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Before rushing to judgement...

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

...take a moment to know what you are seeing.

I had to take a step back last weekend. And had a realization. Sometimes we, as human beings, choose to believe what we *think* we see versus what is actually happening. Here is the situation.

I was driving to a friends house. I was in the right turn lane at a stop sign. All of a sudden, the passenger door of the vehicle in the left turn lane opened. The person leaned out and began getting sick... repeatedly. Gross, I know, but it happened.

My first thought/rush to judgement was "Hah, that's what you get for drinking to much!!" And then I had a flashback.

February 2004 I had a hysterectomy. Without going into too much detail (I'll be glad to talk about privately if you are interested), for months before, I was extremely anemic. Some of the symptoms of Anemia include: Easy fatigue and loss of energy, Unusually rapid heart beat, Shortness of breath and headache, Difficulty concentrating, Dizziness, Pale skin, Leg cramps, Insomnia

December of 2003, prior to surgery, despite feeling week and tired, I went out with friends to a local pub. About halfway through my first cocktail, I went to the restroom. I began feeling unwell. I returned to the table to tell my friends that I needed to leave. I then passed out. In the middle of the bar. Loudly. Without grace. To the floor. Knocked over a couple of glasses. Made a HUGE spectacle. And the people in the bar clapped.

Yes, they clapped. And cheered. And hooted and hollered. Here they were rushing to judge me. Thinking I was some idiot who had had one too many. While I was so close to being hospitalized.

I've never been the one who understood the clapping in the high school when some poor kid was tripped and dropped his tray. I've never been the one who joined in and laughed when someone falls on the dance floor. I'm not the one to point and stare and laugh. But here I was, sitting in my car. Waiting for traffic to clear so I could drive on. Rushing to judge the person hanging out of the car getting sick.

Could be he was hungover. Could be he just received upsetting news. Could be he had food poisoning. Could be he was coming home from the hospital after having chemotherapy.

The fact is, I did not know why he was doing what he was doing.

I was rushing to judge a man I did not know, in a situation where I did not know any of the facts.

Think about some of the times when you have rushed to judge someone. Think about what you may or may not have known about their life, their situation, their circumstances.

Think about situations in your life when you have been judged, but people who did not know your life, your situation, your circumstances.

Before you or I rush to judge anyone, we need think about what we are doing. Take a moment to reflect on how what we do or say or act upon may affect another human being.

Be your best!!
Spark on,
Gretchen ~ golfchick2-0
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! Thank you for posting such a thoughful and important message!
    2357 days ago
    Approach with compassion.
    2357 days ago
  • MRE1956
    Here, here!
    2357 days ago
  • NUMD97
    Very well put. Thank you for posting this. Even if we don't mock another, it's always good to have a reminder to be mindful of what someone might be going through. Our assumptions can be totally wrong.
    2357 days ago
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