Thank You All: How to turn a "pasta bar" into a low carb/Paleo delight...

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

And it didn't involve Pixie Dust!

My hotel had a reception tonight that essentially equaled free dinner - the catch is it's whatever they cook. Tonight was a pasta buffet: garlic bread, linguini lightly sauced w tomato sauce, penne Alfredo, a pan of Bolongese (red meat sauce w lots of veggies), and a very small salad bar with maybe 6 items on it and two high calorie dressing options.

In the past - I'd have gladly had a fat and carb fest with the Alfredo pasta and garlic bread - and I must admit I was totally uninspired by the idea of a boring little dry salad for dinner. :(

Instead, tonight I thought about my personal goals and I thought about each of You...

You are my inspiration: those who have succeeded (and started where I am now), those who are just starting to figure out if Spark has something here that could help them, and those of you like me who are still finding our way down this newest path we are choosing for the rest of our lives and are grateful to have found a supportive community like Spark with people who can laugh, cry, but most of all problem solve with us. You may not even realize that you inspired me when I read one of your blogs where you were voicing a challenge I too face(d), or I read your words of inspiration to someone else and I was moved by your level of commitment / compassion, or perhaps I've tried one of your recipes - even if I modified it first...

So, what was dinner: about a cup of fresh spinach spread out over the bottom of my plate, topped by a half cup of fresh diced mushrooms, and the whole thing topped by off with a scoop of steaming hot Bolognese sauce. By the time I was seated with my water, the spinach had wilted to perfection, the mushroom has softened - and best of all, I didn't miss the bread or pasta.

I went for a walk this morning but only got in about 7,000 steps. So after dinner, I knew I still owed You something more. I've joined your team goals and need to pull my weight here too. So I got out and finished of my personal goal of 10k steps a day.

Good night Spark... Thanks to each of you for inspiring me that I too can acieve my personal goals. You are all appreciated more than you know.
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