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Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to give up food anytime soon! But once or twice a month I fast as a spiritual thing, sort of an aid to meditation and prayer and Calmness, let’s say.

I NEVER fast more than 24 hours. Usually the last bite of food goes in my mouth at 6:00 pm and not another one enters my mouth until 6:00 pm the next day. (You didn’t think I was going to miss dinner, did you? LOL)

So once I tried this a time or two, I began to notice that I feel so happy, so light and buoyant, mentally and physically. I just feel GOOD.

I believe in listening to my body. It certainly has something to say when I stuff it with pasta, pizza, pastry and ice cream, lol. I hear it loud and clear then, and even though I enjoy the actual devouring of that stuff, my body tells me, after I’m done, that it’s not very happy. Sometimes it is still telling me that the next day, lol.

But when I fast for this short period of time, my body is wearing a big smile, no doubt about it.

Just wondering what everyone else thinks about this. Have YOU ever tried a short fast?

PS – When I do this fast, I drink lots of water, as always, and I drink a cup of coffee when I get up. That one cup of coffee is my vice and I’m not ever giving it up, lol.

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  • SILLYHP1953
    Hmmm...I believe I'm going to have to try that. I've thought about it for years, just never tried one. Do you pray and meditate more during those 24 hours?
    2779 days ago
    2779 days ago

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    This may sound terrible but I was thin most of my life (very thin when I was young as I weighed 86 pounds in high school) and I did this routinely and naturally with no conscious effort on my part. I didn't ever consider forcing myself to eat and only ate when I was hungry. So I never ate breakfast and sometimes skipped lunch so I often ate from supper to supper when I was finally hungry. And I had unlimited energy and was highly active. I think that had something to do with my not wanting to eat because the more I exercise the less hungry I am. At any rate the minute I reached menopause that all changed and I started eating more and eating more often and eating differently and the pounds piled on. They have proven very difficult to get back off.
    2779 days ago
  • JUSTJO66
    I have fasted in the past but not too often since I have began insulin for my diabetes (other than for test the next day etc). However, I once fasted for 30 days with nothing but water. It was not for spiritual reasons but for diet. :o( I ended up gaining a pound!! I do believe that fasting for spiritual reasons is bibical and has great benefits.

    2780 days ago
    Love all these blogs you've been writing...gets us all thinking.

    Regarding fasting: I've had friends who've been very successful doing it and for mostly spiritual reasons. One in particular was fulfilling a "favour granted" through her prayers.

    I am now giving it serious thought and hoping to follow that up with serious action. I too like the idea of starting off with a coffee. Maybe following that up with a maple pecan Danish...just kidding!

    Some people recommend that the day you pick to fast should be a day with very little activity.

    I am now remembering that I did do a fast while living in a religious community years ago. This place where I stayed for six weeks was founded by a Russian Baroness named Catherine de Hueck Doherty. She married a famous newspaper reporter after she immigrated to the U.S. He may have been one of the characters depicted in "Front Page", a movie made a couple of times...Eddy something-or-other. OMG! Where's my brain? Eddy Doherty! They both moved to Combermere, Ontario where they started Madonna House.
    Anyway, they built little cabins in the woods (this was/is a very large property) and people could, with permission, live in one of these cabins while fasting. The called it "going into the desert".
    While fasting in the future, I would like to attempt some kind of a "desert experience" at home. It would be difficult to reap the benefits midst the hustle and bustle of normal life.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    2781 days ago

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  • CATHY629
    Sounds like something i would like to try,just have to decide which day would be best,not one of the three days i look after my one year old grandson,he has just learnt to walk,and i need all my energy just to keep up with him.
    cheers Cathy

    2781 days ago
    I used to fast a day each week, but I did not drink any liquids during it. Maybe I should get back to that, but add the water. I have also done raw-food days, and felt quite well.

