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My bra strap got stuck on my tiara--please help!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My bra strap got stuck on my tiara--please help!

It all started with the free bird last week...

The turkey my employer gave me for Thanksgiving gave me fits coming out of the hot oven. I pulled a muscle in my back wrestling that dumb bird to the counter top! No serious injury, me, I mean…the bird was dead. I did ask myself if I could get Worker’s Comp since my employer gave me the bird. I doubt it.

I did great on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, as far as my fitness and food. I stayed in range, no problem. I remember thinking, if this was the test, I passed with flying colors.

My back was fine by Friday. At this point the tiara is still firmly planted on my crown.

Saturday was THE big game…Ohio State @ Michigan.

It was really nice out that day. And DH decided to take down 2 trees in the back yard that were fairly close to the house. I usually help him with the big ones. He knew I wanted to watch football, so he asked his stupid half brother, Steve to help him. This guy is 36 years old, irresponsible, convicted felon, only operating with half of the normal brain cells due to his drug habits.

But I am" too hard on him." I need to" give him a break because he has had a hard life".( his CHOICE, not mine) He has stolen property from us several times. My MIL expects me to" ignore it and share the wealth" because we are "lucky". I am not lucky, I work hard to have the material things. So yes, it angers me that I drag my happy a$$ to work everyday, pay taxes, to support Stupid Steve’s kids, then I am expected to ignore his stealing, and " loan" him money too!

OK, my in-laws sometimes cause my tiara to slip. I have considered wrapping it around their necks or poking them in the eyes with it.

So my DD and I are watching the game on TV. We are wearing our matching Michigan sweatshirts. My DD is a cheerleader, so you must show your S P I R I T. I was sporting my NEW EXTRA SMALL Michigan sweatshirt. I may be sorry for this later in the day…

The two trees are close to the house, so DH wants to top them first, then take down the trunks. He climbs the tree, cuts the high branches first. I can feel the ground shake when the branches hit the ground. It was half time. I just happened to look out the window…

I saw my DH faced down in the dirt with Stupid Steve rubbing his back. I felt like I had swallowed my heart. I ran to him, climbing through a maze of tree branches to get to him. It had been at least 5 minutes since I had felt the last limb fall, so I don’t know when Stupid Steve was going to come and get me. DH was conscious, but having difficulty breathing. The first thing he said to me was" I can move my toes". You see, he sells durable medical equipment. He specializes in custom wheelchairs…think Christopher Reeve here. I tell SS to call 911. He is now on the other side of the tree, playing with his phone. He says "he just got the wind knocked out of him." I said "call 911." He said "what town is this, what is the address." I told him. He said "we should use the house phone." I said "we don’t have a land line anymore. Call 911." He said "where are we?" I said "do I need to go get my phone…call 911!" He finally called. I asked SS what happened. He said DH was standing on the branch of one tree, cutting a branch out of the other tree. When the branch fell it hit the limb he was on causing him to fall about 25 feet to the ground.
I told SS to clear the branches out of the way so the EMTs to get to him easier. He didn’t listen. He started pacing back and forth. When the first responder got here, I looked around and SS was gone. I found him pacing on the driveway. He told me that if a sheriff comes, he is giving them a different name, if they ask—he has outstanding arrest warrants. I was shocked--NOT. Guess that’s why he did not want to call 911. The thought of going to jail was more important than the safety of his brother.

At this point I hear the sirens, so I go around back, and realize SS did not move the branches. So I did. There went the same back muscle…ouch! I don't know or care where my tiara is at this point!

OK this is one of those times I feel like using that blasted tiara as a weapon!

It took awhile for the EMTs to get DH on the board and into the ambulance. I was inside preparing my 2 kids to go to the hospital.

Oh guess what, no sheriff deputy came-- darn it!

As soon as the ambulance pulls out of the driveway SS starts barking orders at me. "Just leave the kids here with me. I will finish cutting down the trees. Leave me DH’s car key so I can get home."

This is when I thought my head was going to explode!

I would not let this dumba$$ take care of my CAT, let alone my children.

He does not have a driver’s license, so I would not give him my car key.

He is a THIEF, so I would not leave him alone at my house.

Did I mention…I thought my head was going to explode. No tiara is going to hold it together!

