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BLC17 wrap-up, shifting goals, and laser hair removal!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

BLC ended on a bit of a low note for me, as I had gained weight over Thanksgiving. Still, the scale obligingly swung downwards for weigh in day, so I was at 162 on the last weigh-in of the challenge. This is still a pound up from where I had been a week or two ago, but I'll take it. It means I lost a total of 13 pounds during the 12-week BLC, and my measurements showed a loss of 12.5 inches overall (waist, hips, thighs, arms, chest, bust).
Looking at my overall loss for the challenge (13 pounds in 12 weeks), I can see that with my recent gains and stalls, I managed an average of just about 1lb/week. Of course, this was much more rapid towards the beginning of the challenge - all along, I've been pushing myself towards (and mostly achieving) an average of 1.5pounds/week. This is pretty rapid weight loss, and I was generally following the calorie intake formula in the Biggest Loser book (current weight*7 = calories... when I was 200 pounds, I was eating 1400 calories/day, and I kept slowly shifting this downward until I reached about 1200/day, and didn't try to go lower).

But, making the shift from 1300 calories to 1250 or 1250 to 1200 was HARD for me! I often felt resentful that I couldn't eat the same meals or the same quantities that I had been eating a month or two ago, and 1200 calories seems like so little food, to me! So, after seeing my stall in November and my giant leap off the wagon over Thanksgiving, I'm thinking maybe I was pushing myself too hard, and it backfired. Sure, I was losing weight at a great pace when I was managing to stick to those calorie intake goals, but it wasn't good for my long-term progress.

When I started this journey, my initial goal was to lose 50 pounds as quickly as I could - in about 6-7 months. That would put me at 155 by Dec 31, 2011! As recently as last month, I was blogging about making this happen - I was 8 weeks and 8 pounds away. But then came my stall over T-day. This morning, the scale said 161, so now I'm 6 pounds and 4 weeks away. A tiny part of me is still cheering - "It's possible!"

But honestly, I think I might be ready to switch my mindset a bit. The goal was always to lose that first 50 quickly, and then slow down, losing the next 15-20 pounds over about 6 months or even a year. This would allow for progress to slow as I approach goal weight, and would also help me towards maintenance (which supposedly is easier if you've been losing slowly).

So this morning, I sat down and told myself that losing 44 pounds in 2011 is OK. It's fantastic! Maybe I'll lose another 6 and hit my goal of 50. Maybe I won't. But I need to stop driving myself crazy with this 1200 calorie business. I've never managed to hit it very consistently - (I'm almost always 20 over, 50 over, or not tracking because I went out to eat with the b/f and KNOW I'm way over), leading to a low-level frustration and guilt when I track and know I'm missing that target.

Therefore, I shifted my goal! On sparkpeople's goal sheet, I changed my goal from 1.5pounds/week to 1pound/week. It adjusted my calorie range up from 1200, and now my minimum is 1380. My plan is to go back to shooting for 1400. I'm hoping this gives me some peace of mind, and yet the weight will still come off. Thank you, biggest loser formula, but I'm cutting myself free from you, and hoping I'll be a slower but happier loser!

Phew! emoticon If you actually managed to read all that! This blog was really for me - I needed to process this decision and mental shift.

But on to more interesting news!

I had my first laser hair removal session on Thursday!! I am soooo excited to see if this works! I bought a groupon for 6 sessions for $100, and also paid $15 extra to have numbing cream during my first session. I think that was a great decision - it was completely painless - I didn't feel a thing! Of course, $15/session would really add up - almost doubling the cost of my groupon! So, I'm going to try it without the cream next time. I'll also post about results, as soon as I can tell any difference. They said that during this first week after the session, hair might begin falling out. But also, they said they increase the strength of the laser in each successive session, so it might be that I won't see much effect yet. Here's hoping!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JIBBIE49
    Since most people who join Sparks give up and quit your loss of 44# is fantastic. Truly.

    I know a lot of people who have had the Laser Removal and it works but not on gray hair.
    2359 days ago
    WOW! great progress on the year. You have made the right decision to not be so hard on yourself and be satisfied with the amount of food you are eating, If you feel you are not getting enough food that is usually when I fall off the wagon!

    I would love to have lost 44 pounds this year but am so happy with the 25 I did lose. I too am working on 6 more by the end of the year also, so we can check on each other and cheer us on! LET"S DO IT!
    2359 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    I think that you are doing fantastic! Congrats on starting the laser treatments. I'm thinking about it for the chin/mouth area so let me know how it goes.

    I also like the fact that you have decided to go from a "diet" mentality to a healthy living, I can do this forever thinking. Starving yourself or feeling deprived may work in the short term but always backfires for me.

    You did great this round!
    2360 days ago
  • CHEEKY1000
    The SP calorie range has really worked for me, and my minimum is 1200. There've been a few days when I had trouble even getting there, but most of the time I'm closer to my max which is 1550. I think I do best when I'm consistently around 1400.

    I'm so glad you wrapped your mind around this. There's no reason you can't have your cake and eat it too...in moderation. Not only do I realize that I don't "need" dessert everyday, I'm finding out that I don't even want it everyday (PMS doesn't count--that's no fair to count those feelings against me--lol). I also give myself two meals a week that I can basically eat anything I want--this helps me with my cravings at other times because I tell myself just to wait until Saturday dinner...or whatever. When I stick to this (2 crazy meals and all other meals/days within calories) and exercise, I always lose weight.

    I'm jealous of the laser! I want it done so badly, but I'm blonde and the laser light evidently just reflects off the blonde hair and does nothing. Gaaaaaaa!

    I take it things are still going well with Chris?
    2360 days ago
    You are doing such a fantastic job. That 44 pounds is way more than okay-it's fan-freakin'-tabulous! You should be so proud of yourself for making the strides that you have. Here's to a great 2012!
    2360 days ago
    Always in favor of being kind to ourselves. emoticon
    2360 days ago
    You have done emoticon

    We are so hard on ourselves... I too was dissappointed with my end result but overall - I lost 11.5 pounds...

    No matter what - don't discount all the progress you've made!
    2361 days ago
    Hi! I came across your blog on the Jillian Michaels team page. I came to a similar conclusion about increasing the calorie maximum and being okay about losing the weight more slowly. At first I was going great guns, figuring I could lose 2 pounds a week to meet my goal weight by January 1st - my 40th birthday! But then I realized that I just couldn't realistically stick to that calorie maximum, and that if it took me until May to lose it, it was better than giving up altogether! Sounds like you're doing great - good luck to you! emoticon
    2361 days ago
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