Dont just count it out....WEIGH it!!! A food scale is a must!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Whenever I eat snacks and the package says the serving size is 1oz or approximately 14 pieces I have always weighed it! I'm so thankful I do and if your counting out those 14 pieces insted of weighing them you may want to change your way of portioning your food out! Most times the number of pieces is pretty close to being the same as the weight for the serving however this week one of the bags of tortilla chips I bought said one serving was 1oz or approximately 11 chips....well I weighed out my 1oz serving and it was not 11 chips! 1oz was actually only 6 chips, and if you ask me 6 chips is no where near the approximated 11! Had I had 11 chips the calorie count would have went from 130 to around 240 calories...almost double! So if you don't have a food scale I suggest investing in will save you lots of calories in the long run! :o)
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