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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Oh, my friends, how I've missed you. I've been around...slightly. I've logged in and tracked my calories and spun the wheel. But I lost my Spark briefly, and did not really talk to anyone for awhile.

So my best friend moved to Florida, and there is no cell coverage where she is (at a Primate Sanctuary) I've been kind of bummed so I drew myself inward. I don't want to jump on the word "depressed" because I've been that and this didn't feel that bad. Just...blah. My weight stuck in the same place for like 2 weeks and that didn't help either.

I was lying in bed the other night and my husband put his arm around me. Then he poked me, right in the ribs. I said "Ow! what was that for?" All he said was "Bones" and he kept poking me. On the hip, the ribs, the arm. "Bones!" he says. I don't know what is wrong with him because most the other guys I know would be so excited if their wife lost over 40 pounds. I can't get him to touch me with a 10 foot pole. I know...overshare. But I have to share with someone, and like i friend...Florida. BLECH! Then today he says "Just don't go all Karen Carpenter on me." Really?!? I eat 6 times a day! I just laughed it off, but inside I felt like saying, "shut your damn face!" and choking him out. It's really not fair that he is making me feel all insecure about this now.

I mean, do I stop working out or losing weight because maybe he is insecure? Wouldn't gaining weight for someone be just as bad as losing weight for anyone but yourself?

Not too much else is going on, but I'm planning a big blog for when I get to my goal weight which is 2 pounds away. Wish me luck!
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    I'm glad you stuck with your goal. don't speak the same language as women. He really doesn't think you are too skinny. He just hasn't seen the end result so he is depending on his imagination and he doesn't know where to stop! Wait til he sees YOU! Then, you should wow him even more with a sexy wow outfit so that he can hold that thought!!!!! Men are visual and at your goal weight, he will definitely need a shot that he won't ever forget. He's been with you through the months of decreasing progress so forgive him for he knows not what he is thinking. You are amazing and congratulations on meeting your goal weight!!
    3491 days ago
    Hang in there girl! Without health you have nothing! Oh, except sorry pain and more pain and then even your husband could be the biggest PAIN lol! Pray baby, the lord can change anything and any situation! emoticon emoticon on a job well done!
    3492 days ago
    Stick to your goal, you worked hard to get here. You are doing this for yourself. Your DH must be pleased to see you looking healthy.
    3516 days ago
    I'm sorry your husband is being that way. :( You know you are working for the best.
    3519 days ago
    Ah chickie, I'm sorry you're having this rough patch right now. I know how rough it can be without that support of your friend to lean on and share with.
    You keep right on doing what YOU feel is important and right for YOU. If that means taking a bit of a break while you work your way through this, then that's fine.
    emoticon emoticon
    3519 days ago
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    My husband makes comments like that sometimes and it really hurts my feelings I think it does have a lot to do with insecurities Im here if you ever need to vent! emoticon
    3519 days ago
    i wish you all the luck in the world sweetie. love yourself and don't choke him lol. im so like heavier then you and my fiance does'nt support my weight loss. emoticon
    3519 days ago
    I've missed you, too! I'm right there with you...blegh...I've been logging on but not very consistent with working out and feeling down.

    Sorry to hear about your best friend moving away! My best friend moved away for work in July but hopefully is moving back. So I understand what it's like!

    I think your hubby has to get used to the new you! Being healthy and fit takes getting used to. If you are comfortable where you are and it's something you can maintain, then you should stick to it. If you're still figuring out things it's ok to see what you can maintain once you hit your goal weight...only 2 lbs away.... emoticon
    It can be hurtful when our spouse isn't seeming to find us attractive...could there be other things going on that are taking his focus away or making him stressed/unhappy? You look great and shouldn't change to suit him, in my opinion. He will get used to the new you. He may just feel insecure about himself and feel the pressure to start getting fit...

    Hang in there! You've got a lot of support here and you're doing great!
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    3519 days ago
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