    I think that when we eat things that don't agree with us, a day off helps so much. I found foods ,over the decades, that I need to avoid. A blood-type diet book helped me do even better.
    2782 days ago
    I am so impressed with your blog. I read the responses too. I do fast, but more for spiritual reasons than health reasons. When I feel I am slipping away from my inner self, I fast and pray to get back on track with my heart and soul. As you said it is "an aid to meditation and prayer and Calmness". I always feel so rejuvenated after a fast.
    I refocus on eating to live, not living to eat, and feeding my stomach when it is hungry, not feeding my mouth because the food taste good. Thank you Karen for always reminding me of my health and your friendship. God Bless
    2782 days ago
    In my church, we fast from the end of dinner Saturday evening until dinnertime Sunday afternoon/early evening--two meals, once a month.
    We donate the money that would have been spent on those two meals to the church as a fast offering, and the church uses the money to provide for families in need, paying for utilities or helping with food or other needs.
    The fast helps us both physically and spiritually.
    I have medical issues that limit the time I am able to fast to one meal, but I feel better when I do fast than the occasional months when I manage to miss doing it. It helps me know that I do have power over my body, when I fast.
    2782 days ago
  • CAROLEE1945
    Yes, I have tried a fast, and i could not get past 2pm!!!
    2782 days ago
  • RR1_RR1
    Just about to do a fast! Going to shoot for 3 days, recommended by people since I just developed asthma and people are telling me maybe because of excess toxins. Never done one before but this is encouraging. Thanks.
    2782 days ago
    I am intrigued by your blog and all the responses so far. I think I might actually try this once a week this month. Actually this time of year in the north is supposed to be a time of quiet, reflection and low energy usage.
    When I first read the title of the blog I was going to flippantly answer: "You feel good because you have the illusion of being in control." While I still think there may be a bit of truth in the remark.. obviously there is a larger story here.
    2782 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Again, your blog caught my eye...we have always seemed to be on the same track...mothers, and sugar and keeping track of nutrients etc. (but it TOOK YOU to get me started wanting to really TRACK sugar!) But, like you, I actually do fast for Spiritual reasons and I have always felt good doing it...crazy, eh? Also like you I simply feel one day is much better for me than 2 or 3 days (did 3 days the first time).
    Great blog, Karen, KEEP 'em comin' you make me THINK...that's GOOD emoticon emoticon
    2782 days ago
    I've been tempted to try this myself, but I'm hypoglycemic, and more than 6 hours without food usually makes me feel woozy and weak. However, I did read a little bit on the Protein Power blog by Dr. Eades that "intermittent fasting" is probably very natural for our bodies and apparently very doable, at least if you're not scarfing up the carbs beforehand. :) I can easily do the 6 hours now, whereas in the past 3 hours was pushing it.

    I've mentioned in other comments/blogs that the Orthodox church expects us to fast from many different foods for fully half the year, and your diet ends up relying heavily on grains. If you want to see an ad for low carb lifestyles, Google "Orthodox clergy" images. These are pious men, and not likely to be pigging out when they're supposed to be fasting, but their thick waistlines tell the tale of too much starch!
    2782 days ago
  • DGAIL51
    I totally agree -- I feel much better when I fast occasionally. In the past I did it on a fairly regular basis, 1, 2 or 3 days at a time, but now usually for only 24 hours. Scheduling a 1 day fast 1x a month is a great idea & I may try it. Spiritually, it helps me to stop, be still and get my perspectives straightened out. It may seem like it would be a difficult thing to fast for someone who has never done it, but when you do it does help you in areas of self discipline, self control, peace, etc. If you are medically able to do it, it only takes making the decision to do it, plan it, then just do it. You do have to look at your schedule too and find a day that will least likely be sabotaged by other things going on.

    BTW, I drink lots of water but have not done coffee. That would certainly help or hot tea, so I may try that this week. I believe I will choose Tuesday this week.

    2782 days ago
    I've never tried it.......maybe I should! vista
    2782 days ago
    I fast often, though not lately, and when I do, I go all day with no food until the next day about 9am. I find that drinking my water helps me through the day and I often use a fast to jump start me back on track. (I did just that this week) I always feel much better when I'm restricting calories so I know what you mean. If you think about it, shoveling the food down does make you sluggish because your body uses too much time processing the extra food so it doesn't have as much time to repair our damaged cells. Right now they have learned that just eating the right things can help cure cancer. It's been proving that by eating less you can extend your life span. I am happy I've learned this although like you I succumb to excess food.
    2782 days ago
    Fasting is an old form of spiritual discipline that we don't do often enough. Some of us fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, certainly not 40 days and 40 nights (I can't imagine!) In the old days we were supposed to go to Sunday Mass without eating anything after dinner the night before, but even that sacrifice is considered old fashioned.

    As long as there isn't a medical reason to avoid fasting (diabetics shouldn't fast), I think it's a wonderful idea!
    2782 days ago
    I share your feeling I am listening to MY body. This can be a challenge because sometimes I feel everyone has the answers but me.

    After longing thru an illness I realize that the answer were within.

    Thank you for sharing

    2782 days ago
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