Three month Sparkaversary

Monday, December 05, 2011

December 3rd marked my third month with spark people. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found SP and met some amazing people on here as well. When I started back in September I was 273 pounds and I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day! Today I weigh 230 pounds and I haven't smoke in three months!

When I first started my weight loss program I could barely walk a mile and it took me 30 minutes to complete that mile. I hated every minute of it, resented exercise and tried to talk myself out of exercising. The one thing that I did that changed my life was to exercise. I made myself get out there and walk that mile every day, five days a week. I have to thank my fitness tracker for keeping me motivated to carry on.

Once I started noticing a change in my fitness level I became empowered and determined! I don't know what got into me, but after a month with SP I decided to change my goals on my spark page to include completing a 5K. I quickly began working on the 5K your way walking team. I then moved onto the walking/jogging 5K your way team. A fire was lit inside of me and I was determined.

Up until this Sunday all my 5K walks/runs had been in the gym on the tread mill. The day after my three months with SP I competed in my first official 5K. My 12 year old daughter joined me as well and we walked/jogged together. I am so proud of my daughter for completing the race and for running as much as she did! My time is a little slower than it normally would have been, but it was so worth it to run side by side with my daughter. We finished in 47 minutes 9 seconds.

I have changed my goals once again and I now am working towards being able to run a 5K. I am already planning on competing in 5 other races next year. I have found a new hobby and I really enjoy running now! Thank you Sparkpeople for igniting the SPark!
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