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Mind Games

Monday, December 05, 2011

When I work out, especially on the treadmill, I have to play games with my mind. emoticon For example, when I ran 15 miles last Monday, I did not go out planning to run 15 miles. I told myself I was running 10. But, at about mile 6 or so, I decided I'd try for 15...but I told myself I didn't have to if I didn't feel up to it. If I would have went out with the mindset that I was going to run 15 miles, I really don't know if I could have done it!

Today, I told myself I needed to run 5-6 miles on the treadmill. I think I've done 6 miles on the treadmill once's just harder to run 'far' on a treadmill!

I was going to run 1/4 mile repeats. Here's what I did...

.5 miles pretty slow - I was SORE!!! My glutes & hamstrings were stiff. I stopped to stretch after that, and accidentally stopped it. This actually helped as now the 'miles ran' showed less than I'd actually ran! A mental game!

For the next mile, I ran at about an 12:00 average pace. I actually started at about 12:30 and kept increasing the speed. I finished the mile in 12:00.

After that, my goal was six 1/4 a speed of 9:43. That was something one of my 'programs' had recommended for me. Well, I set it at 6.1, and that was a 9:50 pace. I did my 1/4 mile, then walked for .5 miles at a 16:40 pace. At this point, I decided to bump it up .1 for each quarter mile. So, I did...

1/4 mile at 9:50 (6.1)
1/4 mile at 9:40 (6.2)
1/4 mile at 9:31 (6.3)
1/4 mile at 9:22 (6.4)
1/4 mile at 9:13 (6.5) (actually did .3 instead of .25 because I was in a 'groove!')
1/2 mile at 9:05 (6.6)...YES!!! I was feeling STRONG & decided to run 1/2 mile at this pace! That's a FAST pace for me!!!

At this point, I felt I still wasn't done. I still had quite a distance to cover so I decided to do more 1/4 mile repeats...

1/4 mile at 9:05 (6.7)
1/4 mile at 8:57 (6.8)...YES!!! Under a 9:00 pace!!!

At this point, I had .3 miles left to get to 5.5 miles total, and that was my goal. But, as I ran, I decided I could make it 6. I started at a 12:00 pace for running, and kept increasing it .1 every 1/10th of a mile. I ended up walking the last .2 miles.

Total ran: 6.0 miles in 1 hr 12 mins.

I'm excited! And, I have a new goal... I want to run a mile at 6.6 or 9:05!!! My fastest mile 'ever' is 9:47! I can do it, and I will!
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