I am trying to process my options in my head. I decide that he is just going to have to go with me to the hospital. That way, he could get medical attention after I beat the crap out of him. Which I now realize, he would have refused to go to the hospital. He once got arrested in an ER waiting room. My neighbor was on my porch, and could sense my stress. So he told SS that he had to leave. I told my neighbor that SS did not drive there, so he volunteered to take SS home. I was so relieved.

So we get to the ER waiting room…

good news…the game is on the TV…

bad news…we are wearing Michigan sweatshirts in a room full of scarlet and gray, including the Dr.s and nurses...

you see, we are fairly close to the OSU campus…so there are a lot of Buck Nuts here

Deep down I am very worried about DH because I don’t know the extent of his injuries. I want to protect my kids, so I keep it light, focus on the game.
We missed the entire 3rd quarter and part of the 4th quarter.

In case you missed it…Ohio State 34 Michigan 40…I’m just saying, that’s all.

We finally got to see DH and a doctor. The injuries…a collapsed lung, several broken ribs, broken left hip, broken left shoulder, broken pelvis. Yes, he broke his a$$. I know it sounds bad, but I feel blessed because it could have been much worse. He will be fine in 6-8 weeks. After the Buck Nut Dr. did the procedure to re-inflate his lung, I called my FIL and MIL. They are divorced. I have been on vacations with both of them, separately. So I can see how they could not live together. I would not want to live with either one of them. MIL already knew that DH fell out of the tree. SS lives with her. Shocking that he still lives with his mother, I know.

Sunday morning, DH is in the ICU. I walk in on a phone conversation between DH and MIL. She led him to believe that I never called her the day before. BITCH-- that’s all I’m saying about that.

I usually track all of my food for the day before breakfast. I didn’t on Sunday. When I sat down Sunday night to do it, I realized something. Healthy eating is a fully ingrained habit for me. You see, in the past, I would have grabbed anything sweet and salty and devoured it under such stress. Not this time. I only eat when I am hungry. It is a HEALTHY HABIT. I do not have to worry about it. It is now a part of me.

I did have a meltdown(no eating, just crying) when I got to work Monday morning. I think it was because I was away from my children for the first time since it happened. I didn’t have to pretend to be strong. I was worried. And I was wearing a bra that the band was too big, so the straps were getting on my last ever-loving nerve. When I got on I realized I was" in the Spotlight" for the Winter challenge. I said "Oh crap, I am not in the mood to be a motivator, or a cheerleader today. God help me." Then I realized I just needed to pull my happy a$$ up by my bra straps and straighten my tiara. Why…because I am a Warrior!

I do need to get some new bras though, really!

Spark on!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know I am late in seeing this but I gotta say..."oh geesh!" of family gatherings are spinnng in my head. I was fortunate enough to be able to move 3000 miles away and now can hang up [literally] if I dont want to hear or deal with the drama.

    I agree with the above post as well in that, as much as it pains me to say it, i'm glad it was your dh and not bil that got hurt as im SURE they would have had dollar signs spinning faster than jackpot slots in their minds and gone after your family for everything you had.

    As to your Warrior/Princess nature, I've never met you, but I absolutely think you are wonderful.

    2280 days ago
    You have such a refreshing voice :) I laughed my butt off, found myself going "Ooh what a horrible accident" and "thank god that isn't my BIL".
    2302 days ago
    Love your sense of humor emoticon
    2302 days ago
    SOOO Funny if it wasn't so sad! Glad things are working out. And go Michigan!
    2303 days ago
    So thankful that your DH will be okay, and that you are strong enough to handle this gracefully. Sounds like SS should be locked up for a good long time, and it's gotta be awful of being in the position of being his family. Yes, he's had a hard life, but we all should take responsibility for our actions.

    Hope DH heals up quick!! Sending tons of positive energy your way.
    2305 days ago
    I am thinking now that the best thing for you, your DH, the children and any pets you may have, is to move as far away from those nut balls as you can possibly get. I realize you may need to wait until your husband heals, but you can at least start packing and makign arragements.

    SS needs to be locked up permanetly! Are you not so happy it was not him who fell out of the tree or I am sure that he would be living in your basement.

