November wrap-up

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1. 40 min of cardio per day (including a daily 2-2.5 mile walk)
2. Track all food and staying in calorie range
3. Strength training (minimum 15 min/day 6 days a week)
4. 1500+ fitness minutes for the month

These were my November goals, and since it’s the end of the month, it’s time to review them and see how I did. So, Maggie, I’ll put the coffee pot on and we’ll have a cup as we discuss how this month went. Since I’m doing this Tuesday nite, I’m only counting 29 days for the month.

1. 40 min of cardio—Managed 22 days of 40+ cardio minutes, 4 days of 30+ min, and 1 day of 20+ min. Two days I did absolutely nothing, one of which I was feeling sick and I can’t remember the other. So I’m at 75% for that goal. emoticon
Part B: 2+ mile walks---I forgot about going to water aerobics class. Usually on that day, I water jog for 25-30 min and I don’t walk when I get home. So, excluding those four days, I walked 2+ miles on 19 days, 2 days 1.9 mi (close to goal), 2 days 1+ mile and again 2 days 0. That gives me about 76% for that goal. emoticon

2. Track food ---tracked food every day. Yea! 100% on that one! emoticon
Part B: Stayed in range---23 days, over 1 day and under 5 days (2 of those being the do-nothing days). So, 79% for Part B. emoticon
Looking at this all together, the under range days could become an issue. Sometimes I feel like I’m eating too much, when, I guess, really I’m not. I often get the message on my fitness tracker about calorie range needing adjusting for exercising alot, but usually that pops up on Saturday. Looking at my summary calendar, I seem to be eating 1300-1500 calories most days. Do you think this is ok?

3. Strength Training—Tuesday is my planned day off from ST, so that excludes 5 days this month. Of the remaining 24 days I have done my ST for 21 of those days. Again 2 do nothing days, plus one day just complete sooryness I guess, can’t remember. 88% for this one. I’m good with 88%. Last week I held a plank for 2 min! So I the ST seems to be paying off. emoticon

4. 1500+ minutes—blew this one out of the water with 2700+ minutes! emoticon WhooHoo! Worked my butt off, literally. Did my BLC17 final measurements today and I’ve lost 1.75 in from my hips in the past 6 wks. Also, lost inches/weight from my arms, legs, fingers and face! Bad news, waist is still about the same. Once an apple, always an apple, do you think? I’m going to have to get down to 130 before I’ll ever get a waist! (I was there once for about a month, [my mother said I looked anorexic] and I really doubt that I will ever get to 130 again. It was just too low for me to maintain. I’m more comfortable at 140-145.) Any ideas on this one?

So for December, I plan to come up with some revised goals, again probably somewhat similar to these, but I think I need to incorporate something new. Any suggestions? I’m going to revise some of my fitness goals on Sparks, so that may adjust my calorie range too, which I’m a little leery about. I’ve lost about 15lbs in the past 31/2 months, so I kinda don’t want to change things up too much. I guess I’ll just do it and see what happens. I’m signed up to do another round of BLC in January-March. I love the challenges. It keeps me more motivated than I have been in a long time. Really needed the extra boost, as I had been going nowhere fast since winter.

So, dear friend, now that I’ve taken up your time with this long missive, have another cup of coffee, and let me know how your month went. I admire the way you have been using the elliptical and running, even through the problems with your feet. Such determination and persistence! I’m interested in your Nike+ challenges, too. Sparkmail or Blog, either is fine.

Look out December; here we come!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    All of that tells me that November was a good month!

    For your calories, I say if you feel like you are getting enough then you probably are. However, if Spark raises your calorie range, give it a try. When my calorie range increased, I was worried too, but it turned out just fine. I do have a Sparkfriend who did not increase her calories & really messed up her metablosim which has caused her to be on a plateau for many many months.

    On the apple shape, you may not ever have a tiny waist, but I think you'll still lose some from around your waist - it will just be one of the last places is comes off of.

    Those are just my piddly 2 cents & might not be worth much. emoticon

    PS: Way to go on the 2 min plank. What a woman!
    3340 days ago
    Hi Beth - You have been a busy girl. I wish I could print your blog to spend the evening with it. There is so much good info I don't want to skimp on it. I am very worried the site is going down and I still have to record my food intake. So I am getting back to you I promise. By the way, the coffee was not strong enough! emoticon

    I need to join you in the BLC thing. I will get back to you soon... I promise!
    3341 days ago
    oh my goodness!! what a great month! I am so so so pleased that you walked this journey with me this round... and so glad that I have gotten to know you. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!!!
    3341 days ago
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