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Delicious whole food meals ~ and the deception!

Friday, December 02, 2011

This morning I had a routine test scheduled at our local hospital. It was a test that required no food or drink after midnight, and my appointment was for 8:00 am. I planned to run down to the lab and get my routine blood work done afterwards.

It turned out the test order had not been faxed over, and my doctor's office didn't open till 9:00am. Luckily, I brought my current book with me since the lab can be backed up. Who knew I'd need it for an extra hour to boot! By the time I got out of there, it was 9:55am! (C'mon, hematopoiesis!! I need my blood volume back!)

I thought about food, in general, on my way home. I planned to stop at Dunkin' Donuts and get my first coffee. I thought about my favorite, the Coffee Cake muffin, and the "new" Cinnamon Swirl muffin that looks JUST LIKE the Coffee Cake muffin. I know the RAP sheet on those muffins; They contain an utterly empty, nutritionally void 2/3 of my daily calories (over 700), sugar and fat galore (56 gs of fat? CRISCO lard 1 T. = 12 g fat! So ~5 tablespoons of lard equivalent) - just all around bad characters as far as I'm concerned. I wasn't really pondering getting one because I cannot justify the consumption. I can't call it "fitting it into my plan" anymore because I'd be lying to myself. There is no room in my plan for that kind of off-roading. I crash when I go off-roading, every time. And there certainly was no "special time" in sight this morning. Will I ever have a Coffee Cake muffin again in my life? I certainly hope so! I think I'll leave it until I can control the outcome, which in my mind looks more like having 1/2 a muffin for a truly special time, or better yet avoiding the high-test junk and creating my own, healthier recipe for it.

By the way, my "special time" did occur at Dunkin' Donuts after all; the girl poured an extra-large plain coffee w/ skim by mistake! Woo-Hoo! How did they know it's DaNcE PaRtY FrIdAy??

Anyway, after my muffin musings, I thought about what I would make for my late breakfast. While food photography is an art, you guys know I love to share the pics. I came home and played around with my nutrition tracker till I found the right combination of healthy, whole foods.

I have an open food tracker, so you'll see this breakfast combo often, almost daily:

Steel-cut oats, sliced almonds, cinnamon, and a sliced pear - comes in at ~325 calories

Here's a lunch favorite. A full plate of food that adds up to ~300 calories (not even):

Sliced, broiled chicken, 2 c. romaine lettuce, 1 c. broccoli, veggies, veggies and more...

And this was my breakfast later this morning. Enter the deception!! Can you guess the bad guy?
Calories = 328: protein 24g, healthy fat 9g, carbs 44g.

It's not the 1/2 red grapefruit, or the egg and two egg whites, or the red cabbage (that turns BLUE when cooked - COOL!) or the carrots, or the green pepper OR the five whole almonds.
Nope, I was taken in by sneaky packaging! (Bad, Arnold. No, no!)

Now, maybe you were thinking all along, "It's the BREAD, silly!", and you'd be right. If I want to have whole grain bread, I need to be like the Little Red Hen and "make it myself". However, I feel I was duped because Arnold makes a Whole Grain Multi-Grain bread. The first ingredient? Whole Wheat flour. The remaining ingredients include other whole grains and things that are recognizable as food, and sugar instead of HFCS, etc etc. They package the Multi-grain bread with a purple label (different color for each variety). My sister visited last weekend and enjoys the Arnold sandwich thins, so I picked up the purple-packaged Arnold Multi-grain sandwich thins.
I happened to browse the ingredients list while I cooked the egg - veggie scrambler and they aren't the same! Those similarly packaged thins are NOT whole grain, multi-grain but simply "multi-grain" where the first ingredient is Enriched wheat flour (uh huh), twice the length of ingredients as the bread, and a few measly grains listed near the end. Duped! I was duped by purple packaging and a similar "variety name"! Don't let this happen to YOU!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

And one last picture. I knew I shouldn't have told Lacy that today is DaNcE PaRtY FrIdAY...
"Is it time, Mom? Huh? Huh? Is it time yet???"

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LORT-C
    I am still eliminating bread and its making me very nervous to add it back in. Think I will wait awhile longer. Your food looks great!
    2878 days ago
  • POPSY190
    A great blog. The baddie in our bread here is the salt; it's often present in huge quantities. Your meals look delicious - I can almost taste them! Like you, I'm avoiding baked goods from our local cafes because I a)can't stop once started and b)seem to be starving, no matter how much I've eaten, for days afterwards! Your idea of creating your own versions is the answer. If I think about it, it's not the actual goodie I want but the flavours it contains. Coffee and walnuts - oohhhhhh! So you know what I'll be working on next :)
    2880 days ago
    I love the photo of Lacy! Great blog and great info. about the bread. I learned to look for 100% whole wheat when I went to a nutritionist 20 years ago. If the package doesn't say 100% on it somewhere, I don't buy it. But to have the packaging the same and the ingredients not?! That IS deception! Ugh.

    Recently, a local baker talked to me about bromated flour and how lots of commercial bakers use it because it makes flour white and easier to handle in large batches. But bromate is a carcinogen. He won't use it. Most countries banned bromated flours years ago but the U.S. still allows it (and most store brands and big brands use it). The FDA says that the bad stuff is cooked out of the process. That is, if companies use it in the proper amounts in the first place.

    This baker also talked about how there truly is no such thing as whole grain. When I think of whole grain, I get a warm and fuzzy picture of the WHOLE grain being milled to make my bread. He said, "Nope." When the push for whole grain came along, processors simply added back in or reconstructed the missing "whole" pieces (germ and bran) to the processed flour to make it seem like whole grain. They processed the missing pieces back in instead of starting with the whole grain! It's like it's double-processed. It's still refined. So it's less nutritious. (It's kind of like the beef industry where 100 cows can make up one lb. of ground beef. Blech.) What an eyeopener.

    So I am with you on the "make my own bread" but now I wonder if I have to grow and mill my own grains. Double ugh.

    Thanks again for the blog and photos. What lovely food you have!

    2880 days ago
  • MUDDER91
    I think I will put on some music and dance for a few minutes in your honor. Then go make lunch.
    2880 days ago
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