    My heart goes out to you and your family. Hope he heals up quickly and completely. All I can say is OMGosh.
    2315 days ago
    I am in awe. All that in just one day. You are WonderWoman!
    2316 days ago
    I'm glad you didn't use your tiara as a weapon, although I'd keep it sharpened if I were you. So very glad that DH is going to be all right but sorry that he's hurt so badly.
    2317 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Wow, what a story! So glad that your DH is on the mend and you seem to be holding down the fort magnificently! You have done yourself proud! You are a tiara-wearing warrior!

    2317 days ago
    Sounds like my 'family'. I use the term loosely. I'm biologically related to them, but I don't feel any emotional connection. Alcoholics, felons, drugs, fa la la la!
    2320 days ago
    Oh no! Haven't been on in awhile and so just read this!

    I hope things are better and am glad you take the right perspective of things!
    Thinking of you!
    2321 days ago
    I know how it feels to have a "druggie" in te family.
    There comes a point and time when you want to tell them to take responsibility for their choices but they never will. All I can do is keep my mouth shut and ignore them when they're around. In your case, I'd tell SS where to go and what to do when he got there. Enough is enough.
    2323 days ago
    You need a bigger and prettier Tiara! You've earned it!!


    2325 days ago
    I"m just now reading this *hangs head* I'm so glad he's going to be OK!
    2325 days ago
  • 46SHADOW
    Wow! glad he'll be okay in 6-8 weeks. Wear your tiara with pride.
    2326 days ago
    Wow. Hope your husband recovers quickly. Too bad you don't have a sweet 93 year old MIL like I have. She is just adorable. Hang in there. Hugs!
    2327 days ago
    Oh so very sorry about hubby. Hope he is doing better now. But the rest of the story is quite funny. (Though I know you were NOT laughing). I can just imagine how you wanted to pulvarize your BIL. That can be soooooo frustrating. Next time just have him stay at home.
    2327 days ago
  • REENIE131
    Wow...hope your husband is feeling better, and congrats on not killing Steve...or your mother in law. Yet.
    2328 days ago
    OOHH I want a tiara!
    (not just to use as a weapon!)
    Hope DH is on the mend!

    2328 days ago
    Glad to hear your DH is ok, he's pretty lucky!

    AS for your MIL, in my opinion, she is enabling SS by making you ignore his faults...Um no, she can take care of him and support is bad habits, but that is not at all up to you to do (unless your DH is saying to ignore it too, then that's a differnet story)

    My sister got into some bad stuff and lots of trouble about 5-6 years ago, drug use, alcohol, stealing, lying. It took a long time for my brother and I to convinve our Mom that she had to step back and let her get out of her own messes. Did I mention I am 33, and my sister is 41? You see the problem?
    (My sister is better now, she is now working on rebuilding her life)

    Hope your DH's recovery is quick, and you reach all your goals!
    2328 days ago
    I'm sorry that a blog with such a potentially tragic situation has made the spotlight, but damn girl, that shiz is funny! Your whole "Stupid Steve" and wrecking people with your tiara! LOVE IT! Way to take charge of the situation and get your DH the help he needed. Knocked the wind out of him, my arse! I'm glad he's going to be ok though. I think next time SS needs to be the one in the tree... just sayin'.
    2328 days ago
    Strength to you!

    2328 days ago
    Wow, hope you find the strength to do the things you need to do and the motivation to do the things you choose to do...

    All the best + Mark
    2329 days ago
    Just wow.
    2329 days ago
    Hang in there you are doing GREAT.
    Try to keep up the good work. Prayers for your husband and a good recovery.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2329 days ago
    You have the patience of a saint, and an incredible sense of self awareness to be able to deal with that. I am glad that the injuries were not horrible. Tell your neighbor i said thanks to him for alleviating the neanderthal factor. great job. I applaud you.
    2329 days ago
    I am so glad your husband is/will be okay! I think I would want to strangle SS, too. You showed great restraint, in my opinion.

    P.S. I love your sass. Can I borrow some? Lol.
    2329 days ago
    Whoo, glad your husband is alright! Great article! emoticon
    2329 days ago
  • MAGGIE101857
    Wow! This makes my week ahead look like a piece of cake! I have a sister who made a mess of her life and everyone else's for quite some time! Now in her 40's, she has turned her life around and we no longer have to clean up her "messes". Never thought I would see the day - a lot of damage still to repair.

