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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My new journey started on Aug 11 2011

I weighed 217
my BF was 46.5
BMI was at 39.7

the date is now 11/29/11 and here are my measurements
weight 185
BF 42.6

neck-11 1/2 (started out 12 1/2)
right arm- 10 1/4 (11 3/4)
chest -37 (40 1/2)
waist-35 1/4 (38)
stomach-38 1/2 (44 1/2)
hips-49 (54)
right thigh -20 1/2 (24)

I am extremely pleased with my results..My goal is to lose at least 55 more pounds..I am working with a doctor so I HAVE to be accountable with what I do & what I eat or don't eat...(when you have someone watching over you puts pressure on you but it makes it easier) with his whip (jk) and my determination I WILL make my goal..and my goal is to make that goal by the beginning of summer..
one thing I have had a hard time kicking has been my sweet tea..But I was able to step out of my box & try something new..Stevia is my best friend now..and I get to enjoy my sweet tea again WITHOUT the guilt of "I am not suppose to have this"

I went in for weigh in/measurements yesterday & stepped up on the scale & the nurse was ALL OVER that scale trying to find where my weight was (she started over 200) finally she says 'where are you?" or should I ask "where have you gone?" put a MEGA smile on my face

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