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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The scientific theory:
In those with MS, intact proteins leak from the gut into the bloodstream.
The immune system is activated.
The Best Bet Diet aims "to halt the activation of the immune system, reduce inflammation, strengthen the blood-brain barrier, and heal a leaky gut."

Eat: lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits.
Don't eat: Gluten, Dairy, Legumes, Refined Sugar, any foods to which YOU are sensitive.
Reduce: Saturated Fat, Omega 6 (not 3), non-gluten grains, alcohol

Take Daily:
D3 - 6000-8000 iu
Omega 3 - 5g
Calcium - 1000-2000 mg
Magnesium - 500-600 mg
A - 5000 iu
B100 complex - 100 mg
B3 - 1-2 mg
Folic Acid - 400 mg
B12 - 1-2 mg
C - 1 g
E - 400 iu
Zinc - 25 - 50 mg
Copper - 1-2 mg
Selenium - 200 mcg
Manganese - 20 mg
Iodine - 200 mcg
Grape seed extract - 600-1200 mg
Ginkgo biloba - 120 mg
Alpha lipoic acid - 500 mg
Q10 - 60-90 mg
EGCG - 1400 mg
Quercetin - 400 mg
Brolmelain - 400 mg
Probiotics - 4-8 caps a day
(and I'll stilll take MSM)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Nice list. I am taking a lot of these supplements although in varying amounts different from this.

    Being mostly vegan I take less calcium because taking such high doses of calcium tells the pituitary gland to utilize less of your vitamin D stores. And, vitamin D levels are very important for someone with MS. Someone eating a lot of greens doesn't need as much calcium because their system is more alkaline and not removing as much calcium from bones to alkalinize the blood. So, someone with an alkaline system can actually have stronger bones with much less calcium intake. Myself; by adding so many greens to my diet my hip bone density has gone from mid-range of normal to above normal for my age, and my spine density has gone from bottom of the normal range to middle of the range of normal for my age. Now remember; bone density usually does NOT improve in women my age. Especially considering that for the past 4 years I have been on high-dose ‘suppression level’ thyroid meds to prevent thyroid cancer. And, that usually gives a woman osteopenia or osteoporosis. But, my bones have actually grown much stronger. December 23rd I had a bad fall that should have broken something, but I didn’t. And, all these positive changes happened even though I cut my calcium supplementation down from 1200 mg a day, to 600 mg. a day. I attribute all of the benefits I have gotton with my bones to the fact that someone eating a highly alkaline diet has huge benefits to their bones, even with a reduced calcium intake.

    My other differences from your list is that I take:

    Magnesium 300 mg
    A - 1500 mg.
    Folic Acid - 800 x2 = 1600 mg (to knock homocysteine)
    C- 2000 mg
    E- NONE (It thins my blood way too excessively. And, new studies show that taking more than 100 i.u. daily actually shortens life span.)
    Iodine - NONE (I’m deathly allergic to it.)
    Quercitin - 800 mg (Has done wonders for my allergies, asthma, & hay fever.)
    Bromelain 200-700 mg (Has done wonders for my allergies, asthma, & hay fever.)
    Alpha Lipoid - Acid 400x3 = 1200 (for my heart failure.)
    CoQ10 - 100x2 = 200 mg (for my heart failure.)

    I am a firm believer in supplements. They had a huge hand in helping me survive heart failure, and I think they are very helpful in MS.

    2625 days ago
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