Best Thanksgiving Ever Recap =D

Monday, November 28, 2011

Why HELLO! How are you? I am doing FANTASTIC!

I would just like to announce that this Thanksgiving was the very BEST I ever had! It is beautifully ironic, because this is the first Thanksgiving holiday that decided to tighten our budget by not going out of town as usual. Instead, we focused on ourselves, our health and our relationship. I understand that it all about how you make of it, but I really wonder how we can top the fun we’ve had during this holiday.

Starting with Wednesday, I busted out a quick 3 mile run while ridiculously waving like a crazy woman to everyone I passed. I suppose I was not locked up for 5150 because it’s was Thanksgiving Eve and the holidays gives permission for many to let loose their inner nuts-o. Anyway, it was good and when I came back we decided to cut our work day short. (Benefits of being self-employed!) We left an hour early for our regular Wednesday evening hike at Runyon Canyon where I continued to blast fellow hikers and their cute huggable dogs with Turkey cheer.

On Thanksgiving, we jumped on our bikes and cycled a glorious 36 miles! YEEHAW! There is something seriously FREEING about letting loose on a bike people! And this is coming from me – the one who HATED cycling just this past summer! Maybe it’s a SoCal thing, but I also really enjoyed seeing how many people were out jogging and riding their bikes; people getting in charge of their health is always an inspiring sight for me. After the ride, I threw the turkey in the oven and a few hours later ate the most DELICIOUS and moist turkey I have ever had in my 32 years. WOW! (I employed a new method to get the breasts to come out moist, which made me nervous but relieved that it worked) After getting our healthy sides and dessert together, I came in a cool 1700 calorie day, yet still felt incredibly stuffed. SUCCESS! In continuing my journey towards healthy living, before the evening was over, I split and measured out all the leftovers into many plastic containers for future convenience and portion control.

On Friday, we decided to shake off our sore legs with a hike at a new place (Temescal Canyon, for you locals), except “shake off” wouldn’t exactly be the right term for it. After 1.5 miles of straight ascend, DH was about to kill me. Meanwhile, I was sweating but in a chirpy mood that made him grumpier, I think. (“Oooh look at this vegetation!” “I love this burn in my legs!” “Look at that bird!” “I am so at one with Mother Earth!”) But alas, we made it in one piece and proceeded to race over to our favorite restaurant (Reel Inn) right after to refuel. Now, you know the saying that you can even overdo it with healthy food? That would be my typical experience with Reel Inn. They have a ton of veggies and fresh seafood, but my typical meal would include: 1) a HUGE fillet of fish 2) a HUGE serving of rice 3) LOTS of steamed veggies 4) a salad and 5) lots of fried shrimp. Healthy? Yes. Calorie bank? BROKEN! This time, I reduced my meal to an egg white veggie omelet, steam veggies and one fried shrimp. I also drank a ton of water to buffer my hunger. SUCCESS! Later, we went and saw an indie flick (“Rampart” – Woody Harrelson was AMAZING but I hated the movie), where I pounced on DH’s popcorn (ugh!) after I was done with my grapes. Later we dove into our leftovers before topping the night off with my (skinny!) pumpkin cheesecake. Another awesome day!

We woke up on Saturday with a bit of a cold, possibly from overdoing it the past couple days. Silly me though, I wouldn’t dare tell him about my teensy sore throat out of fear that he would cancel our planned hike on Runyon. So we embarked on our planned workout on the BEAUTIFUL day, went to our usual place for a refill and then went to see another indie flick after (“Take Shelter” – AWESOME!). Okay so I realized over this weekend that I can NOT resist popcorn. I always prepare by bringing fruit, but the minute DH sits down with his HUGE tub of popcorn, my face dives in that bucket without a thought. The only saving grace is that he eats it kinda fast so I don’t eat all of it. CRIMINY. Anyway, after having a great time there we went home and went through another container of leftovers. Yummy!

On Sunday, I woke up feeling extremely energetic and healthy, but poor DH felt extremely under the weather. I asked him if he wanted to cancel our bike ride (but not in a genuine way, I admit *evil laugh*) and he was such a trooper to say no! We agreed to do 20-ish miles and reassess from there. Well, people, we ended up busting out 37.5 MILES – my longest bike ride yet! WOWZA! And my legs aren’t even too tired today! Combined with perfect 80 degree weather, it was truly the most amazing day for a bike ride anyone could ask for. At the end of the ride, I think DH was sick of eating healthy and decided that we were to eat at In-N-Out. So we did and it was delicious, even after I health-ified my burger. Frosted Flakes for dinner and guess what? They were grrreat (meals at inappropriate times always taste better).

And so that leaves us to today – Finally Monday. After 5 days-ish of fun, I just about forgot about my morning routine this morning. Luckily, I had enough to do at work to keep me from whining about how the weekend is over. What is on my mind now though is that – can you believe this?! – Wednesday is December 1st. OMG. *sigh* Time for November reassessment, get my goals in line for December, reflect on the year a bit and see what I want to do in 2012. I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for the year to end. I mean, I just got used to writing “2011” on my checks. LOL

Ok Sparkies, I’m out. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and I’ll be looking forward to reading all your November recap blogs and goals for December.

Thanks for reading!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PROT358
    Wow, you've been busy racking up all those miles! At the very least you have made even for any extra calories, but I suspect you came out ahead with a net deficit. Way to kick Thanksgiving to the curb!
    2360 days ago
  • MOOCHY214
    You're a great blogger! Loved hearing about your holiday :) Keep it up!
    2361 days ago
    Wow sounds like you and your hubby kept really busy. And it also sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving that is awesome. You are both like blow my mind active. And all I can say about that is wow. I need to sit down and figure out all my goals for December to. I already know my biggest goal though.
    2366 days ago
    Sounds like it was an amazing Thanksgiving!! Keep up the great work! emoticon
    2366 days ago
    So happy that you stuck to healthy food at the Reel Inn and on Turkey Day! That takes so much mental power and you did grrrrrrrreat. So you're that crazy woman! j/k... I have to give Temescal Canyon a try. It is true that you get recharged after seeing people jogging or riding their bikes. I think it's also the weather that pumps you up (unless if you're pedaling next to the 5 Fwy). I hope DH gets better! 2012, here we come!
    2366 days ago
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