32 days no blogs...this streak's gotta change!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

I was shocked to discover that I had not written a blog in 32 days! Not good, especially when one of the last blogs I did write was a tribute to blogs unwritten! Go Figure!

The past several weeks have been rather chaotic and somewhat different. I have had a few job interviews and started a part time job as Santa's helper. Obviously it is a seasonal position! But it is something for the time being!

I have slacked off in several areas...blogging, tracking, exercise. Yesterday I decided December would be Thirty One Days of Cardio. It is my goal to complete a minimum of 15 minutes of cardio each day. I have been nursing a sore foot since I ran my last 5K and I just decided if nothing else I will walk a mile a day! Yesterday I fit a mile walk/run into the day while waiting for a friend. Tonight I walked 4.94 miles.

I had a 130 day login streak that ended on Thanksgiving Day...I lost track of my charger so I failed to log in and spin the wheel! Thanksgiving week also saw the end of a 46 week streak for exercising at least 90 minutes a week. The sad thing is I can't even say that there was a 'good' reason for not exercising. Of course, I had gotten used to the fact that doing Zumba and Yoga on Sunday afternoons exceeded the goal by giving me 120 minutes of cardio in one day, and I failed to recognize it until the week got away from me!!! Still intact is the 314 day streak for drinking 8 cups of water a day and the 116 day streak for consuming 14 cups of water a day!

Most important to me is the fact that my streak for Victory over Addiction is at day 328 and counting!!! The last day I chose to feed my addiction was 1/8/2011. Since then I have been given the grace to submit to God and resist the devil!!!!

Goals for December:
Establish basis for new login streak and new exercise streak.
Track food consumed each day (starting on 12/2).
Continue consuming 14 cups of water a day.
Continue Victory over Addiction streak!
Blog at least twice a week.
Make contact with each of my Spark Friends at least twice in the month of December!
Answer 3 Spark Trivia Questions per day with 100% accuracy!

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