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Thursday, December 01, 2011

So as you can see from my Title, this is my first blog entry. Like other blogs I have read I feel that I am just not important, or what I have to say is not that important enough to blog. But I Have come to the conclusion that this is about my journey and who am I to decide what helps others and I believe it will help me!

So here we go:::::

I am 44 and married(2cond). I Have 3 college aged children. and I work as a stylist in a rental salon.
The reason I started loosing weight wasn't for health reasons, every time I have been to the Doctor I get a clean bill of health, its strange either I have great Dr. or something because I Have never been told to loose weight, once I was told that I could start on a elliptical, because that is what my Dr. has done for herself. But never told you need to loose ...
And I do believe sometimes they look at me when they meet me for the first time and think ya she is a overweight person who has high everything. But then the tests come back and all is good.
So what I am saying is I have not started on this journey because of health reasons,
It's because I just got tired of feeling stuffed!!!!
Stuffed in : MY Clothes
: MY Car
:Rides at the Fairs
: My Station at work
: Working with my Clients
: Trying To Wash my clients hair and hitting the knob on the faucet and making the
water hotter or colder. lol with my stomach.
And so many other things.....
Things only others in my situation could understand, things that I don't like to feel , tell, or even account for on a daily basics!
So that is why I have started, its very scary because I Have been over weight my whole life, I have been up and down and down and up. I have tried -weight loss clinic -cost $400 back in 1985, I have done diet pills and have gotten addicted to working out. to the point that if I didn't get in my 1hr at least every day I couldn't sleep. I can't believe that was me. lol I have tried the shakes, no fat, no carbs, counting calories ect..... but everytime I would gain it all back and add at the least 10 more lbs to the starting weight!!!! So now I was very afraid to do this again... but I had to you see I had been gaining 10 lbs per year for the past 4yrs.. just eating whatever I want, Chocolate mostly and pop.. yes I read or heard somewhere that Diet pop (which I was addicted to) was very bad for you and that if you are going to drink pop at all you should drink the sugary stuff. That diet pop had something in it that would stop you from loosing any weight. So I proceeded to drink the full calorie option..lol yeah way better for you right!!!
So I am off I Have lost 26lbs so far, and most of them from fat.. I have been checking in with the clinic where they tell me how much and of what I have lost. And each time testing my resting metabolism. This has helped me the most knowing where and when to stop. knowing that if i go over 1800 cal its gaining not sustaining .. and that the Dr. said I can still eat anything I want just have to do portion control!!! Those few little words made such a BIG impact on me.. ANYTHING I WANT.... It just clicked .. I CAN and WILL DO This!!! and I have been.. I am with most people I have read about .. I know this is for the rest of my life and I am not in this to loose fast fast fast.. just forever..

so goes the journey......
Thanks for listening!
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  • FRAN0426
    Welcome and congrats on the weight loss you have already achieved. emoticon and losing gradually is by far the sensible way. Continued success on your sparks journey.
    2337 days ago
    2337 days ago
  • LAURI39
    Hi Dynnette, Great first blog! I wrote my very first one yesterday and felt similar to you. I also have come to realize through this program that I was suffering from portion distortion! I wish you all the best for continued success and congratulations on the 26 lbs!
    2337 days ago
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