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Clown Car for Hula Hoops & Recess

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

I finally got a chance to report back from my first hoop class. We had SO much fun! I took Audrey, her BFF (Emily) and we met one of my friends and her DD there. Turns out, they cancelled the class at the last minute because the teacher was gone. But all the regular hoopers stayed to hoop, just for fun. The class was a little slice of people pie--all shapes, sizes and different ages. We took our own hoops, (see vlog) but there were plenty there. Somebody plugged in an iPod, cranked up the music and everybody started hooping. There were all different skill levels and everybody was sharing tips and tricks. Hoops were spinning and flying through the air; everybody was laughing and smiling. There was a ton of energy in the room. My friend had never hooped before, but she had a blast. (She ordered her first hoop when she got home.) I was finally able to ask an experienced hooper for help on things that have been stumping me and I was able to share a few tricks too. YouTube tutorials are great, but in-person help makes such a huge difference. Next week is another freestyle class and then the teacher will be back. You can bet I'll be there.

When I got home that night, I thought about what made that evening so much fun. I mean, we were in a gym, sweating up a storm. It was a serious cardio workout. Yet, they had to run us out of there; nobody was ready to stop. That's not normally how I feel about exercise. And then it hit me--when was the last time I was with a group of adults, just to play? No agenda, no competition, no pressure--just pure, joyful play. That's rare! It was like recess, only better, because nobody had cooties. :)

PS: Thanks DAIMERE, for teaching me those behind the back passes. They're fun!

(Sorry for the weird, Godzilla audio delay on the video. Not sure what's up with that. I re-posted it in a new vlog and it works now. Video gremlins at work.)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Okay, I am officially THIS close to begin hooping.
    and I just saw hoops at Walmart in the exercise section! I was tempted to purchase one that day, but it was almost 20 bucks and I wanted some w/o clothes.
    Maybe next time!

    498 days ago
    Okay, I am officially THIS close to begin hooping.
    and I just saw hoops at Walmart in the exercise section! I was tempted to purchase one that day, but it was almost 20 bucks and I wanted some w/o clothes.
    Maybe next time!
    498 days ago
    865 days ago
    I want one of those for me! I have a hard time carrying my hoops!
    2380 days ago
    It's magic!!
    2391 days ago
    Looks like SO MUCH fun and a great thing th do with your DD.
    2392 days ago
    You guys are too cute!
    2392 days ago
    You two are so much fun to watch.

    I told my husband about weighted hoops, but I think he is going to buy a food scale for me.

    This girl looks like a girl in a Slinky at the end of her routine.

    I like to watch a girl named Rachel Frantz hoop. She does hoop-dancing and is very fast with her moves. She makes it look very sexy too.
    2393 days ago
    Playing with adults without cooties! You say it perfectly and in a way we can all understand and envy. None of us should lose the "play" in us but we seem to as life takes over. You remind us that youthful laughter and joy is so important no matter of your chronological age and I so Thank You for that. Audrey was so adorable in this blog. You two are so lucky to have each other and to share this crazy and fun hooping experience. YOU GO GIRLS!
    2393 days ago
    thank you for sharing, it is great to see you having fun. emoticon
    2393 days ago
    How fun to find exercise that you forget it's exercise!! I love that bag, that's pretty cool. I love watching your hoop tricks!
    2393 days ago
    You are great! I vote with Sherryjvp, I'm looking you up and going to class with you. I'll bet "play time" is a blast!!!! You are awesome! You rock it!
    2393 days ago
  • MADKAPKID and Audrey have done it again. I LOVE your blogs! You always leave me smiling. Hve a joy filled day....Karen
    2393 days ago
    Wow - love your blog. You guys make me want to run out and buy a hula hoop to join in the fun. emoticon
    2393 days ago
  • MAGGIE805
    Very, very cool!!! Love this! emoticon emoticon
    2393 days ago
    Very nice new tricks, ladies! I'm glad you had such a great time at your class-turned-recess. emoticon
    2393 days ago
  • VCRUMP11
    I don't have to tell you you're awesome but - YOU'RE AWESOME! The vlog and the description of the class was so funny and made me feel like I was right there with you. Your daughter is so lucky!
    2393 days ago
  • _JODI404
    Shelli & Audrey ~~ LOVE your vlog, as always!!!!!