    So glad that your husband is going to be okay - a rough 6 - 8 weeks ahead for him (and more for you to handle as well). Sounds like you are more than ready!!! You are a strong lady!!! Prayers for you and your family!!!
    2330 days ago
    Glad your husband will be fine after having time to recover. Wow! We all have them in our families. Way to handle the added stress!
    2330 days ago
    Congratulations on getting through the weekend. I hope your DH is recovering well. I have to say though that I thoroughly enjoyed your story. It must be the way you tell em. You are obviously a very strong person. Take care emoticon
    2330 days ago
    You Go!! (I'm a Bucks fan living in Columbus, that's all I'll say about that! LOL!)

    speedy recovery to hubby!!
    2330 days ago
    Oh my gosh! How scary! I think I would have beat the crap out of SS right there! My brother is a SS and it's really sad. But I wouldn't let him in my house by himself either - EVER. I sincerely hope your husband recovers quickly and I am so thankful it wasn't a lot worse! Hang in there!
    2330 days ago
    You are so emoticon ! emoticon I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby and hope he makes a speedy and complete recovery, Trish. Love the fact that your healthy eating habits are ingrained~ that is truly emoticon ! emoticon BB~ emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2330 days ago
    Way to go!!
    2330 days ago
    You are a warrior PRINCESS with tiara shining and glinting in the sun - yes you are! In fact, the glow off of you is blinding me! God bless you as you walk through the (they will feel long) days ahead, and thankfully the injuries, though serious, are ones that he will recover from.
    Boo to your darn BIL and MIL. They sound challenging, to say the least. With family like that your husband is DOUBLY lucky to have found such an awesome wife!!
    Take care and know that out there there is one more sparker praying and supporting you and your family through this all.
    2330 days ago
    I'm actually related to a couple of SS - haven't seen them in years because life is just too short to be so unhappy. I still love them very much but absence has made this much easier! I hope you, your husband, & children will get through this with a smile in your heart & a tiarra on your heads!
    2330 days ago
    Wow! What a weekend. Glad your DH will be fine.
    2330 days ago
    I too had to read the post after being drawn in by the title. That tiara is firmly fastened to your head if you can tolerate the family drama. It is often said, it is not what we go through in life that define us, it is the way in which we react to it. Your reactions show a strength and humor that is impressive. Blog on ...
    2330 days ago
    Wishing your DH a swift return to full health! And wishing SS gets some brains from the wizard.
    2330 days ago
    You could always call in the warrants on SS......I probably wouldn't do that, but it's an option.....

    Congratulations on your strength for making it through that weekend!!
    2330 days ago
    I missed this blog, sorry! I hope DH is better! I will hold your coat while you attend to SS!

    On another note, I am having the same bra issues, time to head to the store for a new one.
    2330 days ago
    Oh my... That sounds like it was very scary, I am glad that your dh is going to be OK!!! I keep seeing your name on the team digests for lots of exercise minutes, and I thought I would say "hi" and "good job" on all the fitness minutes!!!!!
    2330 days ago
    Wow...what an ordeal! Sorry that you had to experienced it & so glad that your husband will heal. Hopefully, this experience will cut through the delusion about his brother & help him see need to set healthy boundaries with his family.
    2330 days ago
  • -LINDA_S

    Had to read a blog with a title like this! So glad I happened upon it! You write so well and with such heart. Best wishes to your DH for a speedy and complete recovery.
    2330 days ago
    I read this alternately laughing and saying' "Oh no! That's awful." I think I know your it couldn't be. You live to far away. My SS is SD anyway. Thanks for the laughs.

    2331 days ago
    I read this alternately laughing and saying' "Oh no! That's awful." I think I know your it couldn't be. You live to far away. My SS is SD anyway. Thanks for the laughs.

    2331 days ago
    Is that a tree branch I see stuck in that tiara? You have a great sense of humor and I'm so happy your DH is going to be okay. Thanks for sharing and truth can be stranger than fiction. ;o)
    2331 days ago
    When you read this, do you see a bunch of miscellaneous characters in the posting? This happened to me a few times when I wrote it in Word and then pasted into a blog. Now I either don't write in Word, or I remove all formatting before copy/pasting into Spark.

    Meanwhile...LOVED THE BLOG!
    2331 days ago
    Hope all is well with your hubby!! Love love your blog!!!
    2333 days ago
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