed on to the office.

About 9:45 I left the office and headed to the chiropractors office to be there with my daughter while she was being checked out and then head on to Lincoln as I had an appointment at 1 pm to get my partial adjusted again before heading to the air base for the homecoming. We didn’t get out of Norfolk until almost 11 am which was cutting it short getting to the dental college for my appointment. I was actually about 5 minutes late which wasn’t bad. I was in the dental chair until almost 3 while the student did the adjustments on my lower partial (which feels much better now). When we left the dental college we went to Amigos to get some food as we didn’t have time to get any lunch before the appointment for my teeth. I sent my daughter in to get our food and I was planning to call my son’s friend, Jeff, to make sure I knew exactly where I needed to go. It was about 3:20 so I felt we had 25 minutes before my son’s plane landed. While I was looking for the phone number he called me. He asked if we were at the base. I told him no we were getting some food and he replied, “The plane just landed”. I got out of the car, headed into Amigos and told my daughter to cancel the food the plane just landed. She came out, got into the car and we started to head for the base. We hadn’t gotten out of the parking lot then she said, “They have our money”. I stopped, she got out of the car and ran back into Amigos and came back out with the refund and we headed to the base. As we were heading to the across Lincoln I called Jeff again to have him talk me through where I needed to go. I got to the base and told the guard why we were there and he said to follow the white pickup in front of us. We got to the parking area when my son texted me asking if we were there. My daughter texted him back and told him that we had just pulled in. We got out of the car and headed to the hanger to find him. My daughter went to look in the seating area while I watched the soldiers coming in the door to watch for him to come in. When I finally spotted him I gave him a huge hug, then my daughter came and hugged him. We then walked over to the seating area to see about getting some seats but they were all taken so we ended up standing through the homecoming ceremony. After the ceremony was over we went out so my son could find his gear and headed to the cars. We got his stuff out of our car and he took it to Jeff’s car and they headed to Omaha so he could get his new car. My daughter and I got in our car and headed back to Amigos to get some food since we hadn’t had anything to eat yet. After eating we got gas for the car and headed home.

I have a bit of a knot on the side of my head and my shoulders are tight but otherwise I am doing well after the day that I had. My daughter is doing ok also. I have an appointment with the chiropractor in the morning to get checked out after the accident and he wants to see my daughter again after her adjustment this morning.

Needless to say the best part of the day was seeing and giving my son a huge hug and having him back in Nebraska after almost a year in Afghanistan.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    what a day.... but having your son home and safe.. I am sure you will be much better knowing that and stress will flea! I am sure glad he got home safe! Hope this means you will have a Great Holiday. susana
    2354 days ago
    What a day!

    Welcome home and thank you for all you do, DS!
    2355 days ago
    I know you are a happy mama Thiry. I can't imagine what you have been through with your son overseas. Praying for your daughter and you that all will be fine after the accident. ((HUGS))
    2356 days ago
    Welcome Home to your son and his unit!!!

    And that was some way to start the day, take it easy...
    2356 days ago
    emoticon Wow! What a day you had! My prayers are with you that everything turns out already when you both get checked out tomorrow! It's funny how God works, he will allow certain things in our life to happen to make us appreciate what we do have! It sounds to me like you know what is really important! The fact that your both ok and that your son is home safe and sound! My Niece's finance just got back from Afghanistan and they are getting married in April, but one family here in Pekin, IL is not so fortunate! They lost their son who was only 19 years old and he was only over there for 3 weeks! It is so sad especially when it's around the holidays! May God give you a very happy and safe holiday season! emoticon emoticon
    2357 days ago
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