    Your class sounds like SO much fun... so glad you found that. Now you have somewhere to play in the winter.. you can't be out there in no coat in the depths of winter...

    I found one here to try when I can fit it in. I have a mini cooper, so I got a travel hoop to take with me to the gym...should be here any day! I can't wait!

    Your new tricks are awesome, and I love your hoop carrier!! Great find on that!

    You know I adore you two!!! Keep the vlogs coming, you are getting serious, serious skillz!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2393 days ago
  • MARTY19
    You are nuts! I get such a kick out of you blogs and vlogs. Keep them coming!

    2393 days ago
    I LOVE your earrings!!
    I want your pants. Those are sexay jeans, Shel!

    I LOL'd when you did your first elbow-pop and almost took Audrey out. (sry A...I love ya kid ~ c'mon your face was so priceless!!!!)

    That elbow-pop rocks!!!

    WOO HOO!! You so rock!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2393 days ago
  • MOM-MOM8
    emoticon It is emoticon watching you and your daughter! I smile when I receive the notice that you have posted again. Just the thought of what you might have for us this time. I really enjoy your blogs. emoticon
    2393 days ago
    If I am ever in our area, I am going to let you know and BEG to go with you.
    2393 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Recess!!!!
    Hopscotch and Hula Hoops! Too cool.
    Glad you had a blast, and LOVE the clown car for hoops.
    Keep up the wonderful work Shelli and Audrey.

    2393 days ago
    Playtime for adults. That is such an awesome concept. Love it!
    2393 days ago
    Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm sooooooo jealous!!! I want an adult recess! Glad you had such a great time and WOW, I love the bag! It's on my to do list now! Wouldn't take me long to make one and it would make them so much more manageable in the house too. Wouldn't freak Sugar out as badly when they start moving around. ;)
    I've looked, not seeing anything going on around Lexington with hooping. I'm not much on driving out of town. Maybe when I start hooping at the gym, others will too. Especially if I take all my hoops. But, I gotta tell you it's a challenge to get even one of my big hoops into my car. Need to practice that more too. Love the collapsible! Thanks for sharing Shelli!
    2393 days ago
    You are HOOPS GONE WILD.....................
    2393 days ago
    Educational and fun! You have another fan, my GD Kennedy loved your mother/daughter show.
    2393 days ago
    What fun!
    It was really cold & windy here today. 33 degrees with wind guts over 50 mph, but if I were having that much fun, I would be outside, too!
    2393 days ago
    You guys are so cute! I love the video and your new bag and your new tricks!
    2393 days ago
    Loved it, especially the no cooties part....

    2393 days ago
    How fun!
    2393 days ago
    Looks like so much fun!
    Love the way your Daughter and you enjoy each other and hoops!
    Pretty cool hoop carrier too! emoticon
    2393 days ago
    Recess for adults, how cool is that! I love your car, it seems so much like you. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us!
    2393 days ago
    I would LOVE to get involved in something like that! What do I need to do, post a newspaper ad? Who wants to play hula hoops with me in Lubbock, TX? emoticon
    2393 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Oooophs, I can't access your vlog! emoticon Anyhoo, kudos for you and the others making the most of the instructor not being there and so glad no one had cooties!!!

    P.S. The vlog is up and running - yehhhhh! That is a pretty awesome hoop carrier you got there. WTG on the new tricks you learned. Looks like you could be running the class!!!
    2393 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/1/2011 5:32:42 PM
    Sounds like so much fun....but I couldn't get the video emoticon
    2393 days ago
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